How To Find A Boyfriend – Tips That Can Get You In A Relationship

Every girl finds herself in this situation. Whether you just broke up, or you have been single for a while, you ask yourself how to find a boyfriend.

Women dream of finding the right guy and live the life they deserve. But it is important to know that your soulmate will not come knocking on your door out of nowhere.

How to find the right guy? What can you do? Well, let’s take a look at a couple of tips for how to find the perfect boyfriend.

Figure Out What You Want

The first step towards finding Prince Charming is figuring out what exactly you are looking for. That way, you can easily narrow down the list.

And if the first thing that pops to your head is handsome, green eyes, and so on, look deeper. You need to understand what are the qualities you are looking for in a good man.

Make Yourself Happy

If you cannot be happy single, you will not be happy in a relationship. Men do not want a sad and emo girl that they will have to entertain day and night. If you are not emotionally stable, chances are you cannot find a great guy that will make you happy.

You have to be happy with yourself first, and then in a relationship.


Start Talking To Strangers

Yes, we know. When we were kids, our parents warned us never to talk to strangers. Well, now you are an adult, and you can judge whether a stranger is a nice person or not.

We are living in a technology-driven world. But there is still magic in connecting with people in real life. And you can easily strike up a conversation with people you meet on the street, on the hiking trail, on the bus, or anywhere else.

Leave The Cold Bitch Aside

Men often complain about the lack of warmth that women project. Nobody wants to be with a cold-hearted personality aside. Men want their woman and date to give them a hug every now and then. And if you project a cold personality, you will close your door on potential suitors.

Networking, Networking, And Networking

Networking is a term business people use to connect with as many potential clients and partners as possible. Think of the way LinkedIn works. You know somebody that knows somebody that could get you an interview with that company.

Well, the same applies to dating as well. The more people you know and meet, the more options you have for meeting someone through a common friend.

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Ask Your Friends To Set You Up

Speaking about networking, you can always ask your friends to set you up with somebody they know. It might seem daunting to go on a date that your friends or relatives set you up, but you never know. There might be a perfect match out there with the same problem you have.

Do Not Talk About Your Ex

When women talk about their ex on the first few dates, it is a red alarm for most men. Leave the desire to tell your new man about your previous boyfriend. You can make your new date feel like you are measuring them against each other. And no, that doesn’t work.

Try Traveling Alone

Traveling alone is one of the most eye-opening things you can do in your life. But it is also a nice way to make friends. When you travel with other people, you do not care or pay attention to others around you.

Well, when you are on your own, chances are you will have to find a buddy for some task. And guys will be more open to approaching you because they do not see a horde of friends guarding you.


Join A Group Or A Club

One of the best ways for meeting new people is by joining a club. Just find a club that does something you enjoy. For example, join a hiking group.

Or if you have a pet, join a dog lover or cat lover community. Let’s not forget, we all want someone we share common interests with.

And you can easily find someone with common interests in a club. Even if you do not meet your future husband there, you will meet new people and they might hook you up with someone.

Make Dating A Priority

You should think of dating the same way you think of job hunting. The key is to always be prepared. You never know when or where you will meet someone.

That is why you should wear clothes that make you feel attractive and feel good about yourself.


If you are looking for a kind and caring partner, you can find him in a volunteering organization. Yes, you volunteer to help the cause. But it is also a nice way to meet kind and philanthropic people.

These people are on the same wavelength as you are. And if you meet your future husband while helping others, even better.


Go To Some Events In The City

If you sit at home, you will never meet your future spouse. So go out and get moving. Your city probably has lots of events.

Check the city’s calendar and see if there is an event that sparks your interest. Going to events helps you meet people within the same community as you. And maybe a potential boyfriend.

Change Ѕour Мama Аttitude

In other words, be a hot mama, not a prospective mama. Men can easily detect women who are baby hungry. Yes, men also want to start a family and all of that. But if you start the romantic relationship craving a baby, looking like you are ready to get pregnant on the second date, do not expect one.

Some women already reveal the colors they want to paint their kid’s nursery on the first date. Wrong!

Try A Singles Meetup

In big cities, you can easily find singles meetup groups that connect people with each other. These groups are not only for those hoping to get married in a month. They are a way to meet new people. You might befriend some of them.

And you can use that friendship as a stepping stone to your next partner.

Sign Up For A Dating App

Today there are many dating apps. Tinder is not the only one. We recommend signing up for an application that resonates with you. Of course, you’ll want a good internet connection, which you can get from cox internet plans, or a similar provider in your area, to ensure you can access your apps when needed.

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Try Speed Dating

Another modern way of meeting people is speed dating. It is like swiping through a dating application but in real life.

Same as singles meetups there are many speed dating events in big cities.

Change your Facebook profile

Nowadays, the dating scene has moved online. And Facebook is the best online dating site.

Make sure to upload a great profile picture. One that shows you in a happy mood. Who knows, a nice guy might start messaging you.

Put A Smile On Your Face

The most important part at the end of the day is to look happy and be happy. Put your best smile on your face. When you go out, you want to emit happiness and fun time, right?

Smile, talk, be nice, have fun, and you will find the right person who will love to spend time with you.

Leave The Phone Aside

You cannot leave your phone at home. After all, you might need it to check GPS or call an Uber. But while you are out, leave the phone aside.

Spending time on your phone is a barrier for people to approach you.

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