Chief Keef -Net Worth, Career And Personal Life

Real Name:Keith Farrelle Cozart
Birthday:August 15, 1995
Net Worth:$3 million
Height:183 cm
Occupation:American Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer

Keith Cozart, popularly known by his stage name Chief Keef, is an American singer, rapper, record producer, and songwriter. He rose to fame in early 2012 when Kanye West remixed his local singleI Don’t Like.’ It peaked at the Top 20 on the Billboard Rap Top 200. This helped boost his profile. After bidding wars between many agencies, he eventually got signed by Interscope, which he left in 2014.

In December 2012, he released his debut album titledFinally Rich.’ Two tracks on the album popularized the Chicago rap style ‘drill.’ Chief Keef has dark skin, he usually rocks a flowing dreadlock, and he is 6ft (1.83cm) and weighs 76kg.

Early Life

Keith Farrell Cozart was born August 15, 1995, to Lolita Carter and Alfonso Cozart. His mother was 16 when she had him in Chicago. Chief Keef got his nickname from his deceased uncle Big Keef. He grew up at the Parkway Garden Homes locally known as O-block. It was a stronghold for the Black disciples, a street gang that Chief Keef belongs to. He was estranged from his father and lived with his grandmother. He started rapping at age 5 using his mother’s karaoke machine to record songs.


As a child, his mother had a strong desire to send Keith to school and make a good man out of him. For a while, her desires came through but not for long as he did not stay in school.

He attended Dulles Elementary School which boasted of producing many other children with outstanding results. Contrary to his mother’s expectations, Keef did not show any signs of intellectuality which exceeded any expectations.

After Dulles Elementary school, Keef was enrolled at the Banner School. It was a therapeutic school that handled children who had minor to major behavioral, and psychological issues where he began to show signs of improvement. He left Banner school and enrolled in Dyett High School where he did not do well in his studies. He found himself lost, and thinking about pursuing a musical career so much that it became an obsession. Eventually, he made up his mind and decided to leave school at the age of 15 to pursue his passion for a musical career.


Chief Keef launched his rap career after he was arrested for aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, and placed on house arrest. While under house arrest, he posted videos on YouTube of his rap songs. The videos became massive hits, as did his previously released mixtapes and music videos. He even caught the attention of Kanye West. Together they re-recorded one of his hit tracksI Don’t Like’, with some popular artists, including Jadakiss and Big Sean. Chief Keef released his first studio albumFinally Rich” on December 18, 2012. The album featured guest performances by popular artists like Young Jeezy and Waka Flocka Flame, and it reached Number 29 on the US charts. In 2012 he released his debut album,Finally Rich”. The following year, he went on to feature on XXL’s Magazine’s 2013 freshman class. He also established a record label he named Glory Boyz, also known as Glo Gang. Chief Keef has released 3 studio albums, 4 extended plays, 23 singles, and 38 mixtapes.

Despite his success, he is yet to have reached any carrier milestone. He has also not won any awards yet.

Personal Life

At age 16, Cozart had his first child; a daughter he named Kayden Kash Cozart. He was served a request for child support by the child’s mother. In November of 2013, DNA tests revealed that he had fathered a 10-month-old daughter, and was ordered to begin paying child support. In September of 2014, Cozart welcomed his first son and third child, Krue Karter Cozart.

He is notorious for having multiple girlfriends at different times. One of the women he had an affair with was the music video model girlfriend, Pretty Mesha. However, the couple separated without offering any statement as to why they split.

In May 2015, he was sued by yet another woman who claimed Cozart was the father of her child. He failed to appear in court and was duly served, and ordered to appear in court. He failed to do this too, and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest.  Despite the issues with the mothers of his children, he takes fatherhood seriously.

Chief Keef has Asperger’s Syndrome, which makes it difficult for him to interact socially.

There was a controversy when named his newborn son SnoFilmOn Dot Com”. He claimed the idea was inspired by the name of his record label, FilmOn Music.

Chief Keef lost two of his cousins between 2013 and 2014 at two gang-related shootings.

After being evicted from his Highland Park home, he moved to Los Angeles and fell in love with the quiet scenery there. He took a hobby of collecting artwork.

His life is filled with feuds, controversies, beefs, and several ongoing legal issues for charges including heroin manufacture and distribution of heroin, weapon possession, 3 counts of aggravated assault with a firearm on a police officer, a murder allegation, house arrest sentences, and tons more.

In December of 2011, he was arrested for firing a gun from his car in Chicago’s Washington Park Neighborhood. This was after he attracted local attention with his mixtapes, ‘The Glory Road,’ and ‘Bang’. He was placed under arrest at his grandmother’s residence for 30 days.

Love Affairs and Partners

Cozart has a reputation for getting himself entangled in multiple love affairs that often result in him being sued for child support. He currently has 4 children and is rumored to be a good father, irrespective of his reputation.

Net Worth

Chief Keef’s cash flow is estimated to be around $3 million.


Chief Keef had a tough time growing up. It was through this experience that he put himself fully into his music, and caught the attention of the public. Keef is also a father of 4 children through some controversial circumstances. He is yet to have awards to his name, but his career has a long way to go and we wish him all the best.

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