Teresa Barrick -Net Worth, Career, Divorce And Life After Divorce

Real Name:Teresa Barrick
Birthday:March 21, 1960
Net Worth:N/A
Occupation:Fashion Designer, Ex-Wife of Steven Tyler

Teresa Barrick was born on 21 March 1960 in the United States. The exact birthplace, location, early childhood, family background, and early education are relatively obscure and undisclosed. One glaring fact about this fine personality is, she is an American clothing designer. Due to her impressive work in the fashion and design industry, many assume that her education may be related to this industry.

She kept a distance from the media until she got married to Steven Tyler, after a few years of successful dating. The duo has been living together for 17 years before they finally divorced in 2006. Teresa did everything humanly possible to stay out of media attention, especially during her years of fame.

Their marriage got lots of media attention in the mid-2000s, much was written about it and their eventual separation. There were lots of rumors, accusations, and speculations thrown at their high-profile marriage.


Loads of information we know about Teresa Barrick came from his ex-husband, Steven Tyler’s book. In this book, the author Laura Jackson explains in clear terms how they met.

According to him, they met in a club in Maui Hawaii in 1983. Prior to their meeting, Teresa was one of the beautiful women that were adorning the dance floor of the club. At the sight of Teresa, Steven Tyler was unimaginably intoxicated by beautiful shape, unknown to him; Teresa had been admiring him from afar for a while.

The writer, Laura also mentioned that Teresa has a sister (whose name was not mentioned), whose mutual friend knew Steven and the band. With this connection, Teresa was invited to one of the band’s parties in Record Plant Studios, New York.

Steven confirmed that he was obviously blown away by Teresa’s beauty, charm, and elegance that evening. During this time, Steven was going through a divorce process with his ex-wife, Cyrinda Foxe, another beautiful lady of her day. He approached Teresa and asked her to grant him an audience, to whom she agreed, and this was the genesis of their romance, a new romantic phase was opened in their lives.

They got married after a few years of romance and courtship in 1988 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their marriage was surprisingly performed in a low-key style, without much media publicity. Fellow celebrities and musicians were deeply surprised that the event was low-key. Many assumed that with Steven’s fast-rising profile, the couple preferred to keep it within the family and close friends.

There were also speculations from different quarters that Teresa ruined Steven’s marriage with Foxe. However, few close friends confirmed that Steven’s marriage with Foxe was already in disarray, to the extent that the divorce between the singer and actress was inevitable.

According to Steven Tyler’s biography, the author stated that he wasn’t at his best when he and Teresa met. Truly, he didn’t have a lot to show. The band had a minimal number of clients and gigs due to the ensuing rift between Steven and the bandmate, Joe Perry.

Throughout their engagement and marriage, Teresa encouraged his husband to reach out to Joe Perry and amicably sort out their differences. This action led the two stars to reconcile and greased their friendship.

Teresa and Steven welcomed their first child, Chelsea Tyler, who later would become a singer and model in the United States in March 1989, and another child 3 years later, Taj Tyler, a recording mixer and multi-instrumentalist. Thus, Chelsea and Taj were the only children between the duo.

Prior to his second marriage, Steven Tyler had 2 children, first from his former girlfriend, Bebe Buell. Their romantic union produced Liv Tyler, a successful actress in Hollywood. He had another daughter, Mia Tyler with his first wife, Cyrinda.


Teresa was overseeing much of the clothing design and costume for Aerosmith. Steven’s flashy and colorful costumes during this time owe a lot to Teresa’s creative intelligence and professionalism.

Although she was Steven Tyler’s wife, she was a successful woman by all standards of evaluation. Both Teresa and Steven’s children are deeply involved in the entertainment industry, and they are all successful in their respective professions.

Net Worth

Surely, she has earned some decent amounts from her clothing designing business, but the public is not aware of her personal fortune. She must have also gotten an impressive amount as a divorce settlement from her ex-husband, Steven Tyler who boasts a whopping wealth of over $130 million.


After their divorce, Teresa continued to have a professional engagement with the band. She designed most of their outfits throughout the 1990s and beyond. As a wife, Teresa was hugely supportive and influential to Steven.

Although many expressed shock at their divorce, but various media reports suggest that their separation was not a spontaneous and sudden decision, partly due to the excessive family responsibilities of raising their children.

So, it wasn’t surprising when they announced their separation in 2006, thereby bringing an end to their 17 years of marriage. Neither of the pair confirmed the reason for their separation. Many speculated that it could be as a result of Steven’s excessive antics; owing to his excessive love for beautiful young blondes and his status as a rock star usually place him in occasions he could easily be suspected, while others believe it could be as a result of irreconcilable differences that existed between them.

Another section of the media accused Teresa of infidelity. Still, yet, other media reports say that Teresa had undergone a mid-life crisis due to Steven’s isolation from home and career breakthroughs.  Neither of these accusations was proven beyond any reasonable doubt. Since none of them revealed the reason for the divorce, everything else remains pure speculation.

Life After Divorce

After their divorce proceedings, Teresa resigned to private life and distanced herself from the limelight. She never remarried or engaged with any relationship. To date, nobody knows of her whereabouts. Many believe she continued her clothing line in a low-key fashion. The industry will always be grateful for this gorgeous blonde designer. Her creativity during Aerosmith’s glorious days, speaks volumes.


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