Hug From Behind – What Does It Mean For Your Relationship?

Hugs are an essential part of any romantic relationship. They are also important in other relationships, between friends, relatives, colleagues, and more. Simply put, hugs are an essential form of physical contact that we use daily. And depending on the hug, it can have a different meaning. Today, we will talk about the meaning of a hug from behind.

This hug is a complex one because it can mean different things. And it depends on the person hugging you. For example, if it is your boyfriend, it can be a signal for a romantic and intimate invitation. And if it is your boss, he is also in the mood for loving. If it is your son, he is simply being affectionate. He might just want a cookie.

So, it depends on the guy.

Why Do We Hug?

People hug for many reasons. Physical contact is the first and most important one. It helps us deliver good vibes and affection.

We hug to say things like hello, goodbye, congrats, and so on. And during sports, players hug to show support to team members and respect to opposing players.

What Makes A Hug Comforting?

There is a big reason why do we love hugging. It is one of the most comforting parts of a healthy relationship. Here are a couple of reasons why we love to hug,

  • Hugging releases oxytocin, a chemical in our bodies we often call the happiness hormone. This chemical can also reduce stress
  • We hug to offer support to people around us. It is one of the best things to do when a person is dealing with a problem in his real life
  • Hugs help us stay young and youthful. They produce anti-aging effects, which is why people loved by many look younger and fresher
  • Hugs can help us reduce fear. They instill courage in difficult situations and help with anxiety and low-esteem situations

What Does Hug From Behind Mean?

Now that we’ve established some of the basic concepts of hugging, let’s try and explain what does a hug from behind means. Well, think about the following scenario. You are busy in the kitchen cooking and cleaning up. And then your partner comes from behind and puts his/her arms around you. This hug covers your body from behind and protects you while pulling you close to your partner.

It makes you feel wanted. This tight hug is a sign your partner is ready to protect you and is not afraid of the responsibility to do it. And even if your partner hasn’t said the words yet, he loves you. Usually, men are those that hug their partner from behind. It is an instinct, men have had that protective instinct and role since forever. Their body language dictates it.

And according to modern theories in relationship psychology, your man does it because of hero instinct. Nowadays, heroes are all over the world. Superhero movies, comics, and books. And your boyfriend wants to show you he is your hero.

It might sound silly, but men need to feel like heroes. It is built into their DNA to seek out relationships that allow them to feel like protectors. And when he hugs you from behind, he sends you a signal he will protect you.

Different Types Of Hugs

Hug from behind is not the only hug that matters. There are many more hugs you need to know about in a romantic relationship. Let’s talk about it.

The Big Squeeze

This strong hug will have the hugger touch your back or body somewhere else as they hold on to you. It is a hug that also signals protection and security in a loving relationship.

Bear Hug

This hug is common among friends. It is a sign they care about each other. The type of physical contact is something we can see between players on a sports team as well.

And when this happens in a relationship, it is a sign your partner misses you and wants you near.

The Pickpocket

It is a hug with which the hugger sends you a message, “I like being around you”. He shows affection, deep feelings, and comfort. And when guys hug you like this they want to tell everyone you belong to him and you are his ONLY girl.

The London Bridge

This hug might look and sound awkward. It is a hug where one person doesn’t want to have physical contact with you. But he is making an effort. It is a hug where just the upper bodies touch during the hug.

The hugger is just polite to someone but he doesn’t cherish the physical contact.



Hug At The Waist

If a hug hugs you at the waist, you know he loves you. And that applies even if he hasn’t confessed his feelings for you yet. The hug speaks for itself. He wants to have you as a girlfriend.

Side Hug

Reserved for close friends this relaxed way of showing hope and happiness is a great way to say hello to friends. We exchange this friendly hug as a token of kinship or friendship.

Hug While Looking Into The Eyes

If you are looking for a hug common in a love relationship, this is it. It is a hug that signals a deep connection between two partners. And it is a sign your partner has deep feelings for you, his girl.

Quick Hug

Finally, a hug that has nothing to do with affection. It is just a general way of saying hello. It happens when we are in a hurry. But pay context of the situation.


The Twirl

This fun hug happens when one person is ecstatic. You can feel lucky if you receive it. Why? Because it is a sign that the hugger is thrilled to have you.

One-handed Hug

This is a common hug we see in romantic movies. The romantic hug is when he embraces you by pulling you close with one arm around your shoulder. It is an image that shows he has you under his wing. He will protect you and do anything for you.

And if you are only friends, it is a sign he will offer his help and support.


Typical for an intimate relationship, the hug is when they hold each other while watching a movie. It also happens after lovemaking.


Naughty Hug

For this hug, your guy travels down your back and rests his hand on your buttock. He gives you a clear sign he is ready for some action. He has lost his patience.

This hug is also a sign he wants to establish his claim on you as soon as possible.

Self Hug

You should give this one as often as possible. Wrap your arms around your body and say proudly good job and you can do this. It is great for fighting stress hormones.

The Hug That Lasts

Let’s finish off with one of the most beautiful hugs there are. It is a long hug that keeps on without people saying anything. It is just a silent expression of love and support for each other.

Loving couples hug this way often to show physical affection. And when your guy hugs you like this, he will always stand by your side through thick and thin.

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