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Gemini Man Virgo Woman – Two Signs Ruled By Mercury

At first glance, Mercury is not a sexual planet. But this planet affects Gemini man Virgo woman in a different way. Gemini is a masculine sign, one that is always ready to explore. Virgo, as a feminine sign in this love relationship, is shy and sensitive.

While their sexual relationship is hardly promising, they can make it work. Why? Because they have the need to communicate. If they can find a common language, Gemini and Virgo can agree on how to progress further in their sexual life and committed relationship.

Once they fall in love, they use their communication and respect to make everything better. And they can make sex and love satisfying for both partners.

The big challenge here is trust. Virgo always has trust issues and Gemini is famous for his trickster nature. That can drive them crazy. But the good news is that they are not prone to jealousy. But if trust issues become too big, Virgo can start doubting and analyzing everything while Gemini male flies away.

Gemini Man Personality Traits

If we want to find out more about the Zodiac love compatibility between these two, we have to look at Gemini personality straits and Virgo personality traits.

Let’s start with the male partner. Enthusiastic and charming, airy Gemini can do almost anything he wants. And most importantly, he can make anyone laugh. Add that to his light personality and he instantly has a lot of sex appeal.

Friendly and communicative, airy Gemini is among the most intellectual signs in the Zodiac. He is known for his curiosity, cleverness, and communication.

Fascinated with everything in life, he often asks questions to find out more and show his insightfulness.

But being so insightful comes with a price. For him, everything has two sides, and often it is hard to maintain a fixed viewpoint.

For example, he cannot just say the sky is blue. He knows it isn’t. He has to question it. Buried in details, this guy can rarely see the big picture.

As with other highly intellectual signs, he has to pay a price. And the price for his mental firepower is a lack of emotion.

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Gemini Man in Love

Gemini man in love and sex appreciates variety. You can be as adventurous as you like. He is one of the best signs to experiment with. It is hard to answer whether he is kinky or not. But he is definitely trying new and exciting things.

In love and relationship, he is charming and clever. But most importantly, he is an excellent communicator. He can be an exciting and stimulating lover. When he puts his mind on someone or something, he usually gets it.

Yes, he gets bad press in the loyalty department. But that is because he often gets bored with partners. To catch this guy and maintain his attention and love, you have to be as mysterious as you can.

He is not romantic, so do not expect love notes or poems from this guy. It is not his style. But he is straightforward and will say I love you when he does.

Virgo Woman Personality Traits

Virgo lady is the ultimate combination of brains and beauty. During the day, she excels thanks to her organizational skills. And during the night, she can make you go nuts thanks to her beautiful looks.

She is a woman that makes stuff happen. Female Virgo will not just talk the talk but she will also walk the walk. Ruled by the planet Mercury, it makes her passionately intellectual mind. She has a deeply creative side in her.

Yet, as an Earth sign, she shines when creating something from her own inspiration. She might seem shy on the surface, but behind the scenes, she can make stuff happen.

Similar to Gemini man, Virgo girl is the go-getter. She is great at multitasking. So even if she has multiple endeavors going at once, somehow, this Zodiac sign makes it work.

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Virgo Woman In love

When it comes to Virgo woman and her love, it is all about poetry in motion. She is devoted to the bones. When she gives you her heart, she expects things to last forever. Virgo female doesn’t play the modern dating game. Do not expect her to enter some casual flings or have a one-night stand.

She will rather have a long-distance relationship with lots of love letters.

In the long run, Virgo girl wants a partner with whom she can be cozy together. Ideally, she would love someone living in a cozy home, reading books, and sitting in their comfy matching chairs.

In love, she can be picky. But if she finds the perfect person, she is instantly ready to settle down and commit.

And while she might seem shy on the outside, this girl is the sexy sign of the zodiac. She hides a lustiness and high libido inside. Her sexual desire is second to none.

When she finds the perfect man, she is honest to a fault and stands by him to the very end.

Gemini Man Virgo Woman Relationship

We have two signs ruled by the same planet. And this is what makes this romantic relationship a complicated one. There are lots of advantages but also disadvantages.

The good news is they have proper communication because Mercury is the Messenger of Gods. Both Gemini male and Virgo female are intelligent people. But he is logical while she is pragmatic. This makes her analyze things carefully and sometimes go overboard.

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Gemini Man Virgo Woman Love Compatibility

Zodiac compatibility between these two is a tricky one. They are fascinated by one another in the early stages of the relationship. As an intellectual, Gemini guy is smitten by her intellectual mind and her beauty. She is also charmed by his intelligence and communication.

They are both sensitive and have a tendency to respect each other. A Virgo partner will be devoted to her Gemini partner while he will find a friend for life. And he can share everything with her.

Gemini Man Virgo Woman Challenges

We said this is a peculiar connection. There are lots of ups and downs in Gemini Virgo compatibility. And that means challenges and obstacles.

The biggest one is Virgo women are empathetic and demand admiration from their lovers. And Gemini guy is not good at this. He is an Air sign and often disengaged with the world around him. This can upset his partner. It makes it hard to maintain a healthy relationship.

These two have good physical compatibility. They are passionate in bed. This love match can work when she helps him maintain stability and is perplexed in his twin nature. But Gemini man has to devote himself to the girl by his side.

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