What Does Cheating Say About A Person – Top 10 Things To Know

Can we define a person by a single action? Can we define someone’s character based on the fact that he or she cheated? Does cheating say more than just a single mistake? Well, we have to understand that not all cheating is equal. But the reality is you cannot make excuses for cheating. At the end of the day, you have cheated. So, what does cheating say about a person?

We have to stress that every person is different and every relationship is different. What happens in one committed relationship doesn’t mean it will replicate in the next one. Yet, when it comes to cheating, people that do it once, often repeat the action.

Today we will talk more about cheating, including why do people cheat and what does cheating say about a person.

Why Do People Cheat?

Fun fact: people cheat even in happy relationships. There is no guarantee that if you have a happy relationship, your partner will not cheat on you. Here are a couple of reasons for infidelity:

  • People cheat because monogamy is tough
  • People get bored and want a new relationship to feel like a new person
  • Sometimes, people cheat because they feel they lack intimacy or sex in their current relationship
  • Male cheaters often cheat during the pregnancy of their wives because they do not get much attention
  • People cheat to find a new identity
  • Because of the thrill of indiscretion
  • Keeping the secret can be exhilarating
  • Cheating is a forbidden fruit
  • People cheat because of revenge
  • Sometimes they cheat because they end their existing relationship
  • Extramarital sex is all about sexual fantasies
  • And to put it simply, sometimes people cheat because it is all about sex

No matter the reason, cheating can hurt people and destroy families and lives. While sometimes people blame their partner for infidelity, the reality is that you have to find the reason within yourself.

And even if you say things like “you made me do it”, “this is your fault”, “I wasn’t happy”, “if you weren’t like this”, or anything similar, the reality is that you are not to blame.

The truth is that when a person cheats he is the one responsible for it. So, today, we will talk about your boyfriend or girlfriend cheating and what does it mean. What does cheating say about a person?


They Are Impulsive

Among the worst things an affair reveals is how emotion-driven someone is. A cheating partner is solely controlled by emotions, namely desirability. He or she lacks the willpower to say no to new romantic or sexual opportunities.

Cheaters look only for ways to boost their emotional gratification. And they do not work on the foundation of the relationship they are in.

They Lack Self-Respect

Because cheaters are driven by emotions, they always make a conscious decision to cheat. In their mind, it is okay to cheat because it makes them feel good.

And that is a sign of low self-respect. Your unfaithful partner doesn’t care about his image. Due to the lack of self-awareness and appreciation, a cheater will care absolutely zero about what people think of him/her.

Low Self-Esteem

This might sound a bit contradictory, but people who cheat care about their image. The worse they view themselves, the more they crave recognition. And to get recognition, they cheat to boost their ego.

For example, let’s say a guy doesn’t find a girl attractive and doesn’t value her. So, he is not going to cheat on with her. Because her acceptance of a sexual relationship means nothing to him. In broad technical terms, he gets nothing from her.

Lack Of Emotional Strength

In life, you need strength for everything. And that applies to relationships as well. They require positive thinking, healthy communication, and most importantly, emotional strength.

So when a person cheats and doesn’t say committed to the monogamous relationship, he lacks patience and self-control to endure the hard times and enjoy the good times.

That person is on the verge of losing her emotional control. This is why we often see emotional cheating and emotional affair.

He/She Is Not Trustworthy

You cannot trust a person who has cheated. We often make the mistake of trusting people who are good with words. They talk to us in a nice manner and we like it. We often fall for sweet-talking.

But actions speak louder than words. And one of the reasons cheaters are so good with words is because they do not feel guilty about their image. Cheaters can promise you the world. And make you believe anything they want you to.

Do not fall for that.

They Lack Decisiveness

Cheaters cannot decide what they want. One of the reasons they cheat is because they cannot decide between you and the girl or boy out there. They cannot decide to put an end to the current relationship and move to the next one.

In other words, they want both. And when they have to make a decision, they cannot make it. Being decisive and following through with a decision is not something that comes to the mind of a cheater.

Great At Lying

Cheaters will do everything in their power to cover up their lies. They will go above and beyond to make you feel safe and secure. They do not feel regret for cheating, so why should they for lying?

Because they feel no regret, it makes them experts at lying. They can cancel plans and makeup with believable excuses. And more often than not, you will believe in their lies.

They Always Have An Excuse

Speaking of lies and excuses, a cheating partner always has a scenario ready for anything you throw at them. One of their common excuses is that they were not physically or emotionally satisfied in the current romantic relationship.

Sometimes they come up with excuses like a one-time thing, but it is not.

Great At Diverting

Diverting topics come naturally to cheaters. They can always divert the topic to something else when you question them. Ask them about an office colleague who is their close friend, and they will reply with a completely different topic of discussion. That is one of the obvious telltale signs that your partner is cheating.

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Steven is a young student from San Francisco who is obsessed with computers.

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