A Body in the Basement: Next Must-See TV Show?

If you’re anything like us, a good, gripping true crime series is your go-to for an evening’s entertainment. We just wrapped up watching “A Body in the Basement,” and it’s safe to say this show hooks you right from the start. With Allison Corn delivering a potent performance, each episode pulls you deeper into the investigation’s chilling depths.

The series, made by Investigation Discovery, doesn’t shy away from the gritty details, managing to keep you locked in episode after episode. There’s a down-to-earth feel to its storytelling, and despite tackling the theme of violence, which is, frankly, never easy to stomach, it’s done with a level of sensitivity that doesn’t overpower the narrative. English subtitles are available, making it accessible, and the clear audio in English ensures you won’t miss a beat of the dialogue.

Bottom Line

If true crime is your thing and you’re looking for a series that will keep you guessing, “A Body in the Basement” is compelling viewing.

It combines solid performances with a thorough dive into the psyche of investigation, all wrapped up in a production that doesn’t overdo it.

Overview of ‘A Body in the Basement’

After recently tuning in to “A Body in the Basement,” it’s fresh in our minds, and we’re ready to share our insights. The show is a chilling true-crime series streaming on Investigation Discovery with the talented Allison Corn leading us through the dark twists and turns of intriguing cases. It’s in English, both in audio and subtitles, making it accessible to a broad audience.

As for the content itself, it doesn’t shy away from the grimmer aspects of crime investigation, with advisory notes on violence reflecting its serious tone. It holds nothing back in portraying the grim realities of the cases at hand.

While the series is captivating, some might find its detailed focus on violence unsettling, so viewer discretion is advised. For true-crime enthusiasts looking for an in-depth exploration of mysterious and suspenseful cases, “A Body in the Basement” could indeed be worth their time. The absence of reviews might initially give you pause, but from our view, this series is a stark and gripping journey into criminal investigations.

One of the episodes, even takes a look at some bones found in Benjamin Franklin house.

Series Premise

The premise of the TV show is to show bone-chilling true-crime stories of murder. Each episode explores a crime in which the victim’s dead bodies are found in the basement of a home. The location where human remains are found might be the own home of the victim, an abandoned building, or the killer’s home. It doesn’t matter.

Because each episode of the TV show is different, the cast is different as well. Here are some people that appear in the series.

  • Musto Pelinkovicci as Willard Purcell
  • Kristin Samuelson as Jill Eshenbaugh
  • Patrick A Moore as John Prante
  • Hanna Gaffney as Barbara Purcell
  • Timothy Griffin Allan as Dwayne Conway
  • Allen Enlow as Ken Eshenbaugh
  • Steve Schroko as Darryl Kuehl
  • Marc Lubbers as Det Michael Lambert
  • Robert Cunniff as Rodney Miller
  • Jim Brannigan as Detective Kurt Ditzler
  • Darby Puckett as Shannon Graves
  • Derek H Herman as Officer Miller
  • Will Turner Sanders as Adam Chase
  • Rickard Claeson as Andrew Hermann
  • Matthew Ritacco as Mark
  • Jake Laurence as Mark Fair
  • Leo Volf as Tom
  • Teresa Majerowicz as Katrina Layton

Engrossing Storytelling

We’ve recently had the pleasure of experiencing “A Body in the Basement,” and it’s been quite the ride. This narrative grabs you from the start, immersing you in its world with a gripping mystery that unfolds intriguingly. The story is paced well, neither rushing us through the details nor dragging its feet—a balance that’s hard to strike.

Although the twists are compelling, we found a few moments where the plot seemed a tad predictable. Yet, these instances didn’t significantly detract from the overall enjoyment. The characters were another highlight, with their development keeping us invested in their fates throughout.

In terms of storytelling, “A Body in the Basement” keeps you clicking for the next episode, eager to see how the enigma unravels. It’s a testament to the narrative craft: engaging enough to talk about at the water cooler, yet with just a few areas that remind you it’s not a perfect world. Be prepared, if you are not comfortable seeing a dead body or human remains, stay away.

Production Quality

Having just spent some time with “A Body in the Basement,” we can confidently speak on its production quality. The show, helmed by Investigation Discovery, is a testament to the studio’s commitment to immersing viewers in the investigative process. Allison Corn’s embodiment of her role adds a layer of authenticity that keeps us glued to the screen.

It’s clear that the production paid close attention to the subtleties of storytelling, where visual and audio elements play a crucial role. The English subtitles are a thoughtful addition, ensuring that even when whispers slip through the on-screen action, none of the details escape us. The purely English audio track is crisp, and every chilling piece of dialogue is heard in high fidelity, which is crucial for delivering that edge-of-the-seat experience.

