Young Thug – Net Worth, Career Ups and Downs, Awards and Achievements

Real Name:Jeffery Lamar Williams
Birthday:August 16, 1991
Net Worth:$8 million
Height:191 cm
Occupation:American Rapper, Singer, Songwriter

Born as Jeffery Lamar Williams, Young Thug is an American rapper and songwriter. Many consider him the most influential rapper of his generation. His style helped shape contemporary trap music and inspired many other artists. Famous for his eccentric vocal style and fashion, Young Thug started releasing mixtapes in 2011. So, how much is Young Thug’s cash flow?

He gained recognition in 2011 due to his collaboration with Gucci Mane and Birdman. Singles like Stoner and Danny Glover in 2014 helped him gain international and mainstream recognition. He got his first Number 1 on the Billboard in January 2018. And that was his collaboration with Camila Cabello on the Havana song.

As of September 2020, Young Thug’s cash flow is more than $8 million.

Career Ups and Downs

Born in Atlanta, Jeffery was 10th of eleven children. Growing up in a family with so many children made life hard. His family had to scramble for money, food, and other bills. Young Thug grew up in the Jonesboro South projects. This is the same neighborhood where rappers like 2 Chainz, Ludacris, and others grew up.

In sixth grade, he got expelled for breaking a teacher’s arm. And then he got sent to juvenile prison for four years.

Jeffery started his music career in 2010. He debuted as a guest appearance on She Can Go, a song by TruRoyal. Between 2011 and 2012, he released three installments of his I Came from Nothing mixtape. These mixtapes caught the attention of Gucci Mane, who signed him to his label.

In 2013, Young Thug released his first project under the 1017 Brick Squad Records, the 1017 Thug mixtape. Critics praised the mixtape for the original style and he made it to number year-end lists in 2013.

In July 2013, Complex included Young Thug in the 25 New Rappers to Watch Out For list. And by October the same year, he released his first commercial single, Stoner. The song caught the attention of many rappers who made their own remix. But Young Thug disapproved of the remixes, saying his song feels good enough already. He followed it up with another commercial success, Danny Glover.

The beginning of 2014 brought some speculation regarding his future. He said he got an offer of $8.5 million to sign with the Freebandz record label. And his affiliation with Birdman resulted in speculation that he will sign to his label, Cash Money Records. As speculations grew, Young Thug cleared the air saying he signed a management deal with Birdman and continues under the 1017 label.

During 2014, Young Thug recorded several songs with Kanye West. Kanye praised him for the ability to make songs fast. The same year he announced his debut album, Carter 6, a reference to Tha Carter album series by Lil Wayne. By the summer of 2014, Jeffery signed with 300 Entertainment label.

2015 started on the wrong foot for Young Thug. A series of data breaches leaked hundreds of his unreleased tracks to the internet. He also changed the name of his upcoming album from Carter 6 to Barter 6. And he clarified it will be a mixtape, not an album. This came after Lil Wayne showed disapproval of The Carter usage.

The same year he released his debut album, HiTunes, stylized as Hy!£UN35. He cleared the air about his record deals, saying he got a deal with Atlantic. And that was the end of it.

By March 2016, Young Thug released the third and final installment of the Slime Series. He declared the mixtapes contain all previously leaked songs. And then in the summer of 2016, he went on his HiTunes tour, featuring Dae Dae, TM88, and Rich the Kid.

In 2016, Young Thug expanded his working portfolio. His style helped him land a job for Calvin Klein’s Fall 2016 fashion campaign. He also announced his Jeffery mixtape. During the week he released the mixtape, he changed his name to Jeffery. The artwork for the album, showing him dressed in an androgynous dress went viral.

In November 2016 Young Thug announced his own record label, YSL Recods. The same year he provided vocals on Drake’s songs Ice Melts and Sacrifices. He also collaborated with Calvin Harris and Ariana Grande on Heatstroke.

In May 2019, he released the song The London. This song announced his forthcoming debut album. After some renaming, the album So Much Fun got released on August 16, 2019.

At the beginning of 2020, Young Thug appeared on songs by other artists. The single Out West by JackBoys made it to Number 38 on the Billboard Hot 100. And then in April, he announced the joint mixtape with Chris Brown, Slime & B.

Young Thug got famous thanks to his eccentric and unique vocal style. Critics describe it as something departing from traditional rap lyricism. Some even call him the most influential rapper of the 21st century, because he pioneered contemporary trap music.

In a typical Young Thug verse, he slurs, shouts, whines, sings, and changes his voice into a series of odd timbres.

Awards and Achievements

In the past few years, Young Thug amassed a couple of awards. And big ones, nevertheless. Here is a quick breakdown.

Grammy Award for Song of the Year in 2019 for This Is America

MTV Music Award for Video of the Year in 2018 for Havana

American Music Award for Favorite Song Pop/Rock and Music Video in 2018 for Havana

Net Worth

Young Thug’s cash flow is more than $8 million as of September 2020. While his mixtapes bring money, his debut album brought even more in revenue. So Much Fun peaked at Number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. The LP racked up more than 131,482 total album-equivalent units in one week. So Much Fun is the first album on the Number 1 spot by Young Thug. He has five others in the top 10.

Many consider Young Thug the best rapper of the 21st century, or the most influential. The Covid-19 pandemic ruined his plans.

In the wake of the 2020 coronavirus, he explained that canceling shows cost him millions. He said, “Let’s say I get $500,000. If I don’t do 10 shows, that is $5 million”. And at the same time, he loses more money because he keeps his expenses at the same level.

Besides his album sales, he earns money from his endorsements and sponsorship deals. He played a part in the 2016 Calvin Klein Fall campaign. Magazines describe his style as “defying gender stereotypes and agitating the way hip-hop defines black masculinity”.

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