What Do Older Guys Like In Bed? The Secrets Revealed

Sex with an older man has a lot of positives. And if he is old enough to be impotent, this could be a present for your sex life. You can say goodbye to condoms and other contraceptive products. But remember, men can father children later in life than women can become mothers. So make sure you have all the medical information. As for what do older guys like in bed?

Well, that is a mystery we will try to uncover. And also, how to have sex with an older guy and what makes sex with an older boyfriend amazing.

Older men can handle themselves in a relationship perfectly. But if the sex is bad, women will not stick around. And if your image for an older man is influenced by a Viagra commercial, stop right there. That is not the true reality.

Are There Any Rules For Dating Older Men?

The rules for dating after 50 are the same as dating in your 20s. You have to be honest, polite, and have clear intentions. And the good news is older guys get it. Most of them have learned the secrets to a healthy relationship. After all, they have been through a couple of them probably.

You need to understand your date, his wants, his needs, and how to satisfy him while communicating your needs as well.

Are Older Men Sexually Active?

This might surprise you, but yes. Older men are still sexually active. As we said before, they can father children for a longer period in life. The only downside is they might need a pill to get them going.

Some are more active than others. Some men come out of a lousy marriage feeling unattractive, and a young woman gets their juices going. That gorgeous woman can easily mend their broken ego and make them a sex machine again.

Others have had so much sex it is not as important to them as it used to be. Some have erectile problems. Generally speaking, most men want a satisfying love life when they get older.

Why Is Sex With Older Men Great?

You might think your sex life in your 20s was great. And that young, handsome, attractive boy with tons of energy will give you the best sexual experience in life. But men in their 50s are great as well. Here are the reasons why sex with an older man is great.

Take Their Time

These guys have patience and that applies to the bedroom as well. For them, foreplay doesn’t start after you get naked. He will start preparing you for the bedroom hours in advance. Foreplay sometimes doesn’t even stop.

And once you are in bed, older men are willing to draw out your pleasure. Why? Because they enjoy watching what they do to you.

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Focus On Foreplay

As we said before, foreplay plays a huge role in sex with older men. They understand that foreplay is all about seduction. As such, they want to seduce you. They want to make you want them in bed. And because they have to go the extra mile, you can expect more seduction than ever.

They focus on all the important things during sex. What makes you moan? What makes you scream? What makes you feel wanted? They all use all this during foreplay the next time you lay in bed.

Experience Matters

Young boys are great for an adventure. But experience comes with age and repetitions. An older guy has probably spent a lot of time pleasing one or two women for a long period in his life. He has seen women and knows how they develop through the years.

And he knows how to pleasure you and make you sexy. He will pay attention to your desires and needs.

Doesn’t Care About His Penis

If there is one thing that younger guys get preoccupied, is the size of their penis. Yes, size matters. But what they do not understand is that penis is not the only organ involved in sex.

This lack of understanding of the sexual organ is what makes young guys fail to please and turn on their female partners. The brain is the most sexual organ there is. And the way older guys use it to their advantage is amazing.

Doesn’t Care About His Ego

Young men view sex as a performance and match. They want to compare themselves to your other partners. They want to be the best. This is why young guys view your pleasure and orgasm as their responsibility.

Yes, it is great when he cares about your pleasure. And if you do not feel pleased, he will feel sad, dejected, and depressed. His ego starts working. With an older guy, he doesn’t care. He doesn’t mind you telling him what to do. This guy knows he doesn’t know everything. And he is not afraid to ask.

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Ladies First

Older men believe the rule in sex is ladies first. These guys are working hard for your orgasms. Yes, plural form.

The negative side of having sex with an older man

Yes, there are some positives, many if we might add, but there are also a few cons of having sex with a guy over 50. Here are some of the drawbacks.

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Possible Erectile Dysfunction Problem

This might be one of the most common problems with older men. Some take pills, others do not. But he cannot get it up every time you want in an instant.

But this is normal because blood flow and testosterone decrease as we grow older.

Less Interest In Sex

For older guys, sex is not the driving force in the relationship. At least not for most of them. As he experiences a drop in hormones, he has lost some of his interest in sex. In women, we call it menopause. And men experience their own andropause as well.

Lacks Strength And Flexibility

As we age our bodies are less capable of some adventurous experiences. We lose muscle tone. We gain fat. We gain weight. And we are not as athletic as we used to be.

This is why injuries happen more in sex in older years.

What Do They Want In Bed?

So, what do older guys like in bed? This is the question we promised to answer at the beginning. So, let’s get to the nitty-gritty.

They Want To Be Appreciated

One of the best things you can do in the bedroom with an older guy is to reassure him of his performance. This way he will open up and relax. And he can then give himself in the moment.

Even a confident guy wants to be appreciated in the bedroom. Older guys want to be appreciated and feel desired. Compliment them on what they do and how they look.

Older guys might relax quicker and become more confident when you compliment them.

Feed Their Ego

Speaking about compliments, these guys want to think you consider them a stallion. Yes, they know they cannot compare to the younger guy you might date in your life. But while they cannot get up as easily, they want to feel sexy.

So, try to make your old guy feel like the best catch in the bunch.

You Have To Need Him

We are not talking about how women need sugar daddies to fulfill their shopping wishes.

Every guy no matter the age wants to feel needed in the bedroom. He knows you can easily achieve orgasm without him. And that hurts him. After all, even an old guy has to feel masculine in a way.

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Talk About The Experience

Some men once they hit a certain age build a shell and wall around themselves to protect them. But you have to be willing to talk about every topic. That will make him relaxed and calm.

Be open about what you have tried and what you want to try.

Check The Mood

As we said before, old guys cannot get up at any given moment. And while men in their 20s are up for sex at any given time, older guys are not.

There are family responsibilities, work responsibilities, and everything else that gets in the way. So, check the mood before you initiate some sexual activity. A day filled with activities might make him feel tired and not in the mood.

Yes, guys can refuse sex, especially in their later years.

Show Confidence

Men want a confident woman in their life. That applies to the bedroom, kitchen, and any other room in the house. If you feel confident, your man will feel confident as well. And that can only result in great sex.

But if you feel afraid of certain parts of your body, that will go a long way in ruining the sexual experience.

Try Something New

Most men at age 50 or more have tried a lot of things in their life. But there is always one thing that they have never tried. And when they get older, they start panicking that they might not try it ever.

So, you should be willing to try something new with your older man. Ask them questions and find out what is that thing they always wanted but never tried.

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