Best Excuses for Hickeys – How To Get Out Of An Awkward Situation

Hickeys can be delightful. But they can also be embarrassing. You have to live with them for a few days. And you have to deal with people trying to pry into your intimate life. They want to see whether your sex life resulted in a hickey or not. So, at this point, you have to come up with excuses for hickeys.

How do you get out of an awkward and uncomfortable situation? What to tell them? What are some of the best hickey excuses?

We will try to tell you some believable ways to cover up for hickeys. Let’s go.

What Is A Hickey?

Let’s start with what are hickeys first. A hickey is a dark red or purple mark on your skin. It is caused by intense suction. And similar to bruises, it usually fades out on its own within two weeks. Usually, hickeys appear on the neck, because it is an area with easy access. But you can get a hickey anywhere on your body.

When your partner sucks on and bites your skin, the pressure breaks tiny blood vessels located under the skin surface. And those blood cells release tiny spots of blood. Together, many of these blood spots can form a larger dark spot, which is basically a bruise. But we call it a hickey to add some sensual touch to it.

Do Hickeys Feel Good?

Yes, some people enjoy hickeys. Others do not. It is all about your preference. At times, it feels ticklish. Yet, in some cases, hickeys feel similar to nothing. But the experience of pleasure while receiving one is what we all love and cherish.

How To Get Rid Of Hickeys Fast?

Can you make hickeys disappear? Well, you can actually make hickeys look like natural skin in the nick of time. Here are some ways to cover your hickey.

Cold Compress


This is a practical way to help your skin recover. We use a cold compress for any bruise on our body. So, apply the same logic and technique for your hickey as well. Place a cold compress on the affected area for the next few hours.

You can use an ice pack or any other chilly compress you find in the freezer.

Use Makeup To Cover It Up


Nowadays, you can cover almost everything with makeup. And hickeys are no exception. But if you lack makeup skills, you will have to try a different approach.

Cover With Clothes


There are several clothing options you can use here. The most logical one is a scarf. Or if it is winter, you can try a turtle neck. And in the summer, any silk scarf will do the trick. You will look stylish but also cover your sexual pleasures.

Use Your Hair


If you have long hair, you can use it to cover up your hickey. You need hair long enough to cover the neck area.



Necklaces and bangles can do the trick as well. It is a great idea if you are someone who often wears big jewelry pieces.

Use Bandages


This is your last resort. Apply a bandage over the hickey and come up with a false story about acne or a bite.

Best Excuses For Hickeys

Let’s now look at some creative stories you can come up with to find an excuse for hickeys. Here are our favorites.

It Is A Bruise

Tell your friends you had a fight while you were waiting for something. Someone punched you in the neck while you were in line for the key. Is that possible? Well, it is a plausible scenario.

Insect Bite

We touched on this in the cover-up section with a bandage. But if you do not want to add a bandage, just say it is a spider bite and walk freely.

Insect bites fit nicely into the story that your skin turned red without any information about which insect bites you.


Allergic Reaction

This is one of the best and most believable hickey excuses you can come up with. You can say an allergic reaction to a new perfume, new skincare product, or anything else.

And the best part is nobody will ask many questions for this believable excuse. Almost everyone has once had an allergic reaction to a skincare product.

Viral Infection

Those darn germs. They are everywhere around us. And you never know when they will strike. You can say there is a viral infection in your office, college, or any other area you spend time in.

Temporary Tattoo

These days, temporary tattoos are as popular as ever. Real tattoos are great, but a temporary one will get the trick done. Just add a temporary tattoo that will wash off in a week.


Burnt My Skin

Yes, a burn mark looks slightly different from a hickey. But most people will not notice the difference. It is still a good excuse for hickeys.


This birthmark runs in my family. My sister has one, my mother has one, and my late grandmother had one as well. And it was in the same exact spot.

Sports Excuses

Let’s be honest, everything can happen in sport. People get hurt and injured daily. You can say you got a blow to the neck. The downside is you have to be a sports person for people to believe you.

If you haven’t stepped on a sports court in your life, this story will not help you


My brother/friend/neighbor or any other male person played football at home. And he hit me with it. And it was so hard, it left a bruise on my neck.

It Is A Fake Hickey

You can turn your awkward situation into a joke. For this embarrassing situation, come up with a story it is a fake hickey. You wanted to give yourself a phony hickey to trick your friends. And you wanted to see their reaction.

And let them come up with stories who gave you the hickey.


Test Trial Makeup

We touched on an allergic reaction before. But this is an even better story. Say you were at an opening of a cosmetic studio and they needed models for test trials.

You Were Into Character

You can say you wanted to write a new book or try a new character for a theatre play. And you wanted to get into character. It is the perfect excuse for your hickey.

Practicing Stage Makeup

You have found a new passion. And it is stage makeup. Now, you wanted to create a hickey and practice how well you can cover it. Spoiler alert, you are not good at covering. This turns the awkward story into a fun joke and laugher.

Commemorate A Friendship

Some friendships have weird traditions and rituals. And this might be your thing with friends.


My Friend Practiced On Me

This story makes you look like the good guy. You just tried to help your friend practice his hickey-making skills.

Goofing Around With Friends

Another story you can come up with is a friend thought it would be fun. You were goofing around with friends, and one of them had a fun idea.

Party Stamp

Some parties use a party stamp as an entrance identification. Who can prove you were not to such a party?

Cut Yourself Shaving

This is actually a very plausible scenario. We all get a red patch after shaving every now and then. Men can easily get away with such excuses.

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