While navigating the darker themes, the show doesn’t shy away from the violence inherent to its genre. This garners a content advisory note – something for potential viewers to consider. Despite the simple set of specifications, our experience confirmed that the high production values deliver the intended suspenseful atmosphere we’ve come to expect from a top-notch crime series.


We recently had the chance to watch “A Body in the Basement,” and there’s plenty to say about the visual storytelling of this production. The way the studio, Investigation Discovery, captures the essence of the suspense genre is noteworthy. The use of lighting and camera angles does a fantastic job of setting a somber and intense mood, crucial for a narrative rooted in mystery and investigation.

Allison Corn’s portrayal is enhanced by the careful and thoughtful cinematography. The subtitled English allows us to catch every whisper and nuance, ensuring none of the story’s intensity is lost. The choice of audio language exclusively in English may limit some viewers but it guarantees that the original performance’s impact is delivered as intended.

We noticed that, despite a few jarring transitions, the visual approach contributes to a gripping experience. There’s no excessive use of effects, which keeps the focus on the storytelling. We have to appreciate the balance between the aesthetic of the program and its narrative—even the darker scenes are clear and consume us in the gravity of the story’s events. Overall, the cinematography is a strong asset of “A Body in the Basement,” reflecting a commendable aspect of the viewing experience.

Pros and Cons

After wrapping up the latest episode of “A Body in the Basement,” we’re buzzing with thoughts to share. This series, rich with twists and turns, definitely leaves an impression. Here’s our take on the highs and lows.


  • Immersive Storytelling: We were hooked from the get-go. The narrative pulls you in deep—almost as if you’re right there in the thick of the mystery
  • Character Development: It’s not just about the suspense; the characters are fleshed out beautifully. You end up caring about them as if they’re old friends
  • Production Quality: Visually stunning scenes coupled with a haunting score made us feel the suspense in our bones
  • Unpredictability: Each episode had us guessing. We loved how the plot twists kept us on our toes without venturing into the absurd


  • Pacing Issues: At points, it felt like the show took a bit too long to reveal key details. A swifter pace could hold attention better
  • Complex Plotlines: For those who prefer a straightforward narrative, the complex web of storylines may be a bit overwhelming
  • Emotional Weight: Not a con per se, but worth mentioning—the emotional depth can be heavy, so it’s not always light viewing for a casual night in

Our time with “A Body in the Basement” was an exhilarating ride through mystery and drama. Even with a couple of drawbacks, it’s a show that grasps your attention and doesn’t let go.

Viewer’s Experience

We recently had the chance to watch “A Body in the Basement” and let’s just say, it’s quite the experience. The tension builds up right from the start, and it feels like you’re piecing together a real-life puzzle. It’s a breath of fresh air from the usual TV series out there.

Now, while the storyline keeps you on the edge of your seat, there are moments where the pace seems to slow down a touch too much. You might find yourself eager for more action during these parts.

The audio-visual elements are noteworthy. You almost feel like you’re right there in the basement with the characters, thanks to the immersive cinematography. However, we noticed that at times the audio mix was a bit off, with the background score overpowering the dialogue.

Overall, watching “A Body in the Basement” was an intriguing way to spend our nights. Yes, it has its ups and downs, but it certainly makes for an engaging watch.

Customer Reviews

We’ve been keeping an eye on community feedback for “A Body in the Basement,” and it’s quite telling. It feels like we’ve been right there alongside other viewers, glued to their screens. Most of us seem to agree that the show’s gripping narrative pulls you in from the first episode.

Some viewers have pointed out that certain scenes were especially intense, leaving them on the edge of their seats. Others have appreciated the depth of character development, which has made the basement’s story feel all too real.

On the flip side, we’ve noticed a few mentions of the pacing being slow at times. A handful of us felt that there were moments when the thrill factor dipped a bit lower than we’d hoped. However, these viewpoints weren’t widespread and most still found themselves eagerly waiting for the next episode.

No product is without its critiques, and ours reflect a soundscape of honest opinions. It’s been a rollercoaster ride of suspense and drama that many of us wouldn’t mind re-watching.


After spending some quality time with “A Body in the Basement,” it’s clear why someone would be drawn to it. In our journey through its twists and turns, we found that it has its share of highs and lows. The gripping storyline kept us hooked, eager to see what lay in the next chapter. However, with any narrative, pacing can sometimes feel uneven—some moments had us on the edge of our seats while others seemed to slow down the momentum.

We missed seeing a diverse range of opinions in reviews, which are often helpful in gauging overall reactions. It’s something to consider if you’re the type to go by the crowd’s wisdom. Nonetheless, diving into its world was an overall enjoyable experience. If you’re pondering whether to spend your evening unraveling mysteries, “A Body in the Basement” can be a captivating choice as long as you’re okay with a few quieter moments in its unfolding story.

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