Swiss Cuban Cigars reviews classic drink and Cuban cigar combinations

On a regular basis, Swiss Cuban Cigars reviews all kinds of trends, new releases and industry news related to authentic Cuban cigars.

The Gran Canaria-based online company selling authentic Cuban cigars, the team at Swiss Cuban Cigars has their finger on the pulse of everything you need to know.

Swiss Cuban Cigars only sell authentic Cuban cigars

Cigar aficionados benefit from Swiss Cuban Cigars reviews thanks to the knowledge of the experienced customer service team.

Other websites may write about the ‘perfect cigar’, but Swiss Cuban Cigars is one of those rare retailers that has genuine in-depth knowledge of cigar brands.

As well as selling the biggest range of Cuban cigars online, Swiss Cuban Cigars has the inside track on how to secure quality products, from the first purchase to customers looking for limited editions.

Why Swiss Cuban Cigars write reviews

A customer service supervisor at Swiss Cuban Cigars says: “Buying Cuban cigars online can be a bit of a minefield for people. Cigar lovers may be looking for a specific cigar brand, for example, but then get caught out with counterfeit cigars.

“Fake Cuban cigars are everywhere and it’s all too easy to miss out, which is why we only sell authentic products. Every loyal customer knows that, along with great customer service, they get quality cigars, authentic Cubans in their original sealed box complete with green seal, every time they buy from Swiss Cuban Cigars.

“But beyond this, we also write reviews about different cigar brands, which flavoured cigars go with different foods and drinks, how to find all the cigars you want at a reasonable price and many other subjects. Along with fast worldwide shipping, easy and secure payments and the best customer service team possible, customers love Swiss Cuban Cigars as the real thing.”

Great cigars need great drinks

According to Swiss Cuban Cigars, the following drinks go best with different brands of Cuban cigar. They say: “While it’s subjective to an extent, there are definitely some good matches for each cigar brand.

“So whether customers are looking for the ideal smoke for special occasions or advice on buying cigars to go with specific drink, there’s something for everyone.

“So, while these different flavour profile recommendations work well, we know that our customers don’t need to be given exact rules. Different brands work for different people, and the kinds of cigars you might buy for special occasions may be different to those that you smoke regularly.

“Either way, our company sells the largest selection available online – we may not be the only place to get authentic quality cigars, but we are up there among the best!”

Swiss Cuban Cigars suggestions for pairing Cuban cigars with drinks

Just as with pairing Cuban cigars with different foods, matching them with different drinks helps to bring out hidden flavours and characteristics.

There is also the chance that Cuban cigars matched with the wrong drinks can dampen the tasting experience of both. The best Cuban cigars go with most alcoholic drinks and will taste rich and satisfying, but there are some basic rules that can be followed.

Experts recommend some basic rules for matching Cuban cigars with drinks

Many Cuban cigar experts recommend the basic tenet of pairing full flavoured cigars with robust, full flavoured drinks. Similarly, a lighter Cuban cigar can be paired with a lighter drink for maximum enjoyment.

At Swiss Cuban Cigars, we recommend that if the aromatic intensity of the drink and Cuban cigar roughly match, then you will have an enjoyable experience.

There is a distinct possibility that a full flavoured drink will drown out and overwhelm the flavours of a delicate Cuban cigar and vice versa.

Balance the flavours of the drink and Cuban cigars

Finding the right kind of balance between flavours of the premium cigars and drinks is also important. The best Cuban cigars have rich and multi-layered flavours and you want to avoid those being cancelled out by a drink that’s too strong.

Of course, the pairing also has to be to the person’s individual tastes too, and everyone is different. Cigars taste different to different people, depending on their individual palates so all of these pairings are recommendations only.

Experimentation is always advised to find the ideal personal pairing for cigars and drinks. But for those looking for advice for a wedding gift or to enjoy at special occasions, there are certainly some rules that can be followed.

Most popular drinks to enjoy with premium cigars

The most commonly enjoyed drinks with Cuban cigars include rum, cognac and whiskey. But these aren’t the only drinks to enjoy with your favourite brand of cigars.

Full bodied drinks including bourbon, rum and cognac

Full bodied cigars go well with the darker, fuller alcoholic drinks. Try a good quality brandy with your Romeo y Julieta and enjoy the way that the smoky aroma of the cigar combines with the drink’s sweetness and woody notes.

Or if you’re in the mood for a rum, make sure it’s the darker, spicier variety to get the most out of your cigars too.

Prosecco and wine

Enjoying wine with your cigars gives you more of an opportunity to match flavours. The best piece of advice to follow is to ensure that neither the wine nor the cigar dominates.

If you are drinking a rich, heavy bodied wine such as Bordeaux, then match with full flavoured cigars. Or if you are drinking a lighter, white wine or Prosecco then you need a lighter cigar with sweeter notes.

Cigars spread their flavour through the aroma and, of course, they contain nicotine which leaves it own taste on the palate. A sweetish wine can balance out the tartness of nicotine, meaning a sherry or Port often pair really well with an after dinner cigar

Red wine is always a good pick, particularly for a special occasion. But customers do often point out that those wines heavier with tannin can overwhelm the flavour of a lighter cigar.

Beer (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)

In the summer time, enjoying a cigar with a refreshing light beer is the choice for many Swiss Cuban Cigars customers.

Sticking with the same rules as with other drinks – pair light beers with lighter cigars and vice versa – means you won’t miss out on the delicate aroma. A darker beer with a malty flavour will need a stronger cigar ideally with a spicy aroma.


According to experts, full-bodied Cuban cigars go best with Single Malts and Scotch. Irish whiskey works better with a medium flavour profile.

Whiskey is always a popular choice with lovers of Cuban cigars, thanks to the complex flavours different brands have.


Another super popular combination for cigar lovers is champagne, particularly at a special occasion.

Champagne has high acidity and goes well with mild and smooth Cuban cigars in particular.

Coffee or tea

It’s not all about the alcoholic drinks when it comes to enjoying Cuban cigars. They go particularly well with coffee and tea too, and in particular black coffee.

In fact, according to Swiss Cuban Cigars, black coffee is probably the most popular non alcoholic drink to enjoy with a Romeo y Julieta, for example. Similarly, black tea offers a strong, tannin flavour on the palate (similar to red wine), which blends really well with stronger Cuban cigars.

There are no rules when it comes to enjoying Cuban cigars

Part of the excellent customer service from the Swiss Cuban Cigars team is that they recognise every person who buys Cuban cigars online is different.

And while they offer guidance on matching drinks with cigars, what matters most to the team is offering great service, fast shipping and trustworthy secure payments.

Avoid counterfeit cigars by buying from Swiss Cuban Cigars

The Swiss Cuban Cigars representative says: “At Swiss Cuban Cigars, we’re all about the individual. Many of our customers give their views on our website. Positive reviews are always helpful for other customers to make the choices that are best for them.

“We’d always suggest trying other brands to find out what you like best, and mixing and matching Cuban cigars and drinks as you fancy. You’re guaranteed to find your favourite combination, and if you buy from us, you’re guaranteed a great price, great service and absolutely no fake Cuban cigars!”

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