Brooke Sealey – Net Worth, Career, Relationship, Life After Divorce

Real Name:Brooke Sealey a.k.a Brooke Gordon
Net Worth:$10 million
Height:170 cm
Occupation:Former American Model, Ex-wife of Jeff Gordon

Brooke Sealey, also known as Brooke Gordon was born in Winston, North Carolina, United States in the early 1970s (the exact date is still not available), and was raised by Clare Sealey in Winston, United States.

She is a well-known model, and always celebrated as former Miss Winston Model, which she held for a while, thanks to her stunning appearance. She became popular afterward and earned massive followership during her active modeling years. However, her modeling and personality profile got a boost with her marriage to, Jeff Gordon.

Her modeling career blossomed after winning Miss Winston. Brooke proudly holds a Caucasian ethnicity and American nationality. During her early days, she was deeply admired by her friends and was nicknamed, Brooke. She met Jeff Gordon, one of the most celebrated NASCAR drivers in 1993 at Daytona International Speedway during her reign as Miss Winston.

There is scanty information regarding her early childhood, family background, body measurements, height, and weight. She has no verified social media accounts.


Brooke came to the limelight after her marriage with Jeff Gordon in 1994, a professional car racer and four-time Sprint Cup Champion. Also, his expensive divorce with Jeff created huge media attention. Her hefty divorce settlement was said to be the most expensive in sports history.


Right from her early days, Brooke wanted to be a model. So, she started modeling at a tender age and was later crowned as Miss Winston. However, she came into the limelight, became famous, and received unparalleled media attention following her marriage with Jeff Gordon, who has won many accolades to his name.

Being a minor celebrity, she doesn’t earn a salary. Owing to her divorce settlement, she is today richer than many celebrities.


Brooke has a vast dating record. Before her relationship with Jeff Gordon, Brooke was having an emotional affair with Philip Wegner, but their relationship did not last long. Brooke and Jeff met for the first time in 1993 at Victory Lane when Brooke was working as the greeting lady for NASCAR drivers.  They concealed their love affair from public knowledge due to the strict rules of their workplace.

One year after, Jeff won the NASCAR car race, while Brooke retired from the job, and the two lovebirds got married. They took their wedding vows on 26th November 1994 among family, friends, and well-wishers.

Afterward, the duo was spotted at different public events having fun, and enjoying their marital bliss. They didn’t have children together.


Brooke filed for divorce in 2002 alleging that her former husband, Jeff Gordon was having an extra-marital relationship with the American glamour model and actress, Deanna Merryman. Subsequently, she sued him for marital misconduct.

However, her prayers to the court were answered and they got separated in 2002 after 8 years. It took about 16 months to finalize their divorce proceedings. She demanded a hefty divorce settlement and high alimony. Subsequently, the court case ended on June 13, 2003, and she was settled with $15.3 million including an airplane, two cars, and occasional use of boats. Unarguably, this is ranked as one of the highest among American and even global celebrities.

Currently, she is married to Mullins Mcleods. Since then, she has been maintaining a low profile. She has not been seen, sharing much about her life and family on the media except occasionally when she shares information about her lucrative career.

Jeff got married to Ingrid Vandebosch, a Belgian model. They met in 2002 and got married afterward. Today, they have two kids, Ella Sofia and Leo Benjamin.

Life After Divorce

The separation got a lot of media attention. Few weeks after that, Brooke started dating James Dixion II and they had a child together, Ella Gordon. James Dixion II, the biological father of the child was unimaginably upset with this recent development.

He claimed for alimony of $10,000 monthly, a Mercedes-Benz car, and a house worth $1.5 million. She didn’t give any specific reason for naming her child after Gordon, her ex-husband. This singular act created more confusion and disputes in their often admired marital relationship.

In his letter to the court, he described it as absolutely inappropriate for their child to be named after Jeff Gordon, who is neither a blood relative nor the father.

Brooke on her own part desired to retain her ex-husband’s last name, and this was certainly her choice; she didn’t change her surname from Gordon while married to James Dixion II, but her surname returned to Sealey after the divorce with James.  Recently, Brooke got married to Mullins McLeod, an attorney in Charleston and a 2010 gubernatorial candidate in South Carolina. The duo has been living happily and has kept their love life private.

Is She A Lesbian?

Brooke is not a lesbian. She has had a huge dating profile with a series of men and marriages along the line. This confirms she is a straight woman. Some rumored that during her dating history with men, she also got involved with women. But, those rumors are yet to be confirmed, there is no evidence to prove that she is a lesbian or she had a lesbian instinct.

Net Worth

According to various sources, her fortune revolves around $10 million, and this is primarily acquired through a divorce settlement from the retired racing driver, Jeff Gordon. Her divorce settlement fetched her quite an interesting, enviable fortune.

The settlements she got geometrically increased her assets. It seems she stopped modeling for a living after getting married to Jeff Gordon. On the other hand, her former husband Jeff is absolutely doing great too with an estimated wealth of over $200 million.


Brooke is still pleasantly looking hot, stunning, and really good as a former model and Miss Winston. She is always trying her best to maintain her height and weight in shape. She has enviable curvy lines and a great body, though gradually dropping a bit due to her age.

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