Violet McGraw: Rising Star in Young Hollywood’s Scene

Violet Elizabeth McGraw is an American child actress known for her captivating performances in both television and film. Her career began early, launching into the acting scene at the age of five. With a natural aptitude for the craft, McGraw quickly captured the attention of audiences with her on-screen presence.

Her entry into Hollywood was marked by a recurring role in the 2016 television series “Love” as Nina. This was followed by her first feature film appearance in 2018’s “Ready Player One,” a notable addition to her growing resume. McGraw’s talent has allowed her to secure a variety of roles, showcasing her versatility as a young actress.

Gaining further recognition, American actress Violet McGraw starred in the series “The Haunting of Hill House,” a performance that has been widely acclaimed. Her ability to convey complex emotions has set her apart, making her one of the promising young talents in the entertainment industry. As she continues to expand her portfolio, McGraw proves to be a noteworthy figure on screen, with a bright future ahead in her acting career.

Early Life and Career

Violet McGraw was born on April 22, 2011, in California, USA, to parents Colin McGraw and Jackie McGraw. As the youngest of four children, Violet grew up in an environment surrounded by the acting industry, with all her siblings also being actors.

Her career began early. Violet’s debut credited role was in the television series “Love” in 2016, which marked the start of her journey in the entertainment industry. Even at a young age, Violet demonstrated a strong passion for acting.

Acting Credits:

  • Television: Violet’s breakthrough came with her role in “The Haunting of Hill House,” where she received widespread recognition for her portrayal of a young character in a critically acclaimed series
  • Movies: Beyond television, Violet further showcased her talents on the big screen. With her filmography including a variety of roles, she has steadily built a reputation as a versatile young actress in the film industry

Violet’s education has been carefully balanced with her acting career, attending local schools in California. Alongside her academic pursuits, Violet has continued to take on challenging roles and establish herself as a rising star in both television and movies. Her commitment to her craft from such a young age signals a promising future ahead in the acting realm.

Breakout Role: The Haunting of Hill House

Violet McGraw gained significant attention for her portrayal of Young Nell in the Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House, directed by Mike Flanagan.

Critical Acclaim

McGraw’s performance in The Haunting of Hill House received positive reviews from both critics and the audience, cementing her status as a talented young actress. The complexity and depth she brought to the character of Nell earned her recognition and showcased her acting abilities in a dramatic and intense role.

Impact on Career

After her compelling performance in The Haunting of Hill House, McGraw’s acting career experienced a notable boost. The success of the series on Netflix led to increased visibility for McGraw, opening up more opportunities in the entertainment industry and establishing her as a emerging child actress with a promising future.

Filmography Highlights

Violet McGraw has made significant contributions to several high-profile films, bringing depth and emotion to a variety of roles. Her performances in notable movies have garnered attention from audiences and critics alike.

Black Widow

In Marvel’s “Black Widow,” McGraw played the role of Young Yelena Belova. Her portrayal in the 2021 film added layers to the backstory of a key character within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Ready Player One

McGraw appeared in “Ready Player One,” a film directed by the acclaimed Steven Spielberg. This ambitious project, released in 2018, is celebrated for its groundbreaking visual effects and a rich, nostalgic journey through pop culture references.

Doctor Sleep

The 2019 film “Doctor Sleep,” which serves as the sequel to the classic “The Shining,” features McGraw as Young Violet. Her performance contributed to the chilling atmosphere that is a hallmark of this gripping supernatural narrative.

The Black Phone

In “The Black Phone,” McGraw’s role further showcases her versatility as an actress. This horror-thriller film, which hit the cinemas in 2021, is a testament to her ability to engage audiences in a suspenseful and dark story.

Working with Blumhouse

Violet McGraw rose to prominence through her work with Blumhouse Productions, showcasing her talent in the horror genre and notably in the AI-themed film M3GAN and its sequel.


In the collaboration with Blumhouse Productions, Violet McGraw starred in the horror film M3GAN, produced in conjunction with Universal Pictures. She played the role of “Cady,” the newly-orphaned niece to Allison Williams’ character, “Gemma.” Directed by Gerard Johnstone, the film explored themes of artificial intelligence and the uncanny connections formed between humans and technology. McGraw’s portrayal of Cady garnered attention for her ability to navigate the emotional spectrum demanded by a horror movie storyline intertwined with AI intricacies.

M3GAN 2.0

Following the success of M3GAN, Blumhouse promptly initiated the production of the sequel, titled M3GAN 2.0. The anticipation for this sequel is high, as audiences look forward to Violet McGraw reprising her role as Cady. The sequel promises to continue the chilling tale of AI and its interactions with the characters, played by a returning cast including Allison Williams. With the previous film setting a precedent for blending AI with horror, M3GAN 2.0 is expected to delve deeper into the unnerving technology-themed narrative that Blumhouse is known for.

Collaborations with Notable Figures

Violet McGraw’s career in acting has seen her work alongside prominent figures in the entertainment industry. A notable collaboration is her role in Mike Flanagan’s horror series, “The Haunting of Hill House,” where she acted as ‘Young Nell.’ Flanagan is esteemed for his expertise in the horror genre, which highlights McGraw’s ability to perform in this demanding category of acting.

In addition to Flanagan, McGraw shares an on-screen presence with notable cast members. Although not directly connected with James Wan or Steven Spielberg, her participation in horror and thriller genres aligns her with the tastes of these filmmakers.

Florence Pugh and McKenna Grace have not been mentioned as direct collaborators with McGraw in any of the available data. Nevertheless, McKenna Grace’s involvement in “The Haunting of Hill House” as ‘Young Theo’ puts her in indirect connection with McGraw through shared projects. Grace is recognized for her performances in family and horror films, similar to the genres where McGraw has made an impact.

While the information does not specify Violet’s involvement with James Wan, or Steven Spielberg, these directors’ influence on the genre can be seen in the projects she chooses, reflecting a shared cinematic space.

Title Role Notable Figures
“The Haunting of Hill House” Young Nell Mike Flanagan
Other Shared Projects McKenna Grace

Through her body of work, McGraw has demonstrated an adaptability and range that promises future collaborations with other esteemed figures in the entertainment industry.

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