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Virgo Man In Bed – A Partner You Need to Tell What to Do

You’ve met a guy, and you want to know what to expect from him. One way to find out more about his character, traits, and sexual life is his zodiac sign. We have to stress that not all men act in accordance with their zodiac sign. But usually, they do. So, how does a Virgo act in bed? How can you turn him on? How to attract him?

Let’s try and answer some of your questions and dilemmas. We got the bare facts, turn-ons, and turn-offs for Virgo man.

What are some of the positive Virgo traits?

Do not expect much from Virgo man on the first date. He is a gentleman and will respect your honor. That means he doesn’t kiss on the first date or doesn’t try to get you in bed on the same night. Of course, if you want to do it, he will likely follow your lead.

Virgo men are clean and neat. And when you end up in his bedroom, expect to see a clean room. He will prepare for it with clean socks, a shaving kit, and a toothbrush.

Virgo men usually talk about the dream night before it happens. They try to take care of the smallest details. As a sensitive man, he doesn’t show his affection in a vulgar way.

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What are the negative traits of Virgo?

The positive Virgo traits are negative as well. What does that mean? Well, it is all about perspective. Virgo man can act annoyingly critical, fussy, and pedantic. He can complain about it forever. Sometimes, they are indecisive.

And when he takes his negative traits to the extreme level, his obsessive-compulsive actions will annoy you and your friends.

How does a Virgo man behave in a relationship?

Let’s talk about some of his traits that translate to the romantic relationship as well.

Intimacy is an important aspect for Virgo. They display a high degree of passion and warmth for their partner. When he is with you, he will act focused. His mind is in the right place, and that is next to you.

As an earth sign, he sticks to basic needs and things. He loves the physical and natural connection that brings you two closer.

Conversation is a powerful stimulant for Virgo. This is one of the most intellectual signs in the zodiac. He is a true brainy tube. He loves the buildup to the end and enjoys the journey. Do not expect him to rush something. Virgo men love to take their time.

Trust is the most important part of the relationship. Trust comes organically for Virgo after spending time with you. As trust grows, he feels closer to you. And that helps him feel relaxed and engage in things outside of his comfort zone.

How good is a Virgo man in bed?

We said it before, Virgo man will take his time. Before taking you to the bedroom, he will spend time observing you. He wants to understand your personality and determine what turns you on. He has a sharp eye for detail. Virgo men make everything about you. He will pay attention to what you say and how you say it. Body language plays a huge role here.

And once he finishes his analysis, he will use the information to identify what you like and what you do not like. With the answers to his questions, he will create a plan of action.

This might sound creepy for some people. But do not look at it that way. Virgo men are not weirdos or anything. But they do love to analyze things.

In the bedroom, he will let you take the lead. He has a laid back personality in the sack and goes with the flow. If you let him or ask him, he can take on the lead and show a dominant side. But that is not his natural role.

One thing about Virgo man. He loves oral. And it is not a one-sided thing. He loves to give and receive.

Just remember, he is a neat freak. He doesn’t love to practice sex anywhere. If he has a choice, he will always do it in an uncluttered environment.

Sweet Nothings to Whisper to Your Man in Bed

How to attract him sexually?

Virgo men do not chase girls. When they like or love someone, they rarely make the first move. Virgo man is timid. He waits for something to happen out of nowhere.

Some might categorize him as overcritical and over-analytical. But that is how he rolls. He works only in a quiet environment. So, if you like him, you need to make the first move. Try to find an environment that won’t make him feel nervous or anxious.

How to turn him on?

Forget about one-night stands. They are not his thing. For a Virgo man, it is difficult to get into an intimate relationship or activity with someone they do not know. He needs to feel comfortable in your company before he can do anything.

For Virgo, intimacy is the final stage of the evolution of the relationship. Look at him as a “body, mind, and soul” type of guy. He needs to know you intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually before committing to a relationship.

Once he is there, you can turn him on by taking a more dominant role. He loves the woman telling him what to do. And it is not because he doesn’t know what women love and want. Quite the opposite. Virgo man knows and understands every woman is different. So, he wants to make sure he does the things that work ONLY for you.

The best way to turn him on is to suggest what you would like before you get to the bedroom. Whisper in his ear what you want him to do to you. Be suggestive. That will make him go crazy.

In the bedroom, he shows imagination and experience. He loves trying new things. But no matter his experience and confidence, he does love a healthy dose of compliments in the bedroom. Whisper suggestions and compliments, and he will go harder and harder.

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Virgo’s Sexual Style

In the bedroom, he has a methodical approach to foreplay. It looks like he has rehearsed it. He knows how to turn you on, how to get you to your sweet spot, and provide pleasure.

You do not have to worry about aesthetics. Some women do not love the fact Virgo men do not appreciate the passion between the two. He is more about how sex looks than feels.

The only thing he doesn’t want in the bedroom is fantasies. He won’t do fantasies. Virgo men have no problem doing the same thing over and over again.

If you are a more experienced lover, feel free to teach him new things.

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