Susan Andrews: Lifelong Partner of Tucker Carlson

Susan Andrews is notably recognized as the wife of Tucker Carlson, a prominent figure in American media, known for his role as a host on Fox News. With a relationship that traces back to their teenage years, Andrews and Carlson met while attending St George’s School in Rhode Island — a prestigious boarding school where her father served as headmaster. Their early acquaintance blossomed into a long-standing partnership, which officially began when they married in 1991.

Beyond her association with Tucker Carlson, Andrews largely maintains a private lifestyle, opting to keep a low profile, especially in regards to the media and the political commentary that surrounds her husband. Married for over three decades, the couple has raised four children together, a journey marked by shared experiences and mutual support through various life challenges and Carlson’s public controversies.

Andrews’ own personal details and professional endeavors are not widely publicized, which aligns with her preference for privacy and staying out of the public spotlight. Her choice to avoid commentary on political matters and her husband’s career has contributed to her retaining a discreet presence, despite the high-profile nature of her husband’s occupation.

Personal Background

This section delves into Susan Andrews’ formative years, family life, and her enduring marriage to Tucker Carlson. Detailing her journey from early education to becoming a part of a well-known American family, we follow the key milestones that have defined her personal life trajectory.

Early Life and Education

Susan Andrews was born on September 4, 1969. Her educational background is closely linked to St George’s School, a prestigious boarding school where her father served as headmaster. Growing up in this academic environment, Andrews was nurtured within a context steeped in educational values and discipline.

Family and Marriage

In Susan Andrews’ life, her enduring partnership with Tucker Carlson features prominently. The couple has been married for nearly three decades and has structured a stable family unit. Married to the former Fox News host, they share four children, fostering strong familial bonds. Their children are Buckey Carlson, Dorothy Carlson, Lillie Carlson, and Hopie Carlson.

Susan Andrews Carlson

Susan Andrews Carlson has notably maintained a life somewhat distinct from the media spotlight that frequently follows her husband, Tucker Carlson. Despite not having her own show or public career, she has been recognized as a foundational support throughout their marriage, managing a family while navigating the complexities of a long-distance relationship during their high school years at St. George’s School. Her father, Reverend George E. Andrews II, played an influential role in her early life, having notable positions in academia, including serving as headmaster at her boarding school.

Professional Career

Susan Andrews, while recognized largely through her marriage to Tucker Carlson, maintains a professional identity distinct from her husband’s media presence. Her career trajectory, as reported, remains less public than that of her husband, famed political commentator and television personality.

Affiliations and Contributions

Andrews’ professional engagements and contributions have largely been overshadowed by the prominent media career of her husband, Tucker Carlson. As the host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News, Carlson has become a well-known face in the realm of political commentary. While Susan Andrews’ career specifics are not extensively documented, her support and influence in Carlson’s life, including his stints as co-host on MSNBC and CNN, and later as an anchor on PBS, have been acknowledged. Her affiliations, if any, to media networks, or her role as a contributor to any journalistic or political analysis platforms, are not detailed in publicly available sources.

Carlson’s career, aside from his role at Fox News, includes his work as a writer, a contributor at The Daily Caller—a news and opinion website he co-founded—as well as his past involvement with Republican-centric commentary. It’s within this political and media ecosystem that Susan Andrews’ support as a spouse plays a role, though her direct professional contributions remain inconspicuous in public records.

Public Presence

Susan Andrews tends to maintain a low profile, despite being married to the well-known media personality Tucker Carlson. While her husband has had significant screen time on channels like MSNBC and Fox News, Andrews herself has made relatively few media appearances and does not maintain a prominent public persona via social media platforms.

Media Appearances

Andrews has rarely stepped into the limelight and her media appearances are chiefly linked to her relationship with Tucker Carlson. When she has appeared in public or in the media, it is often in relation to Carlson’s career or events. Unlike Tucker, who has had a high-profile role on television, including his tenure as a host on MSNBC, Susan’s presence is much less pronounced.

Social Media and Publicity

In terms of social media, Susan Andrews is not known to have a public Instagram account or any significant social media presence where she actively engages with a wider audience. Her publicity is minimal, and as such, her personal life and net worth are topics she keeps private. The lack of a social media footprint further emphasizes her choice to stay out of the public eye as opposed to her husband Tucker’s active and public career.

Controversies and Public Issues

Susan Andrews has occasionally been drawn into controversies by association with her husband, Tucker Carlson, a conservative political commentator known for his confrontational style. Issues have ranged from legal and ethical accusations to public reactions and demonstrations.

