4 Must-Have Mikimoto Jewelry Pieces for Your Collection

Unlike gemstones forged deep within the Earth, pearls are created from the depths of the ocean within the shells of oysters. It’s this unique origin that gives them a distinctive quality, and what sets them apart from other precious stones.

And in the world of pearl jewelry, there’s one name that stands head and shoulders above the rest – Mikimoto. Renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship, Mikimoto Jewelry has become synonymous with pearl perfection.

From noodles to pearls

Historically, pearls were made naturally by mollusks as a protection against the irritants that infiltrate their soft tissue. This natural process took years, which made the pearls extremely scarce, hard to source, and very expensive at the time.

This was until Mikimoto Kokichi came into the picture. As the eldest son of a noodle shop owner, he left school to support his family. After many years of relentless research, failed experiments, and overcoming natural disasters, Mikimoto became the first person to successfully cultivate pearls in 1893.

Three years later, Mikimoto was granted his patent for cultured pearls. Soon after, he opened the doors to his first pearl jewelry shop to showcase the Mikimoto jewelry pieces in Tokyo’s Ginza district in 1899. Stores in London, Paris, and New York soon followed.

These days, cultivated pearls are made under controlled conditions with human intervention. They are formed after an irritant is tucked into an oyster shell by a pearl farmer, a process that Mikimoto pioneered and perfected over a century ago.

Mikimoto’s lustrous pearl varieties

Let’s get to know the type of pearls that Mikimoto offers. Each type boasts of unique characteristics, ensuring there’s a perfect pearl for every style. You can find all these pearl varieties at Zadok Jewelers, a leading luxury retailer based in Houston.

The Akoya cultured pearls are the darlings of the pearl world. Harvested primarily in Japan and China, these pearls are revered for their mesmerizing sheen, and have pristine white to cream hues.

Also known as Tahitian pearls, the Black South Sea pearls are mainly harvested from the waters of French Polynesia, and come in various colors ranging from gray to midnight black.

The White South Sea pearls are known for their understated elegance, and are sourced from waters along the northwest coast of Australia. These pearls are celebrated for their large size and immaculate, silvery-white radiance.

Lastly, the Golden South Sea pearls come from the waters of the Philippines and Indonesia, and boast of a deep, rich luster ranging from light champagne to mesmerizing gold.

The pearl jewelry must-haves for your collection

Pearl earrings

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Imagine adorning your ears with the luminous grace of Akoya cultured pearls and diamonds. Mikimoto’s pair of Akoya pearl stud earrings are paired with diamonds. These timeless studs are perfect for when you want to seamlessly transition from a casual affair to a formal event, making them an indispensable addition to your jewelry box.

Pearl necklace

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For an enduring statement, a pearl necklace is unparalleled. Whether draped over a crisp white shirt or complementing a formal gown, the Mikimoto Black South Sea pearl and diamond pendant is a representation of pure glamor. Paired with the subtle sparkle of a diamond, this black pearl pendant elevates elegance to new heights.

Pearl bracelet

Adorning your wrists with this Akoya Cultured Pearl Station Bracelet set in 18k gold is a luxurious experience. This bracelet is not just an accessory; it’s a tactile experience, a sensation of pure elegance wrapped around your wrist. Each Akoya pearl station is meticulously placed, creating a seamless flow of lustrous pearls that dance in the light. Whether worn alone for a touch of everyday glamor or layered with other bracelets for a more dramatic effect, this Akoya Pearl Station Bracelet is a versatile addition to your collection.

Pearl ring

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Round up your collection with an opulent pearl ring like this Cherry Blossom pearl ring from Mikimoto. This statement piece showcases a single, lustrous pearl in the company of a delicate, five-petal diamond blossom. The ring is a testament to Mikimoto’s commitment to luxury and sophistication, adding a touch of warmth and radiance to your fingers.

From everyday elegance to special moments, Mikimoto jewelry for women is composed of signature pieces that will define your simple yet elegant style.

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