LSU Acceptance Rate Trends: What Applicants Need to Know

Louisiana State University, often referred to as LSU, is a prestigious educational institution in the United States. Known for its academic rigor, vibrant campus life, and competitive sports teams, LSU is a popular choice for many students. However, understanding the acceptance rate and admission statistics of LSU can be critical for prospective students. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the LSU acceptance rate and what it takes to be accepted.

Overview of LSU

Founded in 1860, LSU is a public research university based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. With a strong emphasis on research, community outreach, and academic excellence, the institution offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs across various disciplines. LSU is often recognized for its programs in Agriculture, Engineering, Business, and the Arts. It’s also a member of the Southeastern Conference (SEC), making it renowned for its athletic accomplishments.

LSU Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at LSU is a key indicator of its selectivity. According to recent statistics, the LSU acceptance rate stands at approximately 73%. This signifies that for every 100 applications received, 73 applicants are admitted. While this may seem high compared to Ivy League standards, it’s important to note that LSU maintains a strong emphasis on the quality of its applicant pool.

Understanding the Acceptance Rate

The LSU acceptance rate is a reflection of the number of students admitted to the university in relation to the number of applications received. However, the rate can vary based on factors such as in-state and out-of-state applicants, transfer students, and international students.

The acceptance rate for out-of-state students, for instance, is also around 73%, meaning that the university maintains a consistent acceptance rate regardless of the applicant’s geographic location.

Admissions Requirements at LSU

To be considered for college admissions, Louisiana State University students need to meet specific academic requirements. These include:

  • A minimum unweighted academic GPA of 3.0 based on 19 core units
  • Either a composite score of 22 on the ACT with an 18 English subscore and a 19 math subscore, or a composite SAT score of 1080 with a minimum reading score of 450 and a math score of 460

It’s worth noting that these are the minimum requirements and meeting them does not guarantee admission. LSU admissions committee looks at the whole student, considering factors such as extracurricular activities, leadership roles, and personal essays.

LSU’s Selectivity

Despite its relatively high acceptance rate, LSU is considered a selective institution. This perception is due to the quality of applicants LSU attracts. Many of these applicants have high SAT/ACT scores and GPAs, making the admissions process competitive. Therefore, prospective students should strive to not only meet but exceed the minimum admissions requirements.

GPA Requirements

LSU does not have a minimum GPA requirement, but the average GPA of admitted students is between 3.4 and 4.0. This indicates that successful applicants typically have above-average high school grades. Students with lower GPAs can still be considered but may need to compensate with higher SAT or ACT scores.

Standardized Test Scores

LSU requires either the SAT or ACT for admission. The average SAT score of admitted students is between 1090 and 1300, while the average ACT score is between 23 and 28. Students who score below these averages may still be considered for admission but will face more competition from other applicants.

Majors and Programs at LSU

LSU offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs. Some of its most popular majors include Business, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Engineering, and Social Sciences. The university is also known for its programs in Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine.

LSU as a Prestigious Institution

LSU is considered one of the most prestigious universities in the nation. It’s among the top 1% of universities with land-, sea-, and space-grant designations, highlighting its commitment to research and community outreach. Additionally, LSU is ranked 70th among public universities and 35th among flagship universities nationwide.

Cost of Attending LSU

The cost of attending LSU can vary based on factors such as residency status and financial aid. The in-state tuition and fees are $11,954, while out-of-state tuition and fees are $28,631. It’s important for prospective students to explore financial aid options and scholarships to help offset these costs.


The LSU acceptance rate indicates that while the university is selective, it’s still accessible to students who meet its admissions requirements. By maintaining strong academic performance and demonstrating a well-rounded profile, prospective students can increase their chances of being admitted to this prestigious institution.

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