Home for the Holidays: Getting to Know the ‘Christmas with My Ex’ Actors

“Christmas with My Ex” is a 2022 romantic comedy-drama film that explores the complexities of relationships during the holiday season. Directed by Patricia Cuffie-Jones, the movie showcases a talented cast that brings to life the story of a woman who finds herself spending Christmas with her family and her ex-partner, leading to chaos and unexpected revelations.

The movie stars Jaida-Iman Benjamin, Denise Boutte, and Travis Cure, who deliver captivating performances in their respective roles. As the Christmas story unfolds, viewers are drawn into the characters’ lives and can’t help but sympathize and relate to the challenges they face throughout the holiday season.

With its engaging plot, impressive cast, and a healthy dose of humor, “Christmas with My Ex” is a must-watch film for those seeking an enjoyable, heartwarming experience during the festive period.

Cast and Crew Overview

Main Cast

Christmas with My Ex (2022) features a talented main cast that brings the story to life. Noteworthy actors include Jaida-Iman Benjamin, Denise Boutte, and Travis Cure who play pivotal roles in the movie. Jaida-Iman Benjamin takes on the role of Alicia, Denise Boutte stars as Kenya Taylor, and Travis Cure portrays Jesse Richard in the dramatic story.

Supporting Cast

The supporting cast of Christmas with my ex also deserves recognition for their strong performances. Key members of the supporting cast are as follows:

  • Vanessa Simmons as Shawna
  • Danielle Vega as Leah Hamilton
  • Renelle Nicole as Kenya Taylor
  • Regina Oliver as Sarah
  • Michael Dyer as Terrence
  • Jayden Thomas as Jayden

Brian Nelson Jr., Demetrius Renelle, and Lawrence Robinson also contribute to the movie’s impressive ensemble, adding depth and nuance to the narrative.

Behind the camera, Christmas with My Ex (2022) benefits from the expertise of its dedicated crew members. The movie is directed by Patricia Cuffie-Jones, who also serves as a writer alongside ReShonda Tate Billingsley and Camara Davis. The film’s score is composed by Komica Purnell, and its cinematography is the work of Patrice Lucien Cochet.

This concise overview of the cast and crew of Christmas with My Ex (2022) highlights the talented individuals who collaborated to create this memorable holiday film. Their combined efforts contribute significantly to the film’s success, entertaining audiences with their dramatic story of love, family, and the complexities of the holiday season.

Production Details

Direction and Writing

“Christmas with My Ex” was directed by Patricia Cuffie-Jones, who also contributed to the screenplay along with writers ReShonda Tate Billingsley and Camara Davis. Their combined efforts resulted in a captivating story about love, family, and the holiday season.

Camera and Producers

For the movie’s cinematography, the skilled Patrice Lucien Cochet took the responsibility of capturing the perfect frames. Meanwhile, the musical landscape was created by Komica Purnell, whose tunes breathed life into the festive ambiance.

The film’s production saw some remarkable talents working in unison. English produced “Christmas with My Ex,” and Je’Caryous Johnson was closely involved with the film’s production from its conception. Key performers in the cast include Michael Dyer, Jesse Richard David, and Anthony Michael Dyer.

Production Companies

Collaboration between two well-known production companies ensured that “Christmas with My Ex” came to life. Expend4bles and Je’Caryous Johnson Entertainment formed an alliance to produce this memorable romantic movie. Their combined efforts provided audiences with a thoroughly engaging film filled with ample holiday spirit.

Synopsis and Reviews

“Christmas with My Ex” (2022) is a drama film directed by Patricia Cuffie-Jones, with a screenplay co-written by ReShonda Tate Billingsley, Patricia Cuffie-Jones, and Camara Davis. The movie’s plot revolves around a woman who unexpectedly has to spend the holidays with her family and her ex-partner, leading to an intriguing mix of drama and holiday chaos.

The principal cast includes Jaida-Iman Benjamin portraying Grace Thomas, Denise Boutte as Alicia, and Travis Cure as Jesse. Supporting actors in the film are Richard David playing Anthony, Michael Dyer as Terrence, Brian Nelson Jr. as Demetrius, and Renelle Nicole as Kenya Taylor. Other actors in the movie are L. Lawrence Robinson, Chris Rouse, and Mike Strong.

