How Does A Virgo Man Test You – Signs To Pay Attention To

When you think of Virgo man, you think of a confident man who believes in himself. But the reality is, Virgo men have huge self-doubt when it comes to relationships. For this reason, only, they have a need to constantly test their partner. And they do it in different ways possible. So, today, we will talk about how does a Virgo man test you?

Virgo men want to constantly test your feelings for them. And they will find ways to test you. Even though he may come up as a confident man, he needs reassurance that you are the one. And of course, the only one. Do not worry, he will give you enough opportunities to show your love and commitment to romantic relationships.

If you want to know Virgo man secrets, we have some tips for you.

Why Do Virgo Men Test You?

Let’s start with why and when Virgo male tests you. So, to put it simply, Virgo men are a strange mix of confidence and insecurity. They are supremely confident in their intelligence and talent. But they lack that same confidence in their relationships. Virgo men often feel that the other person will get bored of them and will move on.

That is why they are rarely playing mind games, but they constantly are on the lookout for signs that the relationship is going in the wrong direction.

Sorry, but if you are dating a Virgo man, you have to constantly remind him of your feelings. Little signs of affection each and every day are the best way to keep that self-doubt in check.

With that in mind, let’s check several ways about how does a Virgo man test you.

Constantly Test Your Feelings

We start off with the most obvious. This Zodiac sign may come off as extremely confident. But when it comes to other people’s feelings about them, he is in constant self-doubt.

Male Virgo may worry that he is not good enough or interesting enough for you. He worries that nobody will want to stick around with him in the long run.

That is why they look for constant reassurance of your feelings. And to test you, he might pretend to forget an important date to see if you remember.

The best thing to do is remember to do the little things that make your love story beautiful. Romantic gestures go a long way with a typical Virgo.


Test Your Emotional Control

If you are dating Virgo man, remember, he will not show off his cards. He doesn’t like other people to see his emotions.

And that is why these guys are not inclined toward a partner that is prone to fighting or emotional outburst. For them, that is dangerous to their own emotional control.

For this reason, only, he will try to push your buttons and see if your emotions can get the best of you. It is a challenge to find the proper response to his pushes. But the end result is he doesn’t want to see you get overly emotional.

And the trick is that if you do not show enough emotion he will think you do not care. So, you have to strike the perfect balance. Keep your emotions in check and use your words to show what you mean and feel.

Test Your Loyalty

Because he lacks confidence in the relationship, Virgo man will constantly think someone new is making you happy and smile. He understands the attraction of something new and doesn’t want to be old news.

Whenever someone new enters your life, your Virgo boyfriend will test your feelings for that person. He will ask you questions, some of them even direct. But most importantly, he will invite you to slip up.

Pay attention to the red flag. If he suggests you do something together, it means he suspects. Virgo people do not like this type of social interaction. So any proposal of a social gathering with you, your new friend, and he is a red flag.

Test Your Promises

Your Virgo husband or boyfriend will pay close attention to whether you keep your promises. Virgo guy is looking for someone he can depend on.

So, you have to follow through on any commitment and promise you make to him. Even if it is just a silly proposal. He can make a big thing out of the smallest promise.

The moment you break a commitment to your Virgo boyfriend, your relationship is destined to end. He also wants to see you are dependable in your other relationships. So, do not ditch your friends and act as a flaky person.

Test Your Communication Skills

For Virgo people, communication goes beyond just talking. For them, it is the basis of self-expression. And in your relationship, your Virgo partner is not concerned about your vocabulary skills.

He is concerned about your ability and capacity to say what you mean and mean what you say. To test it, he will probably ask you hypothetical questions.

And while you answer them, he will pay attention to your body language and tone. He wants to see if the body language matches the spoken word.


Test Your Intelligence

We said before that Virgo men are intelligent and intellectual. But they expect the same from their partner as well.

Virgos love to talk about important things in life. They do not pay much attention to gossip about friends. But they love talking about things that matter. And one more thing, they do not like coming back to the same conversation over and over again.

Beware, he will examine your conversation to see if you two are emotionally and intelligently compatible.

Most importantly, avoid complaining about the same thing. That will turn him off instantly.

Test Your Consistency

If your Virgo partner sees you drifting away emotionally and you are unpredictable, he will leave. Mature Virgo man will weigh the situation and will bring up past conversations. It is his way to look for more details you might have missed the last time.

Test Your Commitment

Speaking of commitment and promises, we have to pay attention to the other part of it. So, if you say you will wash the dishes, you better wash the dishes the moment you said it. If you say it and do it say, two hours later, your partner will think you do not follow through on your commitments.

The good thing is that he does the same. When your Virgo guy tells you he will fix that problem in the garage, he will do it. But he expects the same type of commitment from you.

Test Your Weaknesses

We all know we have weaknesses. Virgos know it as well. Now, he might not make you jump through many hurdles. But he will point out any flaws he may see or observe about you.

And he will be direct in the way he says it. Sometimes, he might even come off as crude. His intention is to serve as a mirror, and show you how you are and how things are.

But you should try and point to him gently that this form of criticism affects you and makes you uncomfortable.


The Ultimate Virgo Male Mind Game Test

Once the relationship kicks off, your Virgo man will suddenly disappear. His messages are suddenly becoming a ghost town.

And it might not have anything to do with you. He wants to see if you are serious about the relationship. If you ignore the situation for a while and wait for him to call back, he will decide you were not interested. And he will look elsewhere. So, it is crucial that you strike a perfect balance between giving him space and calling him back.

In this case, little goes a long way. Just a brief response text will do the trick.

How To Know If A Virgo Man Loves You?

We talked about how does a Virgo man test you. But how do you know if a Virgo man is interested? How do you know if Virgo man loves you?

Well, the common telltale sign is his fervent pursuit. Once he makes his mind and chooses you, he will let you know by giving subtle signs and lots of time and attention.

And when you two are together, he will look relaxed and in his element. What will a Virgo man do if he likes you? He will get romantic, a rare trait for the Virgo man. His phone calls become more consistent and more prolonged. And in the end, he will try to explore your mind by engaging in imaginative scenarios. The mind is everything for Virgo.

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