Cast of How Do You Know: A Star Studded Comedy Movie

Released in 2010, “How Do You Know” is a romantic comedy that offers viewers a glimpse into the life changes of Lisa Jorgenson, a character grappling with her identity after being cut from the U.S. softball team. Directed and written by James L Brooks, an accomplished figure in Hollywood, the film explores themes of love, career, and self-discovery, embedded within the framework of humor and emotion that characterize the genre.

The cast of How Do You Know is led by Reese Witherspoon, who portrays the protagonist Lisa Jorgenson, bringing her charm and wit to a character navigating through personal crossroads. She is joined by Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson, who play the corporate executive in crisis and the professional baseball player respectively, setting the stage for a classic love triangle. Jack Nicholson appears in what has been noted as his final film role to date, adding to the skillful ensemble that drives the narrative forward.

This blend of seasoned actors and sharp writing injects the film with both comedic and poignant moments, aiming to resonate with audiences who appreciate the romantic comedy genre. As the film unfolds, the performances of its distinguished cast underscore the relatable struggles and triumphs experienced by those seeking to find their place in the world.

Cast and Characters

The film “How Do You Know” features an ensemble cast with Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson, and Jack Nicholson in pivotal roles. This section breaks down the principal members of the cast as well as the supporting actors who bring depth to the story.

Main Characters

  • Lisa Jorgenson (played by Reese Witherspoon): A professional softball player who finds herself at a crossroads in her life
  • Matty Reynolds (played by Owen Wilson): A charismatic professional baseball player and Lisa’s current boyfriend
  • George Madison (played by Paul Rudd): A businessman facing a career crisis who becomes romantically involved with Lisa
  • Charles Madison (played by Jack Nicholson): George’s father whose actions significantly impact George’s life and career

Supporting Cast

  • Annie (portrayed by Kathryn Hahn): George’s pregnant secretary who also plays a pivotal role in his personal growth
  • Ron (played by Mark Linn-Baker): George’s lawyer who is helping him navigate through his professional challenges
  • Al (played by Lenny Venito), Coach Sally (played by Molly Price), Manager (played by Ron McLarty), and Bullpen Manager (played by Domenick Lombardozzi): Characters who contribute to the sports backdrop of the movie
  • Psychiatrist (played by John Tormey), Psychologist (played by Tony Shalhoub), and Matty’s Teammate (played by Dean Norris): They add to the more personal aspects of the characters’ development and relationships
  • Andrew Wilson and Yuki Matsuzaki also appear in roles that round out the cast of How Do You Know, enhancing the film’s narrative by supporting the main characters’ journeys

Filmmaking Team

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The success of the film “How Do You Know” can be largely attributed to the experienced filmmaking team behind it. With a blend of creative direction, polished writing, and a skilled production crew, the film stands as a testimony to their collective craftsmanship.

Direction and Writing

James L Brooks serves as the central figure in the creation of How Do You Know, fulfilling the roles of both director and writer. His vision and narrative style provide the film with its structure and emotional tone. Brooks’s prior experience in the industry, including multiple award-winning projects, lends a level of expertise and finesse to the production.

Production Crew

The production team’s efforts across various departments were vital in bringing How Do You Know to life. Renowned composer Hans Zimmer crafted the film’s musical score, enhancing the atmosphere with his distinctive compositions. Janusz Kaminski took charge of cinematography, ensuring that each frame was captured with an artful eye.

An adept team handled the film’s Editing operations, with professionals slicing through the footage to create a coherent and engaging narrative.

Set Decoration played a crucial role in creating immersive environments, whilst the Stunts team ensured action scenes were both safe and exciting.

Contributions from the Costume Design department played a key role in defining the characters visually, adding authenticity and nuance to the story.

Together, these individuals and divisions form a tapestry of talent, which laid the foundation for the film’s memorable moments and overall aesthetic.

Plot Summary

In “How Do You Know,” Lisa Jorgenson is a 31-year-old who finds herself ousted from the U.S.A. softball team. As she grapples with her athletic identity and confronts the end of her sports career, Lisa enters a challenging phase in life, reevaluating her personal and professional aspirations.

