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J. Flowers Health Institute – The J. Flowers Health Institute offers diagnostic evaluations and programs for conditions that are challenging to diagnose, such as chronic pain or mental health.

Rockland Recovery – Rockland Recovery is a program that helps men and women overcome substance abuse through the 12-step program, structured accountability, and peer support. They believe in treating clients with respect and dignity and will be there to support them every step of the way. The goal is to help individuals regain control of their lives.

Advaita Integrated Wellness – Our services include Psychiatry, IOP, and more in Raleigh. Schedule a free consultation today.

Immortal Male – Immortal Male is a lifestyle enhancement program that aims to help men become bold, sexually confident, and ready for any adventure. It is not a standard testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) subscription program but provides a convenient and private at-home healthcare solution for its members. The fast and safe delivery of TRT medications makes it easier for men to access quality care on their own terms. This members-only community addresses the issue of convenience, which is a significant barrier for men to receive essential healthcare support.

TopRehabs – TopRehabs simplifies the process of locating the ideal addiction treatment for you or your loved one. Trust us to connect you with the most suitable treatment program for your specific requirements.

Addiction Treatment Marketing – The digital marketing agency specializes in boosting the admissions team’s qualified phone calls by improving website traffic and establishing brand trust. They achieve this by utilizing content marketing to rapidly increase website traffic, which has become the primary source of admissions and revenue for their partner treatment centers. The agency also offers treatment center branding and design services to effectively communicate the center’s identity to the audience and strengthen relevancy and trust through appropriate messaging.

Profound Treatment – Profound is an addiction treatment center in Los Angeles that offers evidence-based treatment using scientifically backed and effective therapies. The staff continuously evaluates the latest treatment methods from fields like psychology, medicine, neuroscience, and alternative medicine. Each client at Profound receives a personalized treatment plan based on their specific needs, as the team recognizes that every individual is unique. The center’s approach ensures that every client receives a tailor-made treatment plan.

Vista Taos – At Vista Taos Renewal Center, we offer a path to rejuvenation and growth. Our goal is to interrupt the cycle of addiction and heal its damaging effects through evidence-based techniques. For over two decades, we have been assisting individuals on their journey towards transformation and recovery. Our approach to healing is holistic, encompassing both the mind and body. If you’re looking to reclaim your life, let us guide you towards a brighter future through holistic healing.

Boardwalk – At Boardwalk Recovery Center, we exist to support individuals who are grappling with drug, alcohol, and addictive behaviors. Our objective is to assist individuals in breaking free from the negative consequences of these unhealthy lifestyles, such as depression, strained relationships, financial difficulties, and repeated attempts at recovery without success. Often, the main barrier to finding recovery is the lack of resources and knowledge. Our mission is to provide the necessary tools and foundation for a successful journey towards a healthier and happier life.

InstantVob – Treating drug and alcohol addiction can be costly, but with proper benefits verification, patients can avoid the shock of unexpected costs. By providing clear and accurate information about insurance coverage, we can create a more positive experience for patients, eliminating any financial surprises. This approach not only benefits the patient but also contributes to the growth and positive perception of your brand by promoting financial transparency.

Rise Above Treatment – Positioned as a top-tier residential substance recovery hub, Rise Above is nestled in the heart of Murrieta, California. Known for pioneering treatment strategies and a skilled team of professionals, we bring years of know-how to the table. Our mission revolves around crafting transformative healing experiences in the most conducive settings. At Rise Above, we go beyond just aiding in sobriety – we commit to steering individuals through their enduring journey to recovery.

Mile High Recovery Center – From its humble beginnings as a single sober house in Denver in 2016, Mile High Recovery Center has grown exponentially to comprise nine residences and a devoted recovery treatment facility. Our aim is to help our clients forge a sturdy foundation for long-term recovery, achieved through tailored, understanding, and supportive treatment strategies. Our in-depth rehab programs, personalized to cater to each client’s distinct requirements, coupled with our ongoing care services, form an excellent platform for fostering resilience, insight, and the tools necessary for maintaining wellbeing.

True Life Care – True Life Care is a devoted mental health and wellness center that is committed to delivering compassionate, nonjudgmental, and inclusive care. Understanding the initial difficulty in seeking help, we ensure a welcoming ambience and empathetic approach from the very first interaction. We offer a mix of residential primary care and outpatient services to devise personalized treatment plans that match your needs and symptoms. We understand the interconnectedness of emotional, behavioral, and cognitive aspects and focus on identifying and addressing the underlying issues, ensuring effective treatment for declining mental health and substance use disorders.

Ethos Wellness – Ethos Wellness, established in 2018, has been dedicated to expanding access to mental health services through small, strategically positioned healing centers. Co-founders Robert Hilliker and Will Davis, who initially offered central office spaces for therapists, quickly recognized the immense potential of collective work among the various specializations within the same space. Their original center, Ethos Wellness – Lovett, evolved to become the most extensive collective of specialized therapists in Houston, achieving a spot on the Houston Business Journal’s Fast 100.

Choice House Colorado – Located amidst the scenic yet lively Boulder County, Colorado, Choice House provides a comforting and nurturing space for individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Our facilities, which include a 90-day treatment campus and sober living homes, are conveniently placed near commercial and natural settings in the Rocky Mountain foothills. This balance of urban and natural environments helps individuals to reconnect with themselves during their journey back to a fulfilling and healthy life.

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