Tfue Bio – It is a Good Day to be a Gamer

Real Name:Turner Tenney
Birthday:January 2, 1998
Net Worth:$6 million
Height:186 cm
Occupation:American streamer and esports player

Tfue is a popular Twitch streamer and YouTube creator. He is a professional gamer and often live-streams gaming videos. He is one of the best, if not the best Fortnite player and one of the most popular streamers in the world.

He is only 23 years old, and already earns millions. According to his bank account, Tfue net worth is more than $6 million. His real name is Turner Tenney.


Tfue first started playing Halo by Bungie. This first-person shooter game sparked his interest in gaming. Tfue started playing at a young age. In the beginning, he played with his brother and made several videos on their shared channel JOOGSQUAD.

In May 2014 he created his own channel playing Call of Duty and Destiny. What makes him special and popular are his trick-shots, no scopes playing style, and accuracy. Before his meteoric rise, he participated in other games. In 2017, he played H1Z1 professionally for Denial Esports. The same year he joined Rogue for their PUBG roster.

Since Fortnite launch in 2017, his YouTube channel exploded. Now, he has more than 11 million subscribers on YouTube and more than a billion views. His Twitch account has more than 7 million followers.

In April 2018 Tfue left Rogue and joined FaZe clan. He joined their Fortnite roster. During his time at FaZe clan, he competed as a solo player and as a duo with teammate Cloakzy. They won multiple weekly tournaments and won the 2018 Fall Skirmish Grand Final.

In 2018, developer Epic Games banned his Fortnite account. Rumors were he sold accounts with rare skins and that is against the terms and conditions.

The same year, he filed a lawsuit against FaZe, wanting to get out of his contract. He claimed the clan gets 80% of his revenue. After a couple of trials, he finally got free of the contract.

Net Worth

As a gamer, Tfue earns money through the YouTube partnership program and Twitch. Thanks to his YouTube partnership program, he earns 70% of advertising costs spent on his video. According to estimates, he earns $12,000 per day, which is $4.4 million per year.

On Twitch, he has more than 10 million followers and 40,000 viewers per stream. His record is 290,000 viewers for a stream. He makes between $500 and $2,000 in donations per stream.

He also earns about $50,000 per month thanks to subscribers on the platform. Tfue accepts sponsorships to play a certain game.

As a Fortnite creator, he benefits from the Fortnite Creator Codes. He earns $5 for every 10,000 Vbucks the store sells.

Personal Life

Tfue’s real name is Turner Ellis Tenney. Born in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida, he started playing video games at a young age. In the beginning, he posted viral videos on YouTube. He was just 12 years old when he posted his first viral video.

Because of his young age and high popularity, Tfue was a hacker’s victim. They hacked his social media accounts multiple times. He even had to get a hiatus in September 2019.

Controversy follows his life. In 2019, a court found him guilty of using a racial slur on Minecraft.

Lifestyle and Assets

Tfue net worth is more than $6 million as of April 2020. Thanks to his gaming popularity, he is now one of the biggest professional gamers. Earning money through social media accounts and participation in tournaments allows him to live a lavish lifestyle.

He lives in a house in Indian Rocks Beach. But there are also rumors he will move to New Jersey in a bigger house.

He is a fan of expensive and luxury cars. He owns a Tesla Model X SUV. This is a flagship SUV with a price tag higher than $100,000. Even Elon Musk mentioned him in a tweet.

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