Dorothy Carlson: Youngest Daughter of Tucker Carlson

Dorothy Carlson is the youngest daughter of Tucker Carlson, a prominent American television presenter and political commentator, and his wife, Susan Andrews. She has garnered attention primarily due to her father’s public profile. Tucker Carlson is known for his conservative views and had a long-running stint as a host on Fox News before his departure. Dorothy has maintained a relatively low public profile compared with her father’s media presence.

Born as the fourth child in the Carlson family, Dorothy has three older siblings. Unlike her father, who has been in the spotlight for decades, not much is publicly known about Dorothy’s personal life or her own views. Her upbringing, however, has been under the influence of a household that has been both politically active and media-centric.

The Carlson family’s dynamics and how it has shaped the children’s perceptions and choices is a matter of some speculation. While Dorothy has steered clear of making public statements, her father’s career and the attention it brings to the family invariably mean that all family members, including Dorothy, come under public scrutiny. As she grows older, it remains to be seen how she navigates her personal and professional journey under the legacy of the Carlson name.

Biographical Overview

Dorothy Carlson is the youngest daughter of Tucker Carlson, an American television presenter and political commentator, and Susan Andrews. She was born in 2002 in Virginia, United States. Her father, Tucker, is widely recognized for his conservative commentary and hosting the nightly political talk show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News.

As one of four siblings, Dorothy maintains a private life, away from the media spotlight often centered around her father. Her family includes three older siblings, Lillie, Hopie, and Buckley Carlson. Despite their father’s public persona, the Carlson children, including Dorothy, have been kept away from the limelight, which is likely a conscious decision by the parents to preserve their privacy.

Being raised by a figure prominent in media and conservative political commentary, Dorothy Carlson’s upbringing is of interest to the public. However, Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews have made efforts to provide a normal and private childhood for their youngest daughter.

Details about Dorothy’s education and personal pursuits are scarce, as the family continues to prioritize privacy and normalcy. This lack of personal information emphasizes the family’s success in keeping their personal lives separate from Tucker Carlson’s professional public life.

Early Life and Family

Dorothy Carlson is recognized as the youngest child of Tucker Carlson, a well-known conservative commentator, and his wife, Susan Andrews. She shares her life journey with three older siblings and maintains a low public profile, growing up in a family well-acquainted with media attention.

Family Background

Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews, both prominent figures in media circles, have been married since 1991. They have cultivated a family rooted in American values and have raised their children away from the spotlight. Dorothy, an American by nationality, inherits not only the family name but also the privacy ethos from her parents.

Sibling Relationships

Dorothy has three elder siblings:

  • Lillie Carlson, born in 1995, is the eldest of the Carlson siblings
  • Buckley Carlson, her only brother, was born two years later in 1997
  • Hopie Carlson is the sister closest in age, born in 1999

She shares a close bond with each of them, attesting to a cohesive family unit. The siblings have grown up together, navigating the challenges and privileges of being a part of the Carlson lineage.


Dorothy Carlson’s educational background reflects a mix of prestigious institutions and private schooling, indicative of her family’s emphasis on academic excellence.

High School Experience

Dorothy attended St. George’s School in Rhode Island for her high school education. The school is known for its rigorous academic programs and as the place where her parents met.

College Pursuits

As of the knowledge cutoff in 2023, there are no specific details available regarding Dorothy’s college endeavors. However, her siblings have set a precedent with institutions like the University of Virginia, suggesting that she might pursue her higher education from a similarly reputable university.

Personal Life

Dorothy Carlson maintains a discreet private life, with limited public knowledge about her dating status or social media activities.

Private Matters

Dorothy Carlson, the youngest daughter of Tucker Carlson and his wife Susan Andrews, has maintained a level of privacy despite her father’s prominence as a conservative commentator. Information about her dating life or relationship status is not publicly disclosed, leading to the assumption that she may be single. As a member of a well-known family, Dorothy has managed to keep personal details such as whether she has a boyfriend, out of the public eye.

Social Media Presence

Contrary to what might be expected for the daughter of a public figure, Dorothy Carlson does not have a significant social media presence that is publicly known. She does not appear to actively seek attention on these platforms or share details of her private life with the public. This stance aligns with the family’s overall tendency to keep their personal matters confined within their private sphere.

Professional Endeavors

Dorothy Carlson, despite her family’s high profile, maintains a low public profile regarding her professional life, and as such, details about her potential media engagements or business investments are not widely known as of now.

Media Engagements

Dorothy Carlson has not publicly disclosed any specific media engagements or roles within television networks like Fox News, where her father, Tucker Carlson, is a prominent conservative commentator and the host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Her absence from the media industry appears to be a personal choice, providing no confirmable associations with her father’s authorship ventures or his co-founding of the Daily Caller.

Business Investments

Similarly, there is no available personal information to suggest Dorothy Carlson’s involvement in business investments, including those in real estate or other sectors. While her father has a significant presence within the public eye, Dorothy seems to maintain a separation from this aspect of her family’s public identity, emphasizing her private life over communication and visibility in the conservative commentator’s professional sphere.

Carlson Family Public Profile

The public profile of the Carlson family is deeply rooted in their media presence, notably through Tucker Carlson’s career and the attention surrounding their personal lives and public controversies.

Media Coverage

The Carlson family, primarily due to Tucker Carlson’s role, routinely garners media attention. Tucker Carlson, a prominent conservative commentator, has been a visible figure on the Fox News Channel, where he hosts “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” His media presence extends beyond television as he is also the co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Daily Caller. Susan Andrews Carlson, while less public than her husband, is known to have met Tucker while they both attended St. George’s School in Washington and married him in the school’s chapel in 1991.

  • Family Members in Media:
    • Tucker Carlson (father/husband)
    • Susan Andrews Carlson (mother/wife)
    • Dorothy Carlson (daughter)
    • Three siblings (Dorothy’s elder siblings)

Public Controversies

Controversies have been a part of the Carlson family’s engagement with the public. Most controversies are tied to Tucker Carlson’s television commentary and political stances, which have sparked debate and backlash, further fueling their public profile.

  • Known Controversies:
    • Tucker Carlson’s polarizing statements on his show
    • Backlash and debates stemming from Tucker’s commentary

The Carlsons’ lives markedly intertwine with media and controversy, some self-made and some as a result of Tucker’s career as a conservative commentator and celebrity.

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