How to Moan? Best Tips for Sexual Pleasure

Let’s be honest. Most of us know how a sex moan sounds like. Whether you heard it in porn (most of us), or through the thin walls of your college dorm room, or in a movie, you know it. Usually, moaning sounds are along the lines of “ooohhh” and “aahhhhhh”. But there is more to moaning than you might think. How to moan?

How to produce those sweet sex sounds that men and women love in the bedroom. Maybe you want to know how it feels. Some women are natural-born moaners. Others, learn how to do it with practice and experience.

Why Do Guys Love It When You Moan?

For guys, moaning their name or just moaning in the bed is a morale booster. It fuels their ego. Moaning gives him energy and power to go harder and further down the road. And it is for your benefit. Moaning will make sex more pleasurable for you.

Just moan his name and your guy will take sex from zero to a hundred in an instant.

Do Guys Like Quiet Girls?

Well, sadly, but no. Would you like a man that is put on mute in bed? One that has no response? He just goes in and out routinely? And he just looks at you? Well, if you do not like it, why he should like it? Nobody loves quiet and irresponsive people during sexual intercourse.

What Does Moaning Mean?

Moaning usually is a green light. It shows your partner he is doing something good. And that you feel good doing it.

When something feels good, make some noise to let your sexual partner know he should keep doing that. Think of moaning as an indicator of whether something works or not.


Can Moaning Help You Orgasm?

Here is some good news for you ladies, moaning can help you orgasm. Not only it intensifies the sexual pleasure, but moaning also helps you reach climax.

When you allow sounds to emanate freely they facilitate your body’s overall response. When you produce sound, you often stifle your breath. And that aids in circulation, arousal, and orgasm.

Yes, moaning is not for everyone. But if you like to enjoy yourself more in bed, start doing it. How can you become comfortable doing it? Well, simply. Just decide to do it. If you want to moan, just consciously moan when something feels good. We will talk more about how to moan. Do not worry.

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Does The Volume Matter?

If your partner tells you that you are loud, ditch him. Do not have sex with him anymore. You should be free to moan as loudly or as softly as you want.

There is no limit to how loud or how soft you should moan. If you want to up the volume, lean into your deep breath with sound.

Essentially, you allow a little more sound to accompany each breath you take until it feels natural to make more noise.

How to Moan Tips!

Let’s check some of the tips for how to learn to moan. Yes, moaning comes naturally to some ladies. But if you have seen it in movies and you do not know how to moan, do not worry, we have you covered.

Test Run It

Companies test every product they put on the market. So why shouldn’t you test your moans? Pleasure yourself. Get in the mood, touch yourself, do anything that pleases you, and try moaning. Convert every atom of pleasure into a soft moan. Let it all out.

Record Yourself

If you want to know how you sound when you make noises during sex there is only one way. And that is to record yourself. Luckily, today we have technology that can help with almost everything in life.

You will never know how you sound until you hear it. You might like it. Or you might not like it. The good news is you can practice.

How To Find The Best Voice?

When you record your moans, you can actually improve. Practice, record, and then play. Select the two or three best moans and try to repeat the sound. You can do anything you like to pleasure yourself, like playing with your nipples or touching your genitalia.

Play with different sounds and voices until you discover your moaning sound.

Start Softly

When you want to find your moaning voice, always start softly. Moaning is a form of feedback to your partner. If you start loud and strong, what is the next level you can go to? Moaning increases as the pleasure intensifies.

Moaning loudly, in the beginning, will trigger suspicion. Your partner might suspect you are faking it. So, during foreplay, let out a soft sound and then intensify it as your sexual intercourse goes to the next level.

Take Deep Breaths

You cannot moan all the time during sex. You can, but it will not sound real. So, instead, you can replace moans with audible deep breaths.

Practice With Music

Music helps. You can make a sex playlist to help you get in the mood and moan better. Music provides a rhythm for your sexual experience. And will keep both you and your partner in the right mood.


Practice With Your Hands

No, we are not talking here about touching yourself with hands. You can practice moaning easily even when you are shopping. You can let out a sex noise anytime your hands run through surfaces and materials you like.

In sex, you can run your hands across his body and let out noises as freely and as naturally.

Say His Name

We said at the beginning, nothing sounds sexier to a guy than you moaning his name. That will make him go harder than ever. You cannot go wrong here. That is unless you mention a different name. Nothing like some dirty talk right?

Find Out What Makes You Feel Good

You cannot moan if you do not enjoy sex. If you do not know what makes you feel good in the bedroom. Once you find out what you like, you can direct your partner on what to do. Guide him through the journey for maximum sexual experience.

Enjoy Sex

Speaking on the matter, one of the reasons women struggle with moaning is they do not enjoy sex. Allow yourself to enjoy sex. There is nothing wrong with admitting you enjoy sex. You are not a slut or nymphomaniac.

Stop thinking about “what ifs”. Fully submerge yourself into enjoying sex and moaning will come naturally.

There Is No Wrong Or Right Way

You should not overthink moaning. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Nobody has the manual on how to moan. Nobody has the step-by-step instructions to get you there.

So that means you can do it your way. If you want some examples of moaning, check some porn movies. After all, porn actresses are paid to moan. Look up at some of the most popular ones. Be careful, there are screamers and high-pitched voices there as well. Stick to erotic porn movies, and you will get a better idea of how moaning should sound.

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