How To Start A Conversation With A Guy? Learn The Simple Steps To Break The Ice

These days meeting people gets harder and harder. People have turned to technology, making almost any and every conversation a virtual one. But do not worry, with the rise of emoji, GIFs, and similar tricks, you can have an ice breaker even for virtual conversation. Today, we will talk about how to start a conversation with a guy.

And the best part is that these tricks apply to virtual conversation and face-to-face conversation as well. Even though people are stuck in their smartphones in public, you can still strike a conversation. Here are some conversation starter ideas.

Ask For A Recommendation

Whether this is a new album to listen to, some song, a bar you can visit, or a movie to watch, you can ask a guy you know. Asking for a recommendation is a great line opener. And it almost always evolves into a conversation.

You can both share ideas on the topic, and even find a common ground you agree to. At this point, you can even suggest going to the bar/restaurant together.

Comment On The Environment

This one works if you are somewhere outside. You can talk about the space you are in. For example, how beautiful nature looks. Comment how gorgeous or hideous the space is. Talk about the architecture in the city you find yourself in.

If you are in a crowded area, you can talk about how packed it is. And if the conversation hits, you can suggest moving to a place where you can chat freely.


Bring Up The Book He Reads

If you are in the subway, bus, train, and travel for a few hours, you might actually read a book. Guys do it and women do it. If your cute guy is reading a book, and you have previously read it, you can strike a comment.

Or if you have no idea about the book, but the cover looks intriguing, talk about that.

Compliment Him

There is something about building his ego and making him feel sexier. You do not need to gush over a guy. But compliment something you find attractive, like his shirt or his shoes. You can even talk about something as simple as his beard.

Ask A Favor

Guys love to do jobs for their lady. They love to feel needed. And this plays into their role. You can ask someone you know for directions in the city. Or you can ask him to show you the route to the library.

In case you are already friends, ask for something like fixing your Wi-Fi or anything in that spirit. Just do not do the obvious porn movie ideas. Like, fix my toilet.

Send Him A Funny GIF Or Meme

We talked previously about how things have moved online and in the virtual world. This is the world where everything is about memes and GIFs. These funny virtual tools work like a charm.

You can effortlessly take the conversation in a fun direction. Make sure to add some comments along with the meme. Or you can ask a guy what is his go-to meme.

Now quick note, these memes, and GIFs work as an opener. But do not send a string of emojis. More on that later.

Comment On His Shirt

If you see a guy wearing a shirt with your favorite band, a fun quote, or anything that ties it to his interests, you can make a comment.

And you can continue by asking him about his favorite band, where he went to college, or anything more. Soon he might become your boyfriend, so you want to know.

Offer To Get His Coffee

Yes, we live in a world where girls pick up coffee as well. If you work with this guy, offer to pick up coffee for him. He might be crowded at work. So, a trip to Starbucks might be just the thing you need to start a relationship.

If he reciprocates the favor a few days later, you might be onto something. This habit might turn into a nice date. After all, you can go together the next time.

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Brush By Him And Excuse Yourself

This is a common trick in the dating world. We all do it. It tends to feel and look a bit forward, but hey, who cares. If that gets you a date with a great guy, it is worth it. How do you do it? Well, you casually brush past a guy and then turn around and excuse yourself. Eye contact is a must. It does the flirting work for you. Smile and look back, and take the conversation from there.

Call Some Puppy Help

This is one of the simplest and easiest ways for how to start a conversation with a guy. Simply go to the park, and if he has a dog, ask him about his puppy. How long has he had the pup? What breed is his pet? People love talking about their pets. You have nothing to lose here.

Study Break

If you are more into flirty messages, this one works like a charm. With this flirty SMS, you let him know you think of him.

So, send him an SMS saying “I am so over studying for this exam, do you want to distract me”?

Talk About His Tattoo

Another topic any boy would love to talk about is his ink. These days almost every guy has a tattoo. It makes starting a discussion easier. Ask when he got it, what does it mean, and if he likes to add more.

Use The Power Of The Emoji

We said before that a string of emojis doesn’t work. But a single emoji, which makes you look mysterious does the trick. Emojis are a fun way to break the ice with a guy you have a crush on. It is fun and unexpected.

And you will probably get a reply. But do not send a string of emojis. Incorporate the playfulness of emoji by using one that best captures your essence or sums up your day.

Depending on what he sends back, you can move the discussion into a more lively discussion.

Tell Him He Looks Like A Celebrity

This might sound silly, but almost no man will walk away if you tell him he looks like Ryan Gosling. After all, we all know he is a catch. Your man will surely be flattered.

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Ask Why He Is At The Party

This great conversation starter works when you meet a random cute guy at a party. The great opener is simply asking him how he knows the host. No matter his answer, you can move the conversation from there.

Build-up The Anticipation

Back to some flirty texts, you can build up the anticipation for the conversation. Your guy will think about what you will say and he will even try to prepare for the conversation. All you have to do is send him a message telling him you have a crazy story to tell him tomorrow. And then arrange for a place to meet.

Simply Introduce Yourself

Sometimes, the best and simplest thing to do is introduce yourself. No need to complicate things. Men love a woman that likes to keep things simple. Introduce yourself, ask for his name, and say that you want to talk to him. Break the awkward silence with an interesting conversation topic afterward.

How To Send The Perfect Message

No matter if you are starting a conversation with a guy online or in the real world, there are some rules that stand out. We cannot call them rules, but they are tips for how to look and sound better. Here is what you need to pay attention to.


Lead With Confidence

When you send a guy a message first, you show you are a confident woman. But do not pull away instantly. Continue showing confidence. But you do not want to overdo it. Too much of it and it can intimidate your boyfriend.

Be Original And Engaging

Everybody text these days. You cannot do the simple and standard Hey and Hi. These multiple texts do not pass anymore. They are utterly boring and a total turn-off.

So, always opt for something original. And whatever you send, it has to be something he can easily reply to.

Ask Open-ended Question

As we said before, the goal here is to have him text you back and keep the conversation going. The best way for this is to ask a question that sparks a discussion. Open-ended questions are the way to go. What are these questions?

Simply put, an open-ended question is one you cannot answer with Yes or No. the good thing is they do not fall flat, they show interest and keep the meaningful conversation going.

Here is an example. Regular questions like “How was your day” will get you an answer like “Fine”, “Good”, “boring”, or something along those lines.

You need interesting questions. So, you can turn up a notch and ask him something like “What was the best part of your day”. Now that sounds better.

Keep It Short

Do not bombard your crush with the text he will have to scroll down or up. It is not an essay. It is a good conversation starter. Short texts are better openers. They give you a chance to play.

Always Have A Point

When you text a guy, you want to make sure you start a successful conversation, right? Well, before sending a message, consider what is the conversation topic of your discussion. What is your end goal? It gives you a bit more control and makes you feel less anxious.

Written by Steven

Steven is a young student from San Francisco who is obsessed with computers.

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