Cyrinda Foxe – Net Worth, Career And Personal Life

Cyrinda Foxe
Real Name:Kathleen Victoria Hetzekian
Birthday:February 22, 1952
Died: September 7, 2002
Net Worth:$5 million - $11 million
Height:173 cm
Occupation:American Actress, Model, Publicist

Cyrinda Foxe or Cyrinda Foxe Tyler was one person who could say that she has mingled with so many stars. She was a famous American actress, model, and publicist. Her most well-known work is Andy Warhol’s 1977 movieBad, ’ where she played the role of R. C. She is also known for being married to not one but two rock stars! David Johansen of New York Dolls, and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.

She was also involved in a ton of flings and affairs in her lifetime. This includes an affair with James Williamson. She was rumored to look a lot like Marilyn Monroe, notorious for her bright red lipstick; hair dyed blonde and cool, collected outfits. There’s a lot of interesting details about her life, family, and career, and we will be filling you in on all you need to know about her.

Early Life

Cyrinda Foxe Tyler was born on February 22, 1952, in Santa Monica, California. Her actual birth name was Kathleen Victoria Hetzekian. Cyrinda Foxe had a rough childhood. Her father was in the military. She was unsurprisingly an army brat and moved around a lot in her early years. Not much is known about her father, mother, or even siblings.

She grew up in an abusive home, and her parents got a divorce while she was still very young. She moved around a lot, from Oklahoma and then Texas, all before graduating high school. She was a huge fan of the Rolling Stones and The Kinks.

Personal Life

At the age of 19, Cyrinda moved to New York with hopes and dreams of becoming an actress on the big screen. It was in New York that she changed her name and took on Cyrinda Foxe. It was in New York she first dyed her hair blonde. Once settled, she immersed herself fully into the nightlife of New York. This was the late 1970s when partying, clubbing, and recreational drugs were the trend.

Cyrinda was fascinated with it, and she became a regular at the club Max’s Kansas City, a very famous spot at the time. The club was a hub for creatives, poets, artists and artisans, musicians, and even politicians. The club also happened to be Andy Warhol’s favorite spot. Not just him, but also David Bowe, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, and many other famous people.

In 1972, she caught David Bowe’s eye. They began a short, whirl-wind of a relationship. She had a huge influence on him. David would take her on tours with him, wear her clothes, or even put on makeup inspired by her. The Jean Genie was inspired by Cyrinda too. Sometimes he’d imitate her gestures on stage during a performance. Shortly after his Ziggy Stardust tour in California, she found out she was pregnant with David’s child and had an abortion. David would not find out about the pregnancy or abortion until later when she published her book. She was 20 at the time.

At about the same time she saw David Bowie, she became heavily involved with the 23-year old frontman for the New York Dolls, David Johansen. He wrote ‘Looking for a Kiss’ for her, and they soon started a romance. Through Johansen’s influence, she met Stephen Tyler, the lead singer of Aerosmith. She eventually married David Johansen in 1977, despite having feelings for Stephen Tyler. Those feelings were so serious that in the same year she got married, she called it quits with Johansen and married Steven Tyler in 1978.

In December of 1978, they welcomed their first child, a girl named Mia Tyler. After Mia’s birth, the marriage began to fall apart due to extramarital affairs, heavy drug use, addiction, and even physical abuse. During this time, she would have two more abortions. The couple finally divorced in 1980.

In the early 2000s, Cyrinda suffered a mild stroke that left her left side paralyzed. The cost of treatment was too much for her as she was already broke and had nowhere to live. Her situation was so terrible that her former lovers, Steven and Bowie, had to intervene.

On the 28th of August 2002, she got married to her third and final husband, Keith Waa. They tied the knot in a private ceremony conducted by her sickbed and sponsored by Tyler. She died on the 7th of September 2002 at the age of 50 from an inoperable brain tumor.


Cyrinda Foxe started her career as a publicist for MainMan, David Bowie’s Management Company. She appeared in the music video of one of David Bowe’s songs, The Jean Genie. She was also cast inBad’ in 1977. This film brought her a lot of popularity.

She published a memoir titled Dream on: Livin on the Edge with Steven Tyler and Aerosmith in 1997. The book supposedly contained nudes of Steven Tyler. Tyler sued her, and the photos remained unpublished. After its publication, it came under backlash from Aerosmith fans and gained a lot of negative reviews. In 2000, Cyrinda launched a website and started selling nude photos of Tyler. By the end of the same year, the site was shut down.

Net Worth

There is not much information about her fortune, but it is estimated that she was worth $5million to $11 million in her prime.

Quick Summary

Cyrinda never knew much love growing up and spent most of her life chasing or running away from it. She lived fast and was one of the pioneers for fashion for the Rock and Roll industry. She was the stereotypical groupie of the 70s and 80s. In her lifetime, she had a lot of affairs, a daughter, and three abortions. In her book, she would describe herself as “loyal,” saying, “You could be friends and sleep around but not lovers.”

In the end, it was her free spirit and the unusual way she lived in the moment that drew attention to her. She was lively and funny. Although she lost much of her success as she grew older, her friends and former lovers stuck at her side.

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