29 Thanksgiving Cocktails To Be Happy And Thankful For

We celebrate Thanksgiving by giving thanks, and telling what we are thankful for. Today, we are thankful for a couple of fun and unique cocktails that are perfect for a Thanksgiving table. Thanksgiving is the holiday of sacrifice for the blessing of the harvest.

We have a couple of Canada inspired, and United States inspired Thanksgiving cocktails on this list. But because the Holiday is celebrated all over the world, it is only fitting there are some secret ingredients as well. Let’s get right into it.

1.Pumpkin Pie Mimosa

thanksgiving cocktails pumpkin pie mimosa cakenknife

We start off with a mimosa, a classic cocktail usually reserved for the summer. Refreshing, light, and easy to make, a mimosa is ideal for any celebration. For Thanksgiving, we give it a certain autumn flavor, thanks to the pumpkin and cinnamon.

2. Chilled Spiced Apple Beer Punch

thanksgiving cocktails chilled spiced apple beer punch all thats jas

You have to have beer for a Thanksgiving celebration. After all, beer is the drink for parties. Apples are in season during Thanksgiving, and it is only fitting we put some of that flavor in our beer.

3.Tiramisu Eggnog Cocktail

thanksgiving cocktails tiramisu eggnog cocktai noplatelikehome

We all try to make the best eggnog cocktail. It is one of the classic cocktails. While it is traditionally served during the Christmas season, Thanksgiving is just before that. Today, we have an eggnog recipe with a bit of Italian flavor.

4. Apple Pie On The Rocks

thanksgiving cocktails apple pie on the rocks galonamission

You will find a lot of apple and pumpkin flavored drinks on the menu. These are the fruits that are in season during Thanksgiving and Halloween before that. Drink this pie on the rocks, but be careful, it is quite strong in booze.

5. Pumpkin Pie Punch

thanksgiving cocktails pumpkin pie punch thecookierookie

You have to have punch on your holiday menu. It is one of the simplest ways to get people drinking, and then talking and enjoying. Punch is the drink that gets the party started. For your Thanksgiving, you have to go with something pumpkin inspired.

6. Harvest Cider Sangria

thanksgiving cocktails harvest cider sangria homegrownprovisions

We said that Thanksgiving is the holiday of the harvest. And now, we present you the Sangria to go along with it. Sangria is another classic party drink recipe. And as such, there are just way too many different recipes. It is up to you to chose the one that fits you the most.

7. Pumpkin Liquor 

thanksgiving cocktails pumpkin liqueur mymansbelly

You can easily find a lot of store bought pumpkin liqueurs. But that is not the fun part. The fun part is making one at home. You can do it so easily. Add some cinnamon for flavor and decoration.

8. Boozy Maple Orchard

thanksgiving cocktails the boozy maple orchard thefitchen

When you think of Maple syrup, you think of Canada. And that is a country that celebrates Thanksgiving as well. This boozy alcohol pay tributes to Canada’s most recognizable ingredient.

9. Chocolate Pecan Pie Martini

thanksgiving cocktails pecan pie martini imbored letsgo

You can serve casual drinks, or you can serve elegant drinks on your Thanksgiving table. If you fancy the latter, there is nothing better than a martini. But the boring Martini can be done in so many unique ways. Here is one that will get people talking.

10. Butter Pecan Irish Cream

thanksgiving cocktails Buttered Pecan Irish Cream aimeemars

Simple and elegant, this drink is all you could ask for on a late evening, once everything has finished. You have send the guests back home, and now it is time to relax. Get yourself a glass of booze to finish the day.

11. Eggnog Light And Easy

thanksgiving cocktails eggnog light and easy andreasrecipes

Most people try to make Eggnog as boozy as possible. But there are also people that cannot stomach high percentage of alcohol. For those guests, you can serve some light eggnog.

12. Jameson Harvest Sipper

thanksgiving cocktails jameson harvest sipper erinsfoodfiles

This sipper is just what the doctor ordered for Thanksgiving. Simple and easy to make, it is a drink you can sip at any time.

13. Pomegranate Lime Gin Fizz

thanksgiving cocktails thanksgiving recipe pomegranate lime gin fizz kcet

There are some people that will tell you this is a girly drink. Who cares? It is light and refreshing. And that is something you do not usually get with Thanksgiving cocktails. Unlike the most creamy cocktails, this one is refreshing and sparkling.

14. Pumpkin Spice Cake Martini

thanksgiving cocktails pumpkin spice cake martini recipe snappygourmet

We talked about martin before, and you just have to have a pumpkin take on it. It is just the Pumpkin season, and you can add some booze to it.

