Signs He Regrets Sleeping With You – Can A Hookup Turn Into A Romantic Relationship?

So, you have slept with a guy. And now you are wondering whether he regrets it. You want more than just a hookup, but he is not into a serious relationship. How do know if he wants something more? Well, you have to pay attention to the signs he regrets sleeping with you.

Yes, some men are low-key. But most of them give hints they didn’t enjoy the sex. Pay close attention.

He Ignores You

This is an obvious sign that he regrets having sex. He is cold and ignores you. This might happen the next day or a couple of days after your casual sex.

But in any case, he has already decided what you did was a mistake. He doesn’t want to get involved with you anymore.


He Doesn’t Flirt With You

Speaking about obvious signs he regrets sleeping with you is his lack of flirting. Before you had sexual intercourse, he couldn’t stop himself around you. He flirted all the time. And now he is over it.

When he stops being sexy or flirty and acts as if the two of you are friends, it is a clear sign he regrets sleeping with you.

Whatever spark you had is already gone.

He Is Too Busy For You

All of these signs he regrets having sex with you are similar. Yes, we all have our own life to live. And yes, we can all get busy from time to time due to studies, jobs, or other things.

But if he suddenly stops finding time for you and he is not available, it is a sign he wants to continue with his life. He wants to move on.

He “Really Likes You”

This is a sweet guy trying to tell you that sex was not that good. Maybe he likes something about you, but definitely, he is not trying to get you into bed.


He Is Pressuring You

You might think this is some kind of reverse psychology. And it might be. This guy will tell you things like, “common, you know you want to come and check my new bedroom sheets”. And he is not flirty, he is pressuring you so that you ditch him.

He just doesn’t want to reject you. Guys do this sometimes. They think they better allow you to ditch them, so that sometimes, in the future, they might have another shot. Hey, sex might not be great, but they will get laid.

He Is Distant While He Is Around

A person who is happy with you in bed will let you know how much he liked it. And he will want to hook up with you again. And when you are out together, you are the center of his attention. But that doesn’t happen with a boyfriend who regrets sleeping with you. He is mentally not there.

Doesn’t Reach Out To You

When a man is sexually attracted to a woman, he will find any excuse to continue the conversation. He will try anything “to get in her pants”. Well, this is not the case here. Instead, you have a guy with remorse and regretful attitude who doesn’t try to connect with you. He cannot be bothered to reach out.


Look At His Body Language

Some men might be able to control their communication around you. He might continue his sweet talk and flirty talk. But what he cannot do is control his body language.

You cannot fake it. Non-verbal behavior means a lot. For example, he might not touch you as much as he used to. He will keep his hands away from you. Simply put, he doesn’t want to sleep with you.

Say Things Like “Call Me”

When a man has any doubt about going out with you again, he will ask you to call him. And you probably won’t, or he will come out with a lame excuse to not go out.

You Spend A Short Time Together

Before you slept together, this guy couldn’t wait to spend the whole day with you. Now, he shortens the time of your date. He doesn’t want to spend as much time as before. He is hoping that eventually, that time will get to zero.

Meetings have become shorter and fewer in comparison. And you can feel he is itchy to leave as soon as he arrives. Well, you do not need any more signs he regrets sleeping with you. There you have it.

Simply put, he is not present in the sexual relationship.


Uncomfortable During Sex

Some men cannot even wait for the intimacy to finish. They will want to stop the sexual intercourse. A man who is uncomfortable and reserved during making love with his sexual partner is someone who already regrets getting in bed with you.

He Says He Wants A Relationship, Eventually

This is one of the worst lies men, and sometimes women, tell. They will sleep with you, and then tell you they might consider a long-term relationship in the distant future. He says stuff like he is not ready to settle down or anything like that.

Well, do not take that crap. If you are not on the same page, it means he sees no future with you.

Talks About His Ex

When a person talks about an ex-girlfriend, something is wrong in your romantic relationship. He is probably giving you subtle signs that something was better. Maybe the sex life? Definitely the sex. It is not worth spending time with a guy who is hung up on his ex. He is just an emotional mess. And you do not want any part of that.


What To Do?

When you know that some guy regrets sleeping with you, the next step is to find out what to do next. It might be hard to take in. You might blame yourself. Well, do not do it. You are appealing, no matter what he tells you.

Do not lose sleep over it. The real issue is usually with the guy. Whether it is miscommunication or something else, give him space to calm and sort it out.

And if he doesn’t want to spend his days with you? That is fine as well. The best thing you can do right now is to stop communication. You do not want to push something that probably doesn’t have any future.

Instead, focus on what is worth your effort. Who knows? Maybe the next guy you will meet on online dating sites or social media will be the right one. There are many popular hookup applications, do not stress over one guy. Move on to the next one.

Written by Steven

Steven is a young student from San Francisco who is obsessed with computers.

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