The film’s music was composed by Komica Purnell, while the cinematography was handled by Patrice Lucien Cochet. Mariana Marcano served as the first assistant director for the production, and other crucial technical roles were performed by various talented professionals.

As of now, there are no all-critics reviews available for “Christmas with My Ex” on Rotten Tomatoes. However, it is essential to note that reviews and audience opinions may come up as the movie gains viewership and attention.

In summary, “Christmas with My Ex” (2022) tells an engaging holiday drama story with a talented and diverse cast. As more reviews and opinions become available, audiences will be able to make an informed decision about whether this film is worth watching during the holiday season.

Awards and Box Office Performance

“Christmas with My Ex” is a 2022 drama film directed by Patricia Cuffie-Jones, featuring a talented cast, including Jaida-Iman Benjamin, Denise Boutte, and Travis Cure. As a recent release, the film’s awards and box office performance are still unfolding.

Regarding awards, it is too early to predict the film’s potential for nominations and wins in various categories. However, the cast and crew have a history of delivering quality productions, which could potentially lead to future recognition. In particular, director Patricia Cuffie-Jones has a reputation for crafting compelling stories that resonate with audiences.

Box office performance is a crucial aspect of a film’s success. As “Christmas with My Ex” gains more visibility and attracts larger audiences, its revenue will likely increase. While specific figures on its box office earnings are not yet available, the film’s intriguing storyline and talented cast may contribute to a positive financial outcome.

In conclusion, the potential success of “Christmas with My Ex” in terms of awards and box office performance remains to be seen. Nonetheless, the film’s captivating narrative and strong cast make it a promising contender in the industry. Keep an eye on this movie as it continues to gain traction and garner attention from viewers and critics alike.

Additional Information

“Christmas with My Ex” is a drama film set to release soon, garnering attention from audiences eager to watch this holiday-themed movie. The story revolves around a woman thrust into a chaotic situation as she is forced to spend the holidays with her family and her ex.

The film features a talented cast, including stars Jaida-Iman Benjamin, Denise Boutte, and Travis Cure. These actors bring to life complex characters and add depth to the movie’s storyline.

The writing team behind “Christmas with My Ex” consists of ReShonda Tate Billingsley, Patricia Cuffie-Jones, and Camara Davis. Their experience in crafting engaging stories promises a captivating plot for viewers. This movie is directed by Patricia Cuffie-Jones, who adds her creative vision to the mix.

As more news about “Christmas with My Ex” becomes available, expect to see trailers and promotional videos released in the coming months. Fans will be able to watch these sneak peeks online, as well as catch glimpses of the stars in interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.

“Christmas with My Ex” is garnering attention on IMDb, where users can find information on cast and crew members, as well as production details. As the release date approaches, moviegoers will be able to find showtimes and theater locations where they can watch this holiday drama.

The film’s popularity is expected to grow as more people discover its intriguing premise and talented cast of Christmas with my ex. With its relatable storyline and engaging characters, “Christmas with My Ex” is poised to become a popular Christmas movie for audiences around the world.


In the movie “Christmas with My Ex” (2022), several characters add depth and complexity to the storyline. The main characters in the film include Alicia, Blake, Shawna, Leah Hamilton, and Grace Thomas. These characters play essential roles in creating a romantic comedy worth watching during the festive season.

Alicia is one of the pivotal figures in the story. As a central character, she adds an engaging dimension to the plot, contributing to the romantic nuances of the film. Her unique personality and relationships with other characters make her an essential part of the film’s overall appeal.

Blake is another essential character, contributing to the movie’s intriguing storyline. His interactions with other characters, particularly with Alicia, create interesting dynamics and help move the plot forward. The development of his relationships and experiences throughout the film provides an engaging experience for the viewers.

Shawna is a character who plays a critical part in advancing the movie’s storyline. Her presence adds a layer of depth to the story and helps to create a vibrant atmosphere. Through her interactions with the other characters, Shawna enhances the overall appeal of the film.

Leah Hamilton is a character who brings an intriguing aspect to the story of “Christmas with My Ex.” As a key figure in the plot, her actions and interactions with other characters help develop the story further, making the film an enjoyable and captivating experience for the audience.

Grace Thomas is another vital character in the Christmas movie, influencing the storyline through her relationships and interactions with other characters. Her role in the story adds a layer of complexity and creates a rich narrative that keeps the audience engaged throughout the film.

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