24 Scrumptious Sangria Recipes For Light And Refreshing Cocktails

When it comes to Sangria cocktails, it seems every one of us has his own recipe. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Traditionally served as a punch in a large pitcher or bowl, the “original” ingredients are red wine and chopped fruits. Other “original” ingredients often include orange juice or brandy.

Some people like to have their sangria sweeter, others prefer it more acidy and bitter. With that in mind, as long as there is wine and fruits, you can call it sangria.

Today, we will look over some of the amazing Sangria recipes you can try. We do not have a favorite, we are all for refreshing drinks and parties.

1. Sangria With Oranges, Fig And Cinnamon

sangria sangria with oranges figs cinnamo coffeeandcrumbs

People in Spain will tell you that cinnamon is the secret ingredient to their fabulous beverage. Cinnamon gives the Sangria that perfect kick, a sweet balance between bitter and sweet. Figs are a bit unconventional, but they definitely bring the sweetness factor to a high level.

2. Summer Loving Rose Sangria

sangria Summer Lovin Rose Sangria lovehappyhour

Rose cocktails are getting more and more popular by the minute. We see them all around. One of the most popular rose cocktails is margarita, but you can get a loving Sangria as well.

3. Pineapple Rum Punch Sangria

sangria pineapple rum punch sangria recipe blog.birdsparty

We said at the beginning that anything with wine and fruits is sangria. But many other punches are considered Sangria as well. For those craving a bit stronger kick than wine, you can go with hard liquor like rum. Pineapple will give you that refreshing summer vibe.

4. Blueberry Lavender Sangria

sangria blueberry lavender sangria livelytable

Another ingredient that is slowly rising up the ranks lately is lavender. Among the many benefits of lavender, it helps you cope with stress and calm yourself down. And isn’t the point of getting a drink to relieve stress? Well, now you can take it to the next level.

5. Stone Fruit And Strawberry Sangria

sangria Stone Fruit Sangria whatsgabycooking

Strawberries are often synonymous with Sangria because of the period they are in season, and Sangria’s season. You drink Sangria in the summer mostly, and what fruit is a summer fruit? Well, strawberries, of course.

6. Green Sangria

sangria green matcha sangri vegetarianventures

Those looking for a truly refreshing Sangria, one with health benefits, look no further. With an abundance of green vegetables, this drink is more of an infused water than alcoholic beverage. And it is quite hydrating and refreshing. Sip one glass during hot days.

7. Strawberry Satsuma Champagne Sangria

sangria strawberry satsuma champagne sangria howsweeteats

If you go for a champagne Sangria, you are getting a bit more carbonated drink. And the bubbles make it “girly” drink. But who cares? As long as it tastes good, you definitely want it on the menu. You can say this drink is the ideal for a pool party.

8. Melon Sangria

sangria melon sangria cakenknife

Melons are another fruit that is considered summer fruit. The beauty of melons is they are made of mostly water. Therefore, your alcoholic drink will be a bit diluted, which means you won’t get boozed fast. So, if you want to drink Sangria, but with a low amount of alcohol, melons is your go-to move.

9. Pear And Pomegranate Sangria

sangria pear and pomegrenade peacefulbend

This wonderful white Sangria is just what the doctor ordered. You get a refreshing drink, which is also healthy. Gotta love it when your drink brings vitamins and minerals.

10. Apple Cider And Elderflower White Wine Sangria

sangria apple cider and elderflower white sangria .floatingkitchen

For those craving for a bit more bitter taste of their Sangria, look no more. Apple cider vinegar will give you the required bitterness and acidity. Just be sure you can stomach it.

11. Fruity White Wine And Grand Marnier Sangria

sangria fruity white wine and grand marnier sangria cookinglsl

This drink combines two things we all love in Sangria. One is bitterness, and you have that thanks to the Grand Marnier liqueur. And then, we want fruits. Lots of it. And this beverage comes with an abundance of different fruits.

12. Spicy Citrus Sangria

sangria spicy citrus sangria thegourmetgourmand

You can say this is very close to the classic Spanish recipe for Sangria. The Spaniards have two recipes, one for spicy, and one for sweet Sangria. The former is a bit more rich and deep in flavor. Enjoy it.

13. Cucumber Sangria

sangria cucumber sangria bluegrassbites

Looking for a hydrating and refreshing beverage? Cucumbers and lime will give you all the hydration your body needs. Made of mostly water, cucumber is a perfect addition to any cocktail.

14. Tutti Fruiti Red Wine Sangria

sangria tuttie fruiti red wine sangria myculturedpalate

With grapes and similar fruits, this Sangria has all the makings of a Tuscany drink. Sangria is originally a Spanish drink, but people in Italy know how to make it as well. And we all know Italy is the home of the best wine in the world.

15. Tropical Sangria With Passionfruit

sangria somethingnewfordinner tropical sangria with passionfrui

Some people love to be exotic and unconventional. Passion fruit is definitely something you would rarely find in a Sangria recipe. To be fair, most people have not even heard of passion fruit. This tropical fruit has a combination of sweet and bitter taste, and that is the flavor it gives to the Sangria.

16. Easy Berry Sangria

sangria easy berry sangri damndelicious

You can never go wrong with berries. That is the rule. Add any berry you can think of, and combine with white wine, be it sparkling or not. The end result is amazing and easy to make Sangria.

17. Grilled Fruit Sangria

sangria grilled fruit sangri macheesmo

In 99 out of 100 Sangria recipes, we use fresh fruits. But why not try something different? This recipe calls for grilled fruits, which have a bit of a deeper and richer flavor. Basically, you flavor your fruits, so you can flavor your Sangria later on.

18. Pumpkin Apple Sangria

sangria pumpkin apple sangria seasonalcravings

This drink has the writings of Thanksgiving all over it. Perfect for the autumn, when the pumpkin and apple scent enriches your home. So, put that flavor in a drink you can enjoy with your friends.

19. Tropical Sangria With Boba

sangria tropical withboba tiffanybee

We said before that for some people, the classic recipe will not cut it. They want something out of the box and extra ordinary. Well, boba berries are some of the latest tropical fruits rising in popularity. Try them out.

20. Cinnamon Red Wine Punch

sangria cinnamon red wine punch .cheaprecipeblog

This is the classic sweet Sangria recipe you can find in Spain. Apples, oranges, lemons, and some cinnamon for extra flavor. You can never go wrong with the classic recipe. Perfect for chit chat parties.

21. Tropical White Moscato Sangria

sangria tropical white moscato sangria foodfaithfitness

Muscat, or Moscato wine, is a sweet and fruity wine that is just perfect for Sangria recipes. The wine itself has a fruity flavor. You do not even need many chopped fruits, as the wine is more than enough. Therefore, go for some limes and lemons to give your Sangria refreshing contrast.

22. White Sangria Slush

sangria white sangria slush delishknowledge

Slush, or iced cocktail is the latest trend in drinking alcohol. Usually, margaritas and mimosas are served in slush version. Now, Sangria enters that list as well.

23. Last Summer Hurrah Sangria

sangria are you ready for summers last hurrah make sangria ohmrstucker

We all hate when the summer ends. The hot summery days are gone, and now we are left with the depressive rainy days. Well, no need to cry. Drink a cocktail to cheer for the summer, and hope it lasts as long as possible.

24. Rainbow Sangria

sangria rainbow sangria kojo designs

For our last Sangria drink, we go over the top. This drink has all the possible fruits you can imagine. And they come in different colors.

With that in mind, what is your go-to Sangria recipe? Share it with the rest of us.

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