Weed and Streaming: A Closer Look at Twitch’s Policies Regarding Cannabis

As the normalization of cannabis use progresses with its legalization in various jurisdictions, many digital platforms are grappling with how to address this shift. This article particularly focuses on Twitch, the leading live-streaming platform, and explores the question: Can you smoke weed on Twitch?


Twitch, an Amazon-owned platform, is primarily known for live-streaming video games but has expanded to include diverse content such as musical performances, chat shows, and even some unconventional activities like recreational botany. However, it’s the platform’s policies regarding cannabis use that have stirred quite a debate among its user base.

Twitch and its Stance on Cannabis

Twitch’s policies on cannabis use are somewhat nebulous. The platform’s terms of service dictate that all users must “respect all applicable local, national, and international laws while using our services.” Although this might seem straightforward, the varying legal statuses of cannabis across different jurisdictions make it a complex issue.

The Legal Aspects

While cannabis is legalized for medicinal use in 37 U.S. states, and 21 of these states have also legalized it for recreational use, it remains technically illegal at the federal level. This discrepancy creates a gray area for Twitch users considering whether they can smoke weed on stream.

Technically, if cannabis is legal in the area from which a user is streaming, Twitch’s terms of service allow for its consumption on stream. However, this doesn’t prevent someone from flagging the stream for drug use, even if the streamer is compliant with their local laws.

Twitch’s Cannabis Ban and its Exceptions

Despite the legal complexities, Twitch has made some exceptions for cannabis use. The platform has exempted marijuana-related references from the list of banned usernames, treating them similarly to alcohol and tobacco references. However, Twitch’s updated branding policy prohibits the promotion of marijuana businesses and products while allowing alcohol partnerships.

Twitch’s Parent Company, Amazon and its Cannabis Policies

Amazon, the parent company of Twitch, has shown progressive attitudes towards cannabis. It has stopped screening for marijuana in its drug tests for some positions and has actively lobbied for federal marijuana legalization. However, these corporate positions have not translated into clear policies for Twitch users regarding cannabis use.

Precautions for Twitch Users Planning to Consume Cannabis on Stream

If Twitch users decide to consume cannabis on their streams, they should take some measures to mitigate potential risks. Marking their stream for mature audiences only can prevent it from being recommended to underage users. Additionally, if a user is in a state where cannabis is only legalized for medicinal use, they should avoid consuming it on stream, as there’s no way for Twitch to verify the legality of the marijuana being used.

Cannabis on YouTube: A Comparison

Compared to Twitch, YouTube’s rules about cannabis are even more convoluted. Although YouTube has recently loosened its restrictions on cannabis content, it’s challenging to determine what content is allowed. YouTube’s official policies state that cannabis use can be depicted if the user is over 21 and is in a state where cannabis use is legal. However, any content relating to how to use drugs can run into trouble on the platform.

Twitch Users and Cannabis: An Ongoing Debate

Despite the ambiguity around policies, many Twitch users are already incorporating cannabis-related content into their streams. Channels focusing on cannabis cultivation and even consumption can be found on the platform. High-profile individuals like Snoop Dogg have smoked weed on Twitch streams without facing penalties. However, the potential for being flagged remains, creating uncertainty for Twitch users.


While it appears that Twitch users can smoke weed on stream without explicit prohibition, caution is advised due to the platform’s ambiguous policies and the potential for flagging. Users are encouraged to respect all local, national, and international laws regarding cannabis use and to consider the potential consequences before deciding to consume cannabis on stream.

The debate on whether you can smoke weed on Twitch reflects the broader societal conversation about cannabis use. As more jurisdictions move towards legalization, digital platforms will need to clarify their rules and adjust to this changing landscape. Until then, Twitch users will have to navigate the gray area of cannabis use on the platform.

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