3 imaginative ways to display living room art

The emergence of groundbreaking exhibits like Frameless and Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience continues to challenge our preconceptions about how art should be shown. Whether you are a seasoned subject expert or first-time buyer, there are no limitations to how you exhibit your own collection, and thinking outside the box when displaying your pieces is a terrific way to inject a healthy amount of individuality into your décor.

To help you breathe new life into your living room, we have put together three imaginative ways to display your lounge art, no matter your budget or available space.

1. Create a gallery wall

A gallery wall is a simple and effective way to show off your collection of artwork, photos of family and friends, and treasured memorabilia. For an eye-catching juxtaposition, we recommend using a mix of genres, textures and colours in your ensemble.

However, try to find unifying elements in your collection to synchronise disparate pieces. Although not every print has to have the same frame, colour or theme, repeating tones across your collection, say, two-to-three times for an eight-piece collection, like this eclectic gallery wall, will stop it from looking haphazard.

Finally, if you want to preview how your collection will look before mounting each individual piece you may find it helpful to create a mockup using scraps of paper or digital photos, before framing the actual art — an essential step. As the experts over at SohoFrames remind us: “a picture frame is much more than a border, but part of the whole artwork. Framing can also protect a piece from damage, caused by scratches or sunlight.”

2. Mount a picture ledge

In recent years, the picture ledge has become a popular element in home decor. Essentially a thin floating shelf, it boasts a modern and trendy design and makes a great alternative to traditional methods of displaying wall art.

If you are the type of person who loves to reorganise their art or make seasonal changes to their interiors, a picture ledge provides that extra level of adaptability. You’re not limited to just displaying artwork — as this stunning example proves, which mixes monochrome prints with striking coffee table hardbacks.

To ensure that everything flows together smoothly, use similar unifying features as you would when constructing a gallery wall — but feel free to add as many layers as you like — the more the better! Finish off with some extra homely touches, such as candles, fairy lights, or other trinkets, although bear in mind that most photo ledges are usually only a few inches deep and may come with a set weight limit.

3. Hang an eye catching tapestry

Light enough to serve as a wall hanging, sturdy enough to use as a throw or blanket, and simple enough to clean and iron, the versatility of a tapestry is truly unmatched. Tapestries, particularly

ones with distinctive and eye-catching designs, can prove to be an effective and low-cost way  to make a statement and serve as the room’s focal point.

If you often find yourself wavering when it comes time to choose your furnishings, thinking “will I still like this in six months?”, we recommend picking a tapestry, as you can easily take it down and swap it for something else should you want to!

Society6, for example, offers an extensive and affordable range from a community of international artists, including this watercolour of a foggy pine forest that any nature lover would be proud to display in their living room.

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