How To Predict A Guy’s Size – Top Ways To See If He Is Packing

In the past several years, one of the most interesting theories is that hand size can help predict erect penis size. And there have been several studies that have found correspondence between finger ratio and penis length. But how to use that for how to predict a guy’s size?

Today, we will talk about how to tell if he has a big package by looking at some of his other features. Speaking about hand size, studies have concluded that the ratio between a man’s index finger and ring finger can predict penile size.

So, can you tell the size of a man by his hands? Yes, you absolutely can. The first study of such kind was in 2011. The Korean study measured men in several places and found a correlation. Two more studies in 2015, another Korean and one Egyptian showed the same correlation.

So, here are a couple of ways for how to tell how big a guy is without seeing it. In the realm of these curious predictions, one might wish for a lie detector test to separate fact from fiction.

The Fingers


Let’s start with the original study and the findings. According to that study, it all has to do with the gap in length between his index finger and ring finger.

The digit ratio between these two fingers can predict penis size and penis length. The study and the data showed that the greater distance between these two fingers, the longer the erectile penis is.

The study believes that exposure to prenatal hormones is the reason for the strange correlation. So, when you start dating a man, look at his finger size. A shorter index finger than a ring finger means a longer stretched penile length.

Foot Size Is Important As Well


This has been one of the myths and legends for years as well. You have probably heard this one before. People saying that if a man has large feet, it means he also has a big package.

The larger the shoe the larger the erect penis. While that is a myth and legend, studies do not support this claim. Several studies have tried to find any correlation, but that is not the case. While it applies to several men, it is not always the case.

Size Of His Hands


When you look at his ring and index finger, you should also look at the size of his hands. There is no scientific claim to this rule yet. But here it goes, large fingers mean big hands. And you can connect the dots from there.

Pay Attention To His Sitting Position


This is one of the simplest ways for how to predict a guy’s size. You do not need to measure his fingers, hands, feet, or anything else. Just look at how he is sitting down.

According to this penis legend, if he tries to sit a certain way, it is all because he is trying not to squish himself and fit his bigger penis. For example, if he has to sit with his legs spread out or cannot cross his legs, his big dick is getting in the way.

Of course, this applies only when the penis is not flaccid. If he sits comfortably with no restrictions, it might be just that his penis is not erected yet.

The Nose


Do you know the joke about Pinocchio? It has everything to do with his nose. Well, according to this legend, the longer the nose, the bigger the tell.

To find out if your guy has a big dick, you can look at his face. Similar to previous myths, this one is not scientifically proven. But it is a tradition that has been around for a long time.

People believe there is a relationship between a guy’s nose and his genitals. The length of the nose can show how big the penis is. This is why women find men with long Roman noses attractive through history.

Of course, this is not always the case. So take it with a grain of salt. We do not want you to get disappointed once you see his nose, urgh, penis.

Pinky And Thumb Ratio


There is another digit ratio you can calculate to check if your guy is packing. Digit ratios are very accurate when it comes to sizing his penis length.

For this finger length ratio, you need to have your man tuck all of his fingers down except for the pinky and thumb. Measure diagonally from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the pinky finger. And that should tell you his size.

Have fun measuring.

Observe His Walking


When a guy has a large package, he has to make accommodations when he walks. Or when he sits. We covered the sitting part before. Now let’s talk about the walking part.

When a guy with a big penis walks, he usually has a slight saunter to him in his stride. Try not to get caught starring at his walks. That will be awkward to explain why you observe his junk while walking.

The Height Is A Factor


There is a myth that short guys have a smaller package. And according to science, that is true. Sorry short guys.

In one study with more than 3,000 Italian men, researchers found out that height plays a role in penis length as well. The taller a person is, the bigger his penis will be.

So, do not date a guy shorter than five feet and eight inches if you want more pleasure in the bedroom. You might have to work with a smaller penis. Men taller than six feet reported bigger penis.

See For Yourself

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At the end of the day, you will eventually see it, right? If you date someone for a while, you will have to eventually see him naked. Stop trying how to predict a guy’s size and just get him in the bedroom. You will see if his size and technique satisfy you or not.

Or, you can ask him and measure it yourself. If that doesn’t sound weird to you. Speaking about how to properly measure penis size. You should use a soft or flexible measuring tape and measure the length from the base of the penis at the pubic bone to the very tip. Gently press until you feel the bone through the skin and then measure to the very tip of the penis.

How Common Are Men With A Large Penis?

According to several studies, you will have a hard time finding a man with a big penis. Only about 15% of men around the world have a penis length longer than 7 inches. And only 2% are bigger than 8 inches. The average penis size according to most studies is between 5 and 5.6 inches.

The average depth of a vagina is between 4 and 6 inches. So, a larger penis might actually hurt you. At the end of the day, if the size of his penis is the deciding factor, fine. But you are not dating his erect penis.

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