6 Signs A Care Home Is Going The Extra Mile For Its Residents

Choosing a care home can be challenging. Where do you begin? The last thing you want is to choose a care home that doesn’t employ carers who don’t put enough effort into looking after the residents. Luckily, there are some clear signs that a care home genuinely goes the extra mile for its residents – read on to learn six of them.

1: You Feel Welcome When Visiting

One of the best ways to understand the quality of care in a care home is to visit one. It’s a good sign that the care home cares about its residents if you experience a warm welcome. For example, you may have a nurse talking to you and guiding you around as soon as you step through the door. This attention to detail shows that the care home truly cares – if they’re able to look after you as a visitor, that means they’re more likely putting plenty of effort into looking after the residents.

2: They Have Plenty of Information on Their Website

Most care homes have websites. If a care home has a website with lots of information about the home, that’s a strong indicator that they care about the quality of care they provide. If you look at Signature Care Home in Ascot, Berkshire, you can see the site has plenty of information for potential residents to look at. It’s attention to detail that reflects the core values of the home. Plus, the transparency is always a good sign!

3: There Are Lots of Activities on Offer

If the care home has lots of activities available to residents, that’s a clear sign that they put the needs of the residents first. The range of activities shows that they don’t just care about ticking the necessary boxes but also want to provide a place where residents can thrive. Many of the best care homes provide activities like gardening, walking, painting, crafts, and much more.

4: The Carers Know Their Residents

A suitable care home will have staff that know the residents through and through. This shows that they are attentive and listen and pay attention to those they look after. If you notice that a staff member knows the little details, that’s a sure sign they go above and beyond.

5: There Are Several Meal Options

Offering just one or two meals to residents isn’t a good sign, as it shows they ignore the individual needs of the residents. On the other hand, a care home that has several good options during dinner time indicates that they go the extra mile for their residents. Not everyone likes the same foods!

6: It Has a Good CQC Rating

One of the easiest ways to get an idea about a care home is by looking at the CQC rating. CQC stands for Care Quality Commission and is a professional regulator of care. The four ratings given by the CQC are outstanding, good, requires improvement, and inadequate. A care home that has either a good or outstanding rating shows that it truly cares about its residents.

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