Unlocking the Mysteries of the ‘Our House’ Cast: Meet the Faces Behind the Characters

“Our House” is a captivating British drama miniseries that debuted on ITV in March 2022. With its gripping storyline and intense acting, the show has earned a place among memorable television dramas. This series, based on the bestselling novel by Louise Candlish, follows the character Fi Lawson as she experiences a shocking twist of fate – arriving home one day to discover a family of strangers moving into her house while her husband, Bram, has completely vanished.

Tuppence Middleton remarkably portrays the lead character, Fi Lawson, whose life is turned upside down after the mysterious incident. Alongside Middleton, the ensemble cast includes Martin Compston, responsible for delivering exceptional and engaging performances in this thrilling series. The viewers highly praise the on-screen chemistry of the cast, resulting in the show’s widespread acclaim.

The talented crew behind “Our House” also deserves recognition for their outstanding efforts in shaping the series’ captivating atmosphere. From the writing team to the show’s cinematographers and executive producers, each individual of Our House cast has played a vital role in turning this intriguing story into a notable and compelling television drama.

Main Characters

Fi Lawson

Fi Lawson, played by Tuppence Middleton, is the lead character in the TV mini-series “Our House.” Fi is a woman whose life takes an unexpected turn when she finds out that a family of strangers has moved into her home, and her husband Bram has disappeared. Tuppence Middleton, known for her versatile acting skills, brings Fi Lawson’s character to life, creating a strong and relatable protagonist for the viewers.

Bram Lawson

Bram Lawson, portrayed by Martin Compston, is Fi’s enigmatic husband. As the story unfolds, his disappearance and actions become major plot points, with his character eliciting intrigue and speculation from the audience. Compston’s portrayal of Bram Lawson adds depth to the story and makes the mystery of their situation even more complex and gripping.


The “Our House” ensemble features a remarkable cast of supporting characters:

  • Harriet Webb: Harriet Webb’s character adds another layer of intrigue to the storyline. Her strong acting skills contribute to the thrilling atmosphere of the show
  • Bronagh Waugh: Bronagh Waugh is another pivotal character, giving a convincing performance that keeps the audience engaged throughout the series
  • Weruche Opia: As an essential supporting character, Weruche Opia’s performance helps bring out the depth and complexity of the story
  • Rupert Penry-Jones: Rupert Penry-Jones adds to the overall skilled cast, providing a captivating portrayal of his character in “Our House.”

This talented Our House cast effectively conveys the story’s underlying themes and elements, making the TV mini-series “Our House” a thrilling and engaging watch.

Plot Summary

The story of Our House revolves around Fi Lawson, a woman who returns home one day to find a family of strangers moving into her house. These strangers are completely unaware of her existence, and her husband, Bram, seems to have vanished without a trace. The series dives into the panic, confusion and chaos that ensue as Fi tries to unravel the mystery surrounding the strangers and her husband’s disappearance.

As the plot progresses, secrets and revelations about Fi and Bram’s life together start to surface. Simon Ashdown, the creator of the show, masterfully intertwines the storylines of the main characters with numerous twists and turns. The dark secrets that are revealed in this thrilling series keep the audience guessing up until the very end.

The essence of Our House lies in the exploration of the concept of strangers moving into someone’s home and the shattering of domestic bliss. The show presents a gripping narrative that delves into the emotional and psychological impact of such events on the characters involved.

Overall, the plot of Our House pulls the audience in with a blend of intrigue, suspense, and emotion. The story is not only gripping but also thought-provoking, compelling viewers to question their own assumptions about family, relationships, and the concept of home.

Season 1 Overview

“Our House” is a gripping TV mini-series that premiered in 2022. Created by Simon Ashdown, the show follows the unsettling story of Fiona Lawson, who returns home to find strangers moving into her house after being away for a short period. As the story unfolds, Season 1 is packed with twists and tense moments, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

The ensemble cast features Martin Compston as Bram Lawson, Tuppence Middleton as Fiona Lawson, and Rupert Penry-Jones as Toby. Wendy is portrayed by Buket Komur, who gives a compelling performance as one of the mysterious residents within the Lawson’s home.

Throughout Season 1, the storyline unravels layers of deceit, secrets, and lies amongst the characters. The show’s creator, Simon Ashdown, skillfully crafts each episode with unexpected twists to keep the audience hooked.

Notable performances by Weruche Opia as Merle, Bronagh Waugh as Allison, Tommy Finnegan as Leo Lawson, and Oliver Smiles hold the viewers’ interest throughout the tense storyline. Season 1 consists of 4 episodes, immersing the audience in the unpredictable journey of Fiona Lawson as she tries to uncover the truth behind the unsettling invasion of her home.

The well-crafted production aspects of the series, such as the musical score composed by Sarah Warne, the cinematography by Richard Mott, and the editing by Justin Krish, add to the captivating atmosphere. Our House maintains a confident, knowledgeable, neutral, and clear tone of voice throughout Season 1, making it a must-watch for fans of thrilling dramas.

Critical Reception

Our House, a TV mini-series that first aired in 2022, has gained the attention of audiences due to its intriguing storyline and talented cast. The series centers around the character Fi Lawson, played by Tuppence Middleton, who comes home one day to find a family of strangers moving into her house while her husband Bram, portrayed by Martin Compston, goes missing.

The show has received various reviews from critics and viewers alike. Many have praised the performance of the lead actors, particularly Middleton and Compston, for their convincing portrayal of the characters and their ability to evoke emotional responses from the audience. Their on-screen chemistry and dedication to their roles were highlights in the unfolding drama.

Our House is known for its twists and turns that kept viewers guessing throughout each episode. The story is filled with unexpected revelations, which have contributed to the gripping nature of the show. This aspect of the series has been particularly appreciated by audiences, who found the suspenseful nature of the plot to be engaging and enticing.

Some critics, however, have found certain elements of the story to be somewhat predictable or clichéd, which might have detracted from the overall experience for some viewers. Nonetheless, the majority of reviewers emphasize the captivating performances of the cast and the thrilling nature of the plot as key strengths of Our House.

In conclusion, Our House has garnered a generally positive reception from both critics and audiences, mainly thanks to its stellar cast and the suspenseful twists and turns of the narrative.

Behind The Scenes


Our House” is a psychological thriller produced by Red Planet Pictures. The company is known for creating high-quality and engaging content. Belinda Campbell serves as one of the executive producers for the show, bringing her experience and vision to the project.


The gripping story of “Our House” is inspired by the bestselling book by Louise Candlish. The adaptation for the screen was made by Simon Ashdown, who worked as a screenwriter for the show. Ashdown’s writing helps bring the intricate plot and compelling characters to life, making the show an engaging watch for the viewers.

Watch Our House

Our House, a thrilling drama series, premiered on ITV on Mar 7, 2022. The show follows the story of Fi Lawson, who finds a family of strangers moving into her home as her husband Bram goes missing. With a talented cast including Tuppence Middleton, Martin Compston, and Tommy Finnegan, this captivating four-part series is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

For those who missed the premiere or want to catch up on the episodes, there are numerous streaming platforms available. Amazon Prime Video is a popular option that offers the series for streaming to Prime subscribers. Alternatively, viewers can also choose to rent or purchase individual episodes or the entire series on Vudu or Apple TV.

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In conclusion, Our House is a gripping drama series that can be easily accessed on various streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, or Apple TV. Don’t forget to subscribe to the What to Watch Newsletter for the latest updates on this show and other must-watch content.

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