Virgo Compatible Signs – Do You Match Up?

People born between August 23 and September 22 fall into the Zodiac sign Virgo. Famous as the organizer, this sign is down to earth. Virgos have an amazing eye for detail. And they are known as efficient people. But how much do you know about Virgo compatible signs?

Which signs is Virgo compatible with? What is the Virgo Zodiac compatibility? Before we get to that, let’s talk about Virgo’s personality traits and Virgo in love.

Virgo The Organizer

We said before that Virgo is famous as the Zodiac’s Organizer. Represented by the symbol of the maiden, it speaks to her natural sense of purity.

Mercury is her ruling planet, amplifying her observant and meticulous nature. It also gives Virgo an analytical edge.

She is a mutable Zodiac sign. That means she can easily adapt to the ever-changing nature of life. Despite everything, Virgo manages to stay organized and on top of her schedule.

She is flawless in her efficiency and execution. Virgos can do the simplest and grandest of tasks. They take a lot of heat, but they can easily handle it.

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Virgo Personality Traits

Now let’s talk about Virgo’s core traits. As we said, people born between August 23 and September 22 fall into Virgo. Ruled by Mercury, this star sign is highly communicative and intellectual. She will dedicate herself to a particular job, project, or hobby and does not stop until she finishes the job. And she will set the highest standard and rules in the process.

Because of their intellectual precision and eye for detail, Virgos make an excellent project manager and problem solver. She is a careful thinker. You can easily find her in the boardroom or in a non-profit organization. In both cases, she will be the one ensuring that things run smoothly as planned.

While Virgos love to lead, they can also be modest and reserved in public. Why is that? Because this star sign loves to cultivate the atmosphere and feel safe before expressing his/her opinion.

One of the bad traits of Virgo is that she can become overly perfectionist and judgmental. This over-researching and over-thinking can send her to overdrive.

Virgo is a complex sign. That means you should definitely try to learn more about her before starting a romantic relationship.

Virgo In Love

Generally speaking, Virgos have a natural inclination to improve the world around them. That applies to any relationship they have. And Virgo’s romantic traits reflect exactly that.

She is a helpful and attentive partner. And she will enjoy offering favors, advice, help, and anything you ask. That is her way of showing love.

Acts of service are her love language. While she might not look and feel romantic, her willingness to do anything for you can play a huge role in the relationship.

We have to stress, in love, she can be picky and have high expectations. Yet, once she finds someone she loves and she has love compatibility with, she can be a great love partner.

What Makes A Good Match For Virgo?

We can talk about Zodiac compatibility all day long. But in the end, it is all about the personality traits and characteristics you have. There are personality traits and characters that fit Virgo’s personality perfectly.

Here are the personality traits that will make you a better life partner for Virgo.


One of her defining traits is a constant search for knowledge. She is a life-long learner. She can easily dive deep into the rabbit hole searching for answers and knowledge.

As such, she loves a partner, boyfriend, or husband who is also looking for knowledge. If you are curious about things in life, you and logical Virgo will work like a charm.


She might be a bit tense and that is why she needs a laid-back partner who will calm her down. Virgos need a partner who can help them loosen up.


Virgo is one of the biggest helpers in the Zodiac. She loves to surround herself with other people who are caring, kind, and want to help others. If you love to take care of others you can match up with Virgo.

She is a caretaker and she attracts people who need caretaking. But she also needs someone who will nurture her love.



When things go downhill, Virgos tend to overreact. They can crumble. And that will affect her mental health. With that in mind, in a love relationship, she needs someone to provide perspective when things do not go her way.


A healthy relationship for Virgo’s partner is with someone who is patient and compassionate. Her partner needs to help her access that part of her character.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at bad personality traits that do not bode well with Virgo.


Someone who doesn’t know how to show gratitude will be forgotten and deleted from her contact list. She tries to take care of people, but she also wants to know her support is appreciated. If you are not grateful, she can grow resentful.

