31 Ghoulish Halloween Cocktails For A Spooktacular Night

When Halloween comes, most people think about what to serve as snacks. And then you have ghouls, spiders, Jack O lanterns, and more in all different size and shape.

We have to admit, getting the Halloween table ready is a joy. Who doesn’t enjoy preparing scary drinks, scary snacks, and tricks to scare people?

Well, if you are in the mood for something boo-zy for the next Halloween, we have some Halloween cocktails that are perfect for your party.

They range from party-perfect pumpkin punches, to something stronger and smoky absinthe mixes.

1. Black And White Russian

halloween spooky black and white russian homemadebanana

The classic Black Russian and White Russian cocktail is tailor made for Halloween. Just add some skeletons, and you have a spooky drink.

2. Draught Of Living Death Cocktail

halloween draught of living death cocktail saltwaterdaughters

As with the snacks for Halloween, cocktails for the Holiday need to be creative as well. It is all about making your decoration as spooky and as scary as possible.

3. Vampire Bite Shots

halloween vampire bite shots cakenknife

One shot of blood, anyone up for it? Don’t worry, you won’t turn into a vampire. Looks amazing, tastes even more amazing. What more can you ask for? Drinking shots is always a good idea among friends, and you have the ultimate shot.

4. Poisoned Apple Cider Cocktail

halloween poisoned apple cider cocktail thechunkychef

Apple cider cocktail is a classic drink. Made with rum, Apple cider cocktail is a fall drink you can easily make. There are countless of variations, but most of them include rum. With that in mind, we have one that is tailor made for Halloween.

5. Stormy Night Cocktail

halloween dark stormy night cocktail

Storms usually do not take yellow color. But the trick here is in the mess, or the bubbles if you like. This drink will probably be a bit strong for some people. Just a fair warning.

6. Rum And Coke Bat Tears

halloween bacardi rum and coke bat tears halloween cocktai noplatelikehome

Rum and coke, a classic that people just love to drink. Even women love it. And all you need is a tiny bat, and you have a Halloween suited recipe. Isn’t that easy?

7. Death Eater Daiquiri Cocktail

halloween death eater daiquiri halloween cocktail asweetlittlelife

The Daiquiri is another popular cocktail that comes in many different versions. Usually, a Daiquiri takes a more girly and romantic pink color. But for the Holiday, you want something more bloody. Right?

8. Last Key Inspired Cocktail

halloween insidious last key inspired cocktail 2geekswhoeat

You just cannot ignore this drink. It looks so amazing, even surreal. If your idea is to make your guests take pictures of drinks the whole night, you have a winner here. Not to mention, the drink is quite amazing in taste as well.

9. Bloody Eyeball Cocktail

halloween bloody eyeball cocktails mocktail fodmapeveryday

When you see eyeballs in your drink, you are guaranteed to run. But since this is Halloween, there is no need to panic. Just be careful, these drinks are not for someone who is easily disguised.

10. Tequila Slime Shooters

halloween tequila slime shooters thedevilwearsparsley

Now this is what we call shots. WoW. Right? Tequila shots are definitely good for getting the party started. And when they look as visually appealing? Well, then you have a winner and something your guests will run toward.

11. Polyjuice Potion

halloween polyjuice potion a vodka cocktail .gastronomblog

If you believe in legends and mysteries, a polyjuice potion is something witches make to turn you into something else, or someone else. Even if you do not believe in legends and stories, the trick is quite amazing. Who wouldn’t love to be someone else, at least for a few minutes?

12. Witches Brew

halloween witches brew a halloween cocktail sprinklesandsprouts

Straight from the witchery, we have another drink witches make. Served as a shot, just drink it, and do not worry about the consequences. Who cares if there is poison inside?

13. Dark Chocolate Melted Martini

halloween dark chocolate malted martinis spicesinmydna

You just cannot host a party without a Martini drink. Martini glasses and drinks are just mandatory. From the many versions of how to serve Martini, we have something sweet, and spooky in the same time. After all, not all Halloween cocktails have to be spiders and skeletons.

14. Pumpkin Spice Kombucha Cocktail

halloween pumpkin spice kombucha cocktail .thespeckledpalate

When you think about it, you can even serve some healthy drinks for Halloween. At least that is Kombucha. In the past few years, Kombucha tea is rising up the ranks in popularity. And as a result, we see it as an ingredient in many different recipes.

