How To Be A Good Boyfriend? Tips To Take Relationship To A Higher Level

What is a good boyfriend according to you? Men and women look at this term differently. To be frank, while both might be right, they usually have higher expectations than what reality serves them. With that in mind, today, we will talk about how to be a good boyfriend.

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What Is A Good Boyfriend?

Simply put, a good boyfriend is someone who cares and loves his loved one. He is the right guy that will always be there for his lady even in tough times.

And nobody knows his woman better than him. He is there for her in sad times and in happy times. The perfect boyfriend will always try to make his lady smile.

Even though you might think you are a great boyfriend, there is always room to improve. So, read on how to be a better boyfriend. You might find some useful tips.

Signs Of A Quality Man


There are a couple of signs and qualities that make any man a boyfriend material. Here are some of them.

  • Honest, loyal, faithful, women want to be with someone who doesn’t lie to them all the time and omits things that will make them upset
  • Decisive, a good man who knows what he wants in life, no matter if that is big or small. He also knows his limits, but he is not afraid of taking risks
  • Confidence, women fall for a confident man who knows himself inside out and still has high self-esteem and confidence
  • Passionate, someone who is more than just appearance, who will put effort into showing you that he cares for you and wants to be next to you
  • Forgiving, a man who will forgive his partner when she makes a mistake, and show his maturity by letting things go
  • Open-minded, someone who accepts other people and their beliefs without criticizing them
  • Funny, a great guy with a rich sense of humor

What Can You Improve In The Relationship?

Now let’s talk about how to be a good boyfriend. You might be doing some of these things, but you can always improve in other areas.

Be Honest About Important Things

These big milestone moments include children, investments, home renovation, and similar. Be upfront and make your position clear when you discuss it with your partner.

Support Their Quirky Hobbies

Yes, your partner might have bizarre and annoying hobbies. You might not like it, but you should support it. As we said before, an open mind is necessary. You do not have to go if you do not like it, but you should never criticize your partner for going to a cosplay event, for example.

Listen, But Do Not Try To Fix

Men often have that superhero complex. They think they can make problems disappear. Sometimes, all you have to do is listen to your woman. Yes, when women are dumping their woes on you, they want something to happen. But most of the time they look for reassurance, not a magic cure.

Women are fully aware you cannot make problems disappear. And if you are trying to do that, you are setting up yourself to fail.

Be Patient

Patience is important in a relationship. That means patience in all sorts of things. Be it sexual desires, sexual intercourse, meeting new people, and everything in between. Do not rush anything in the relationship.

Allow the relationship to take its natural flow and course. Building a great foundation takes time. And only with patience, you can build a great romantic relationship. Never ever get angry because you didn’t get your needs met at the time you thought you should.

Show Interest

As a romantic partner, it is important to show interest in your woman. Be conscious of how your partner is feeling and ask questions about their day and what they did. Pay attention when she is speaking.


Pay Attention To Little Things

The devil is in the details, you know that right? It is the little things that make or break a relationship. Usually, these little things pile up over time. When relationships end, it is usually because you have not paid attention to details for quite some time.

Provide Emotional Security

Being a good boyfriend means being there for your woman and listening to her when she wants to talk. As we said before, women do not expect a magic wand that makes problems disappear. But emotional support is something you can and should provide.

The goal of a happy relationship is to form a strong emotional connection with your partner. You lady should feel you as her emotional safe space. Be consistent in that.

Make Her Laugh

There is nothing better than seeing your loved one smiling. One smile can make your day. And no, you do not have to be a comedian to make someone laugh. Just keep things light and fun and you will have fun together.

Give Tough Love When Necessary

Good boyfriends are not afraid to tell their girlfriends when they disagree with something. But be ready with arguments. Some people are afraid of tough love, thinking their good girlfriend will not understand it. But that only happens when you are criticizing something just for the sake of criticizing.

Choose your battles. Do not be critical about things that are not important. Look at the big picture.

Clean Up After Yourself

You will be surprised to know how many marriages end up in divorce just because the man didn’t clean up the dishes. Remember we talked about details before? Well, one part of being a great boyfriend is not leaving your stuff everywhere. Do not be a slob.

Clean up after yourself. Put your dishes in the dishwasher or clean them, take the trash out, take regular showers and remain tidy and clean.

Make Dinner

We are way past the traditional roles in marriage and relationships. Yes, men can cook as well. You might not be a chef, but your girlfriend will love you for making food every now and then. It is pretty simple. Nowadays you can Google almost any dish and find out the exact instructions on how to prepare it.


Make Plans For The Evening

We all fall into this trap. It is easy to get lazy and watch Netflix. But we all want something fun and entertaining. Routines are comforting, but they are easy to fall into the trap. Take the initiative and plan something interesting for the two of you.

Be Kind

This is rather simple and everyone can do it. Just be kind and don’t be a jerk. It might seem obvious, but many men need to work on it.

Put Your Phone Down And Listen

When you are out with your partner, listen to her. You cannot multi-task. Yes, that might work for a minute or two. But looking at your phone while someone is talking is recipe for disaster.

Be Reliable

There is no greater aphrodisiac than a man who turns up on time, has thought ahead about travel, comes prepared, and is always reliable. It is as simple as that. Your lady wants someone she can count on.

Look The Best You Can

Women are usually thought of as the better-dressed partners. But you should try to look as best as you can. Do not fall into the trap of “you do not have to make an effort when you are in a long-term relationship”.

Fight Her Corner

This is again the superhero thing. But do not go too hard. You do not have to get into a fight instead of her. But defend your lady and stay on her side. Don’t disagree or contradict your love partner in public. That is unless they are being wild racist.


Do Not Slag Off Her Friends

If possible, tone it down when you talk with your friends. It is one thing to have principles and opinions. And entering an argument can be fine. But do not point and criticize the mistakes of her friends.

Do Not Mistake Romantic Gestures For Actual Affection

Here is a fun little secret for you: lavish displays of affection like big romantic gestures are not actual affection. Emotional availability, honesty, and a good heart are much more valuable for your romantic partner.

Smell Good

Find a way to smell good when you are around your partner. This goes back to the cleaning part. Take a shower, use proper soap, shop for a great cologne, and everything in between. Let’s not forget, cut your toenails. You cannot be in a great relationship with someone whose toenails are like knives.

Be Forgiving

Everyone can make a mistake. Do not fixate on it. Do not hold a grudge, especially not in a healthy relationship. You will only look petty. Either get over it or break it up.

Be Generous In Bed

When you are in bed, focus on her pleasure. Yes, you will get yours, do not worry. A satisfied woman is a happy woman. It is harder for women to get pleasure in bed, so focus on her more.


She Is Your Priority

There is a saying friends before hoes. But that doesn’t apply when you talk about your future wife or loving girlfriend. No matter what happens, you should always be there for her. And make sure she knows she is your priority.

Try To Keep Your Word

There is nothing worse than a man who says one thing, and after a while, he does something completely different. If you say something, make sure to get it done. Otherwise, she will lose confidence in you.

Do Not Fuck Around

Let’s finish off the list of how to be a good boyfriend with the most obvious one. It is not worth it to fuck around. One short affair or quick sexual intercourse will not give you the pleasure your loving girlfriend will.

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