Weird Food Combos – Delicious and Strange Combinations that Work

Some people like pizza and chocolate. Others, go for pickles and ice cream. Yes, there are weird food combos that people like and try. We do not judge. In fact, we even support weird food combinations. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of weird food combinations that are really good.

We like to celebrate the weirdness of eating. Remember, this is a judgment-free zone. Some of you might turn their head at these combinations. Some of you will love them. At the end of the day, there is certainly one food combination that you look at it and say “how can anyone eat this”. Life is about taking risks. Some of us want to do that with our food.

Let’s get going.

Pickles and Ice Cream

Pickles and Ice Cream

If you are a pickles guy, you have tried some of the most weird food combos with pickles. But have you tried this one? Pickles are ultra-salty, so why not try it something opposite? There is no rule against trying pickles with something sweet.

Banana and Mayo

Most of us spread mayo on some bread and eat it. But what about adding banana slices? Do you find it a delicious sandwich? Well, try it if you dare.

Banana and Ketchup

Here is another sweet and salty delight. This might look pretty gross at first glance. But some people like it and eat it. Go get it.

Hot Dog and Apple Sauce

Here is something for the hot dog brigade. We love them. Some hot dog fans refuse to add any toppings. They love to eat their hot dog in a car, where they avoid getting dirty. But if you like toppings, here is one you could try. Add some sweetness to that hot dog.

Hot Dog and Jelly

Here is another hot dog combination. People in Chicago probably eat this regularly. Chicago is the center of the hot dog community. And we know jelly goes well with everything. Hot dogs are like pizza in a way. You can slap anything you like on top of them.

Jelly counters the saltiness of the hot dog. If you like to take things to the next level, try it with gourmet sausage.

Melted chocolate on a cheese pizza

Now, we said you can put any topping on pizza. You can try anything at least once. And if you are into sweets, add them to your pizza. Sometimes, pizza toppings are a horrible idea. But you can definitely serve some sweet pizza. We use cream cheese for pizza, so it goes great with chocolate. If you want a weird food combinations challenge, pizza is definitely the way to go.

Pizza and Nutella

Pizza and Nutella

If you like, you can try something simpler than melted chocolate. Nutella is a simpler option than melting chocolate on top of it. Just spread some Nutella on your pizza.

Provolone Cheese and Peanut Butter

This weird food combination might get you sick. But it is worth trying it at least once. Just do not go over the top.

Frosted flakes with cheese

What will you do if someone drops a piece of cheese into your bowl of flakes? Will you scream at him? Or will you thank him? Let’s talk about which cheese works best. We would say try something cheap cheese. You do not want to waste excellent cheese for something you do not like.

Popcorn and Ketchup

There are people that love pizza. Some love hot dogs. And of course, there is a fan group of popcorn as well. You can load them with everything. There are many weird food combos with popcorn. Some even throw some jalapenos on them. But we would not go as far. Ketchup, on the other hand, is a nice way to add some spicy flavor.

Burgers and Jelly

What more can you add to a great burger? How about some jelly? If you prefer sweet ketchup, jelly is a nice alternative. It is a weird food combination, but it works.

French Fries and Ice Cream

French Fries and Ice Cream

There are many weird food combos of sweet and salty. And we want to spend some time with the junk food favorite, French fries. Ice cream will give them even more calories, but a sweet taste.

Peanut Butter, Jelly, and Doritos

Time for some weird peanut butter combinations. Let’s start with the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Instead of a sandwich, you add Doritos. Some of us experiment with chips in the sandwich. And the result is something great. Chips in the sandwich is a time-honored tradition. Time to try it.

Peanut Butter and Tomato

If you are brave enough to try this, you are brave enough to try everything. For the peanut butter fan club, here is a challenge you can circle around.

Peanut Butter and bacon

These are some of the most popular foods in America. Bacon is a staple in American cuisine. The same goes for peanut butter. Would you go for this combo? Spread some peanut butter on a toast, and top it with bacon. Some people swear by it. If you like to take things further, go for the Elvis sandwich. You just need to add some banana.