Legal and Ethical Accusations

Tucker Carlson, Susan Andrews’ husband, has been a figure entangled in controversy due to various accusations, some extending to his private life. Susan Andrews herself became indirectly involved when her father, Rev. George E. Andrews, faced scrutiny over a failure to report sexual abuse. This incident created a ripple effect, reflecting on the family due to the prominence of Tucker Carlson as a public figure.

  • Subject: Rev. George E. Andrews (Susan’s father)
  • Accusation: Allegedly not reporting sexual abuse
  • Resulting Action: Investigation by authorities

Further complicating the picture are the broader accusations Tucker Carlson has faced over his career as a host on Fox News, where he has been criticized for his on-air demeanor, often described as pomposity, smugness, and dismissive toward those he labels a “sworn enemy.”

Public Reactions and Protests

Public reaction to Tucker Carlson’s various controversial statements has at times manifested in protests and demonstrations, affecting his family’s privacy. For instance, reports suggest that Tucker Carlson’s home was targeted by protesters due to his political stances and on-screen persona.

  • Incident: Targeting of Carlson’s home
  • Form: Protests and demonstrations
  • Reason: Responses to Tucker Carlson’s on-air comments and political views

Such incidents highlight a divide between Tucker Carlson’s supporters, who applaud his candor and conservatism, and detractors, who censure him for what they perceive as lying and a lack of ethical standards related to statements regarding sexual assault accusations and other sensitive topics.

Personal Philosophy and Views

Susan Andrews’ personal philosophy embraces an analytical perspective on media perception and a traditional stance on family values. Her views are informed by her experiences and are expressed through her engagements with various communication platforms and her conservative approach to family and parenting.

Communication and Media Perception

Andrews is known for her critical analysis of how media influences public opinion. She emphasizes the importance of evaluating the content disseminated by influential figures like Tucker Carlson, who is a prominent television presenter known for his conservative commentary. Andrews advocates for:

  • Active discernment: Recognizing biases and steering clear of groupthink
  • Individual research: Encouraging individuals to investigate beyond the presented narrative

Her critiques often reflect a concern regarding media’s power in shaping societal communication norms.

Family Values and Parenting

Andrews holds strong convictions regarding family values and parenting. Her philosophy aligns with conservative principles, placing a significant emphasis on the concepts of love and marriage as foundational elements of a stable family.

  • Marriage: She regards marriage as a sacred bond that forms the bedrock of family life
  • Parenting: For Andrews, parenting is a responsibility that involves instilling moral values and discipline

Andrews is vocal about her support for traditional parenting roles and the impact they have on raising children within a structured family environment.


Susan Andrews, along with her husband Tucker Carlson, has enjoyed a lifestyle that reflects their successful careers and family life.

Homes and Properties

Susan Andrews and Tucker Carlson have resided in various notable homes that align with their high-profile status in American media. They previously owned a fieldstone colonial home in Washington, D.C., which boasted ample luxury with features like a 40-foot heated pool and a flagstone terrace perfect for entertainment. Their attachment to the East Coast is also evident, considering Andrews’ birthplace, Rhode Island, where she and Carlson first met in a high school chapel.

While the family has maintained privacy about their specific properties in Los Angeles, California, it’s known that Carlson has roots on the West Coast, which may be reflected in their choice of real estate. Their lifestyle, which undoubtedly involves a blend of American charm and political centrality, circles around homes that serve as both private retreats and spaces apt for their stature.

Major Life Milestones

Meeting Tucker Carlson: Susan Andrews met Tucker Carlson while they were both attending St. George’s School, which was a formative moment in her life. There, she met her future husband, the high-profile news anchor and political commentator. Their early relationship at the boarding school in Rhode Island set the stage for a longstanding partnership.

Wedding: The couple’s union was formalized in a wedding ceremony that took place in the school chapel of St. George’s School. Their nuptials were notably special as Andrews’ father, Reverend George E. Andrews II, had significant ties to the school, enhancing the sentimental value of the location.

Family Life: After getting married, Susan Andrews and Tucker Carlson started a family. They have four children: Buckley Carlson, Hopie Carlson, Lillie Carlson, and Dorothy Carlson. Her role as a mother and her involvement in her children’s lives have been one of the most defining aspects of her personal life.

The relationship between Susan Andrews and Tucker Carlson has been a lasting one, from their days as high school sweethearts to their commitment as a married couple, raising sons and daughters in a tight-knit family dynamic.

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