Where to Watch Lego Batman Movie: Easy Viewing Options for Fans

The Lego Batman Movie, released in 2017, offers a humorous and family-friendly twist on the classic Batman narrative. Voiced by Will Arnett, Lego Batman faces a crucial juncture in his crime-fighting career. He has to learn to cooperate with others to save Gotham City.

Fans of the Caped Crusader in his blocky Lego form can relive the adventure and laughter by finding the movie available on various streaming platforms.

For those eager to enjoy the antics of Lego Batman, the movie is accessible across a range of popular streaming services.

Options to watch include subscriptions or rentals through platforms like Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and other services that periodically update their catalogs with new content.

Whether you prefer a one-time rental or having access to a movie as part of a subscription service, there’s a viewing option available to suit different preferences. Let’s take a look where to watch Lego Batman movie.

Key Takeaways

  • The Lego Batman Movie features Will Arnett as the voice of the humorous hero, Lego Batman
  • It’s available to stream or rent through popular services like Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max
  • Critical acclaim and audience ratings reflect the movie’s engaging plot and entertaining characters

Where to Stream The Lego Batman Movie

For fans eager to watch “The Lego Batman Movie,” they can find it with ease on several streaming platforms. Do you want to know where to watch Lego Batman movie? Here are some options.

It’s available to both rent and buy, which gives viewers flexible options based on their viewing preferences.

Popular Streaming Services

  • Amazon Prime Video: Subscribers can rent or buy to join Lego Batman in his adventures in Gotham
  • HBO Max: The home of a vast collection of movies, including the delightful animation antics of “The Lego Batman Movie”
  • Apple TV: One can find the titular Lego caped crusader on Apple TV, available to rent or purchase
  • Vudu: For those who prefer Vudu, they can stream this action-packed animation by renting or purchasing it on the platform
  • Google Play: If one is accustomed to Google’s ecosystem, they can catch Batman’s bricked escapades right here

Signing Up for Streaming Platforms

For movie enthusiasts without a subscription, signing up is straightforward:

  1. Choose a platform (like Max or Prime Video)
  2. Visit the platform’s website or download their app
  3. Click on the sign-up button or link
  4. Fill in the required personal details
  5. Select a subscription plan, if necessary
  6. Add payment information, and voila! The world of streaming is at their fingertips

Some services may offer free trials, so one could potentially watch their favorite Lego hero without immediate cost.

Additionally, platforms like JustWatch provide information on where movies are available to stream. This could be a useful tool for tracking down where “The Lego Batman Movie” is streaming at any given time.

Purchase and Renting Options

Whether one wants to keep “The LEGO Batman Movie” for repeated enjoyment or just catch it once for a fun movie night, they have a plethora of choices. Here are some Lego Batman movie streaming options and buying options.

Options range from digital downloads to physical copies, ensuring everyone’s viewing preferences are covered.

Digital Purchase

For those who prefer to own a digital copy of “The LEGO Batman Movie” to watch anytime, there are several platforms offering the movie for purchase.

It can be found in UHD quality, guaranteeing a crisp viewing experience.

  • Amazon Video: Buy UHD at $14.99
  • Apple TV: Available for purchase
  • Google Play Movies: Offers UHD quality
  • YouTube: Buy in UHD
  • Vudu: Purchase available
  • Microsoft Store: Buy digitally in UHD

One can easily download the movie after purchase and enjoy it across various devices.

Physical Copies and Rentals

If a viewer is more inclined towards physical media, or prefers renting over buying, they can still enjoy “The LEGO Batman Movie” on DVD or Blu-ray, or rent it for a limited time.

  • Renting Options:
    • Amazon: Rent UHD at $3.99
    • Various VOD services: Renting offers in SD and HD resolutions

DVDs and Blu-rays can be rented from conventional video rental stores, or purchased from retailers for those who love to add to their physical collection.

Cast and Characters

The star-studded voice cast of “The Lego Batman Movie” brings a delightful mix of comedic and dramatic talent, animating the rich gallery of Gotham’s heroes and villains with vigor and charm.

Main Cast

  • Will Arnett voices Batman/Bruce Wayne, capturing the brooding hero’s persona with a humorous twist
  • Michael Cera gives life to Robin/Dick Grayson, Batman’s optimistic and eager sidekick
  • Rosario Dawson portrays Barbara Gordon, the smart and assertive new police commissioner who isn’t afraid to stand up to Batman
  • Ralph Fiennes voices the loyal and unflappable Alfred Pennyworth, who is more than just a butler to Batman
  • Zach Galifianakis takes on the role of The Joker, Batman’s infamous nemesis, injecting him with maniacal laughter and a surprising depth of emotion
  • Mariah Carey as Mayor McCaskill

Supporting Characters

  • Alongside the main talents are a number of other voice actors who bring Gotham City’s community to life
  • Conan O’Brien adds his unique comedic flair to the character of The Riddler
  • The movie’s cast includes numerous well-known actors, each contributing to the dynamic, animated portrayal of their respective characters

This blend of seasoned actors and fresh voices ensures that each character in “The Lego Batman Movie” feels both authentic and delightfully over-the-top.

Plot and Themes

In “The LEGO Batman Movie,” viewers are taken on a whimsical journey filled with laughs and heartfelt moments. This section delves into the core narrative and the deeper messages conveyed through the film’s plot.

Story Overview

“The LEGO Batman Movie” centers around the titular character, Batman, a larger-than-life superhero known for his rogue’s gallery and brooding persona. Throughout the movie, he faces not only his arch-nemesis, the Joker, but also the challenges of family dynamics when he inadvertently adopts a teenage orphan.

Their adventure is laden with comedy and action as they strive to thwart the Joker’s latest scheme to take over Gotham City.

Themes and Messages

At its core, the film is a Family Adventure that balances humor and heart. It’s rated PG, making it suitable for all ages, and cleverly integrates Comedy through various Humorous scenes, portraying Batman’s struggles against crime with a light touch.

Key Themes:

  • Identity and Growth: Batman learns to accept help and opens up to the idea of being part of a family
  • Teamwork: The film emphasizes the importance of collaboration as a means to overcome obstacles
  • Self-Discovery: Characters find personal growth as they explore what it means to be a hero

Through these themes, “The LEGO Batman Movie” teaches the value of connections and the strength one gains from embracing others. It has a sizable dose of mirth, Humor, and Heart, ensuring that the narrative caters to a wide audience and resonates with both children and adults.

Critical Reception and Ratings

When The LEGO Batman Movie premiered in 2017, it was met with both critical acclaim and positive audience reactions, making it a favorite among fans and a standout in the family-friendly category. It’s no wonder this animated adventure quickly became a must-see.


Rotten Tomatoes:

  • Rating: The LEGO Batman Movie holds an impressive score on Rotten Tomatoes, certifying its warm reception by film critics


  • Consensus: Critics have praised the film on Metacritic for its sharp humor and family appeal, noting its success in following the legacy of The LEGO Movie

Audience Reactions

  • Parents and Kids:
    • The feedback from families has been overwhelmingly positive. Parents appreciate the smart and fast-paced humor that also resonates well with kids
  • Fans of the Franchise:
    • Longtime LEGO fans have found The LEGO Batman Movie to be a delightful addition to the LEGO universe. They appreciate the balance of nostalgia and fresh comedy

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