Lack Of Self-control

Virgos pride themselves on control and modesty. That is why she cannot stand partners who lack self-control. For example, a partner who goes on a shopping spree. Or someone who can eat a whole cake in one go. Or someone who prefers binge-watching TV series. Those people drive her nuts.


Any hint of dishonesty and your romantic relationship with Virgo’s partner will come to an end. It is that simple. She likes for every detail to be in order. Any sign of dishonesty puts her on high alert.


Yes, Virgo person is a natural helper. But she also doesn’t want people who rely completely on her help and support. She might like it in the beginning, but after a while, Virgo will feel emotionally drained from helping you. And in the worst case, she might feel abused.

Best Matches For Virgo

Let’s move to some of the most love-compatible signs with Virgo. When you talk about Virgo compatibility, you often talk about signs similar to her. Here are those.

Virgo And Scorpio

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No matter if is a Virgo man and Scorpio Woman or Virgo woman and Scorpio man, this thing just works. It is one of the best matches for Virgo. These two have a similar approach to life. They are highly intelligent and appreciate a well-planned life.

These two will put their intellectual heads together and plan and strategize to reach their maximum efficiency and goals.

The only problem here is that these two have problems relaxing. It is one of the biggest challenges in this Scorpio compatibility pairing.

Virgo And Capricorn

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When you think of harmonious pairing in astrological compatibility, few can beat this love match. They are equally pragmatic and passionate. These two work side-by-side to take care of loved ones. Together, they can build their welcoming home.

These two just click. It is why when we talk about Capricorn compatibility, Virgo is on top of it.

Virgo And Taurus

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These two are a two-of-a-kind earth signs. As such, they share similar tastes and dispositions. Both of them try to make things look and feel just right.

Taurus man and Virgo woman and Virgo man and Taurus woman are a great team for creating a sophisticated and traditional home. They are a bit old-fashioned, but they feel safe in that regard.

These two make a couple that can lean on each other.

Virgo And Cancer

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A romantic relationship between Virgo and Cancer is based on a fascination with each other. Virgo loves how Cancer man lives. And he loves how Virgo woman lives.

The similarities do not stop there. They are both trusting signs that can trust each other. Because they both hate dishonesty, do not expect any betrayal, affair, or infidelity here.

Because of their nurturing abilities, these two signs can take the relationship to a whole new level.

Best Sexual Match For Virgo

While Virgo can have romantic compatibility with more signs, she can achieve sexual compatibility only with a fire sign like Leo and Aries. Sadly, none of these are on her best matches list.

Virgo is a sign of a Virgin, and because of that, everything feels like it is happening for the first time. That grand and rich approach to sex means they think of it like it is happening for the first time. That makes their sexual drive and sexual desire quite high. Only fire signs can match that lust and desire.

Worst Matches for Virgo

Let’s move to some of the worst pairings for Virgo. It is nearly impossible for these signs to connect, click, and form a long-term relationship.

Virgo And Gemini

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While these two can achieve compatibility, it will require a lot of work. It is all because of their different mindset and approach to life. Virgo person is detail-oriented while Gemini is spontaneous.

Reaching a balance is possible, but it does take effort on both sides. The problem is they are both indecisive signs. So the question is, who will make the decision in a healthy relationship?

Virgo And Aquarius

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It is nearly impossible to have a relationship between these two. Virgo stays firmly rooted in their little patch of land. Aquarius, as a water sign, often ebbs and flows. And there is another key difference.

One sign is extrovert and the other is introvert.

Virgo And Leo

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While these two have strong sexual compatibility, they do not have romantic compatibility. Leo is the problem here. His bold and dramatic style is a bit too much for Virgo. If he can tone it down, this relationship might work.

But the kicker is her vision of perfection. You cannot expect perfection from a Leo. The unhealthy dynamic will cause resentment on both sides resulting in a break-up. These two are great for one-off sexual pleasure. But a relationship? Nope!

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