Lil Ugly Mane – Net Worth, Career Ups and Downs

Real Name:Travis Miller
Birthday:May 13, 1984
Net Worth:$1.2 million
Occupation:American Musician, Producer

Born as Travis Miller, Lil Ugly Mane is an American musician and producer. Born in Richmond, Virginia, he gained popularity with his 2012 album, Mista Thug Isolation. He then followed it up with another album under the moniker Lil Ugly Mane. In the past few years, Travis managed to earn a decent amount of money. So, how much is Lil Ugly Mane’s cash flow?

Well, let’s take a look at his career path and earnings. According to public sources, his salary is between $100,000 and $500,000. As of September 2020, Lil Ugly Mane’s cash flow is close to $1.2 million. Here is how he got there.

Career Ups and Downs

Born in 1984 as Travis Miller, Lil Ugly Mane started his career in the late teens. In 2007, he started rapping the group The Legacy. In the beginning, he used the name Yung Gus. And then he changed his moniker to Spook Lo and released one hip hop song under it. As you can see, in the beginning, he changed his name constantly, trying to find his spot.

At the beginning of his career, he tried different projects in various genres. For example, he contributed to metal band Vudmurk, rap to Head Molt, and more.

When he first joined a production group, he used another name. In 2010, he joined the hip hop production Chocolate Milk Collective under the name Shawn Kemp. The group stopped working after a while. Fun fact: Travis contributed to the infomercial for Slippy Syrup vape juice under Shawn Kemp.

By the end of 2010, he started using the name Lil Ugly Mane. This is when he started uploading music to Bandcamp under that name. He released his debut mixtape, Playaz Circle in 2011. In the beginning, his work drew influence from the dark, horror, and gangsta rap lyrics from the early Memphis scene. Some notable features of the style include distinctive production style and lo-fi recording quality.

Lil Ugly Mane collaborated with Raider Klan, another collective that used the Memphis rap style. Together, they released a couple of songs. But he also contributed to their cover art.

In 2012, Lil Ugly Mane finally burst onto the scene with his debut album. Mista Thug Isolation made waves within the underground hip hop scene. It earned positive reviews from Mishka NYC and support from other hip hop groups.

Travis followed the success of the album with shorter projects like On Doing an Evil Deed Blues, Uneven Compromise, and some Eps. In 2013, he said he wanted to retire the Lil Ugly Mane moniker. But he still uses it to date.

For the next few years, he released some pre-recorded material. His single Underwater Tank featuring Antwon got some praises. And then he released the mixtape Third Side of Tape.

By 2015, Travis knew the time has come for another album. He released Oblivion Access. This album featured a more experimental and personal style than his previous work. He also released a collaborative album with Nickelus F, Trick Dice.

The next year, he formed a new group with Antwon and Wiki. Called Secret Circle, the band released their first song, Keep it Low, in June the same year. But they broke up in 2018.

Before Secret Circle broke up, Travis announced his new moniker. He said he will release music under the new alias, Bedwetter. He released the first installment of his Bedwetter series on Bandcamp in January 2017.

Net Worth

Lil Ugly Mane fortune is more than $1.2 million as of September 2020. He earns money through his music. He streams music on Bandcamp and Spotify. He has more than 150,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. That helps him earn a decent amount of money.

Fun fact: Lil Ugly Mane used several monikers throughout his career. For example, he released music under A9Concuss, Across, Cat Torso, and more.

From 2017 onwards, he uses the moniker Bedwetter.

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