15. Mandarin Orange Old Fashioned Cocktail

thanksgiving cocktails mandarin orange old fashioned cocktail wearychef

Old fashioned is a classic cocktail by muddling sugar with bitters, and then adding alcohol. Usually, it is made of whiskey, but you can also add brandy. It is all up to you. And the fruit juices are also optional, choose the ones that fit the best. Being that it is an autumn flavor, orange and mandarin work perfectly.

16. Apple Cider Hot Toddy

thanksgiving cocktails apple cider hot toddy treatsandeatsblog

When you think of apple cider, you do not usually think of alcoholic beverages. But hey, there is a first time for everything. This cocktail is served hot, so be prepared for that. You have to make it when the guests arrive. You cannot have it pre-ready.

17. Apple Cider Mimosas

thanksgiving cocktails harvest apple cider mimosas gourmetwithblakely

We said before mimosas are a drink you just have to try. Sparking and elegant, this graceful cocktail always finds its place to the table. Some people prefer non-alcoholic mimosa, but those are kids-friendly drinks. A touch of booze does not hurt.

18. Vanilla Pear Moscow Mule

thanksgiving cocktails vanilla pear moscow mules healthyseasonalrecipes

The beauty of the Moscow mule is in the copper rug. It takes of the cold temperature of the liquid. What you put inside is variable, as long as there is some vodka. And lots of different juices.

19. Apple Crumble Cocktail

thanksgiving cocktails apple crumble cocktail sugarandsou

No, this is not a topping for a pie. Yes, apple crumble is the topping of a pie. But the same ingredients can work in a cocktail as well. All you have to do is add some booze, and there you have it.

20. Hula Ice Cocktail

thanksgiving cocktails hula ice cocktail thesweetestoccasion

Who doesn’t love those hula dancers? Right? Well, now we have a cocktail inspired by the hula dancers. And it is as exotic and as entertaining as those lovely girls. Try it before it is hot.

21. Apple Cider Boulevardier

thanksgiving cocktails apple cider boulevardie brooklynhomemaker

The boulevardier is a whiskey and vermouth cocktail, usually served in a martini glass. It is quite elegant and sophisticated drink. But you can give him a down to earth and casual treatment as well.

22. Apple Pie Bourbon Cocktail

thanksgiving cocktails hot apple pie bourbon cocktail justalittlebitofbacon

Bourbon is the drink of winners and champions. One of the most elegant drinks on the market. And in addition to being strong booze, bourbon is also a cuisine ingredient. We often put bourbon into pieces and cakes for flavor. Now, we put cake ingredients into bourbon for flavor. You see, it works both ways.

23. Cranberry Wine Spritzer

thanksgiving cocktails cranberry wine spritzer momsdinner

Wine is just the classiest drinks you can think. Whenever you are bored, and you cannot think of anything else, wine gets the job done. Think of wine as the little black dress of drinking. Add some decorations, and you have a unique cocktail.

24. Red Hook Thanksgiving Cocktail

thanksgiving red hook practice thanksgiving cocktai sippitysup

The Red Hook is a relative to the Manhattan and Brooklyn cocktails. They look the same, and they are served in the same manner. Even the ingredients are quite similar. Here, we give the cocktail a classic Thanksgiving treatment.

25. Cranberry, Clementine, And Rosemary Cocktail

thanksgiving cocktails cran clem coleycooks

Who says you need a lot of booze to make a cocktail. Lately, Mocktails are also popular, which are cocktails without the booze in it. Here is one that will look just as good, and taste just as good as a classic cocktail.

26. Pumpkin Spice White Russian

thanksgiving cocktails pumpkin spice white russian .missinthekitchen

Served in an old fashioned glass, the White Russian is a vodka and coffee cocktail. Frankly, it is just a neat way to get your caffeine boost. In need of extra energy? Have a White Russian.

27. Spiced Cranberry Paloma

thanksgiving cocktails spiced cranberry paloma poshlittledesigns

Paloma means love in Spanish. Such a fun name for a cocktail. It is a tequila based cocktail, usually with lime juice and grapefruit soda. But you can also use other juices. And since it is Thanksgiving, we also want some spices inside as well.

28. Clementine Mulled Hot Cider With Bourbon And Cinnamon

thanksgiving cocktails clementine mulled hot cider with bourbon and cinnamon droolworthydaily

Cinnamon is the secret ingredient for al the Thanksgiving cocktails. It is the spice of the season, and you have to use it as much as possible.

29. Apple Cider Sangria

thanksgiving cocktails h apple cider sangria windycitydinnerfairy

Given that Thanksgiving is a Holiday when people come together to enjoy their company, it is only fitting we finish the list with a party cocktail. Nothing beats Sangria for group gatherings.

With that in mind, what are you serving for the holidays? Got any interesting cocktail ideas? Share them with the rest of us.

Written by Alex

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