15. Zombie Brains Cocktail

halloween zombie brains halloween cocktail burrataandbubble

Now this is a classic Halloween cocktail that will make your guests say “wooooow”. Served to impress, the zombie brain also packs some serious alcohol inside. Drink at your own risk.

16. Rotten Orange Cocktail

halloween rotten orange ayearofcocktails.

When you can make a cocktail in two or three colors, you can call yourself a cocktail master. You have officially reached a level not many believe is possible.

17. The Weeping Woman Cocktail

halloween la llorona the weeping woman muybuenocookbook

Festive and creepy in the same time, the weeping woman is a light cocktail. And the best part is, the drink is actually quite refreshing. You will hydrate yourself, all while getting some Halloween booze. Winning combination!

18. Caramel Apple Martini

halloween caramel apple martini cider mill martini iatethewholething

Another Martini on the list, this one is a tad more creepy. You have some blood coming out of the glass, but nothing too scary. Made with apples, the drink is refreshing and light in taste.

19. Vampira’s Attic Cocktail

halloween vampiras attic cocktai mydigitalkitchen

What we love about Halloween is the creativity of some people. It just goes above all limits. Sky is the limit if you put some effort, and the result is cocktails like this one. Definitely worth for your party, and for Instagram as well.

20. Halloween Jello Shots

halloween halloween jello shots realfoodbydad.

You can say these shots are more cute and adorable than spooky and scary. But not all drinks have to be scary. Some people just want something fun and enjoyable.

21. Raspberry Apple Moonshine Fish Eggs

halloween raspberry apple moonshine fish egg. cheeseandchoco.blogspot

We love cocktails that are challenging in a way they are mysterious. And you have to think twice before trying it. What are those fish eggs? Is the drink strong? Will it get me drunk? Those are all legit questions.

22. Witchmother’s Party Punch

halloween elder scrolls online witchmothers party punch

There is no party without a party punch. It is that simple. This Sangria-like drink is a great idea if you expect many guests, and you want a self-service theme. Just put a couple of these punches on the table, and let your guests drink.

23. Bloody Gin And Tonic

halloween bloody good gin and tonic vintagekitty

Gin tonic is a classic in the same way as rum and coke. The former is more of a girly drink, and the latter is a manly drink. With that in mind, girls love Instagram-friendly drinks. And this pinky beverage is right on the money.

24. Phoenix Cocktail 

halloween phoenix cocktail color changing shimmery cocktail theflavorbender

Whenever you light up the drink, people go WOOOOW. There is just something mysterious in the fire. You just have to love it.

25. Ghost Busted Cocktail

halloween goust busted cocktal jellytoastblog

When Ghostbusters first came out in 1984, it was an instant hit. And now, more than 30 years later, ghostbusters inspired drinks are still popular. The movie is just a classic, and you have to pay tribute to it.

26. Walker Blood Sangria

halloween walker blood sangria cravingsofalunatic

When you think of sangria, you usually think of lots of fruits with some wine. Well, it doesn’t always have to be like that. You can strain the wine, and you get bloody sangria shots. The sangria fruity taste is still there, just without fruits.

27. Purple Moscow Mule

halloween purple moscow mule viktoriastable

The best part about a Moscow mule is the decoration. Anytime you try to serve a Moscow mule, you are looking for new ways to impress people visually. And we have to admit, this Halloween-themed mule is just on top of that.

28. Demon Juice

halloween demon juice halloween cocktai crayonsandcravings

You probably ready juice, and you think this one is light. Well, think again. There is some serious booze inside, and you will definitely get boozy after trying it. Don’t be easily fooled.

29. Bloody Bellini

halloween bloody bellini atipsygiraffe

Now this is some serious creative work. A 3D looking cocktail? Sign me up for learning how to make it. Just follow the above instructions, and you will be fine.

30. Zombie Brain Hemorrhage 

halloween zombie brain hemorrhage barmansjournal

You just cannot have Halloween party without some brain hemorrhage. It is a classic decoration and accessory for the Holiday. Some people opt for their snacks to be brain hemorrhage, and others go for the drink.

31. Candy Corn Swizzle 

halloween halloween candy corn swizzle moderntiki

If there is one candy that is synonymous with Halloween, that is the candy corn. And that is why we want to finish our list of Halloween cocktails with a candy corn drink.

We hope you enjoyed the booze. And don’t hesitate to give us your own Halloween cocktail ideas.

Written by Alex

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