Peanut butter and mayo

This is a southern delicacy. The sandwich got its origin story during the Great Depression. If you ate it as a kid, you probably still love it.

Peanut Butter and Pickles

Peanut Butter and Pickles

Do you want some new spin on your lunch sandwich? Spread peanut butter on toast, and then put some pickles between.

Peanut Butter and Bologna

Bologna is a cooked and smoked sausage made of cured beef, pork, or a mixture of the two. Little kids love this sandwich.

Peanut Butter and Cheese

Sometimes, all you have in the kitchen is some peanut butter and cheap cheese. Well, you can make it work. Think of the cheap cheese that doesn’t even have a name brand. The cheap off-brand works perfectly in this combination.

Peanut Butter on Rice

We found this weird food combination on a Reddit post. We are not sure how the guy felt afterward. Was his stomach fine? Well, you can try it and tell us. Peanut butter is a staple in the 100 weird food combinations list. So you will find some extremely strange for sure.

Salt and Pepper on Apples

Salt and pepper is a staple in the cuisine. This is a type of combination that comes from a dare. Fruit doesn’t need seasoning. So why waste some good apples? Well, it is a challenge, and you want to experiment.

Grilled Cheese and Chocolate Chips

Do you need some new dip for your chocolate chips? Well, we have one you can try and wow your friends. Yes, grilled cheese. It adds a special texture to your chocolate chips.

Honey on pizza

This sounds good right off the bat. Think about how honey tastes on the crust. We know crusts are flavorless. So, why not add some special flavor? When you think of it, this might not be a weird combination at all.

But if you want to go further, add honey on your topping. Yes, on top of all that cheese, bacon, salami, or anything you put.

Honey on Omelette

Unlike the previous one, this combination definitely fits the bill for weird food combos. Yes, it is a mix of savory and sweet, but why?

French Fries in Honey

French Fries in Honey

Honey and mustard is a great combination for a chicken dip. And chicken and fries go together. So, dip your fries in something similarly sweet.

Ketchup on Rice

Some people want their rice to be sweet. Others want to be salty. And if you want to be spicy and hot, ketchup is great. Plus, ketchup is versatile. There are different variations of ketchup. It is a good comforting food combination.

Brie and Jam Sandwich

Do you want to get fancy? Go for Brie. It is a cheese you can only find at fancy parties. You do not see it next to orange cheese served at senior centers. Right? Brie and jam is not an odd combination. You can actually have brie with other appetizers like bread and jam.

Popcorn and Milk

Popcorn and Milk

We pour milk over a bowl of cereals. Well, we have another idea for you to try. Pour some milk on top of your popcorn.

Bacon and Jelly

We had bacon and peanut butter, so we have to try bacon and jelly as well. This combination tastes delicious on a warm piece of toast.

Cereal and Orange Juice

What is the typical way to eat cereals? With milk, of course. Well, some people try orange juice in their morning cereals. You can say this combination has more vitamins.

Oreos and Orange Juice

Speaking of orange juice as a milk substitute, here is another idea. Milk and cookies are a tradition. Cookies and orange juice is a way to live dangerously.

Salami and Grapes

You can actually find this combination in some European countries. Grapes, cheese, prosciutto, those are all part of the Mediterranean diet. And for this combination, wrap a grape in a small slice of salami.

Ice Cream and Fries

You probably did this in a McDonalds. No, McDonald’s doesn’t serve ice cream with their fries. But if you get both on your plate, you can try and dip some fries in the ice cream.

Banana Pizza

Banana Pizza

Let’s finish off with a great idea for a pizza desert. This should taste good. Let the banana melt in with the cheese. You get one of the unusual flavor combinations for desserts.

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  1. Another one is a Roasted Marshmellow and 2 pizza shapes (1 pizza shape on top then the marshmellow then the other pizza shape

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