During this period of transition, Lisa becomes entangled in a love triangle between two very different men. Matty Reynolds is a charming, professional baseball player with a penchant for romance. In contrast, George Madison is a corporate executive caught amidst a burgeoning crisis: he’s been accused of stock fraud.

As romance unfolds, Lisa stands at a crossroads. She must navigate through her emotions and decide what love means to her. The narrative weaves together themes of self-discovery, crisis management, and the complexities of romantic relationships.

“The How Do You Know” screenplay deftly explores the intertwining of personal upheaval and romantic entanglements. It challenges the characters, and subsequently the audience, to consider where happiness truly lies in the melee of love and real life’s unexpected turns.

Themes and Genres

The film How Do You Know is categorized primarily as a romantic comedy, a genre known for blending humor with love-centric plots. Themes of love, relationships, and personal growth are pivotal to its storyline, as typical for the genre. Characters navigate complex romantic and personal dilemmas, blending comedic elements with emotional depth.

Romantic comedies often employ humor to explore the intricacies of romance, and this film follows suit, juxtaposing comedic situations with the characters’ search for love. The tone of the film balances lightheartedness with genuine concern for the characters’ emotional journeys.

In terms of genre, How Do You Know integrates two main components:

  • Comedy: The inclusion of humorous scenarios and dialogues that aim to entertain and amuse the audience.
  • Romance: Exploration of the romantic entanglements and relationships between characters, forming the heart of the narrative.

The genre framework for How Do You Know is as follows:

Main Genre Sub-genres
Romantic Comedy Love, Relationship Dynamics, Personal Growth

Though the film did not receive a strong critical reception, as indicated by its scores on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb, it does deliver on the conventional expectations of its genre: a light-hearted depiction of romance interspersed with moments engineered to elicit laughter, all while addressing the theme of love in contemporary life.

Ratings and Reviews

The movie “How Do You Know,” released in 2010, holds a PG-13 rating and has garnered a diverse mix of ratings from both critics and viewers, with its performance at the box office reflecting its reception.

Critic Reviews

Critics gave “How Do You Know” a 31% Tomatometer rating based on 150 reviews, suggesting a generally unfavourable critical consensus. Comments on the film often labeled it as an overlong misfire, despite the presence of a charismatic cast.

User Review Opinion

Audience scores were slightly more forgiving, but still lukewarm, with a 25% audience score based on over 25,000 ratings. Viewers’ opinions echoed some of the critics’ sentiments, finding the film to be somewhat glib in its execution.

Box Office Performance

In terms of financial success, “How Do You Know” faced challenges, reflected in its box office numbers which did not meet the expectations typically associated with star-studded, romantic comedies. The corporate office behind the film had to grapple with its modest reception.

Production Details

In bringing “How Do You Know” to life, meticulous attention was given to its production elements, ensuring that the film’s technical attributes and the filming locations complemented the movie’s theme and narrative.

Technical Specs

Runtime: The complete runtime of “How Do You Know” is 2 hours and 1 minute, which was precise enough to develop its romantic comedy plot without overstaying its welcome.

Language: The movie was produced in English, catering predominantly to English-speaking audiences, while also being accessible to global viewers through various forms of translation and subtitles.

Filming Locations

  • Philadelphia: A significant portion of “How Do You Know” was filmed in Philadelphia, capturing the city’s unique ambiance, which added an authentic feel to the movie’s backdrop.
  • Washington, D.C.: Some of the key scenes were also shot in Washington, D.C., integrating the city’s iconic landscapes into the cinematic experience.


  • Sony Pictures: This major studio was involved in the distribution of “How Do You Know,” which speaks to the film’s broad potential reach and professional marketing.
  • Gracie Films: Known for its quality productions, Gracie Films was among the studios that brought “How Do You Know” to the screen, ensuring a blend of humor and heart in the story’s execution.

Release and Distribution

Upon its release, “How Do You Know” encountered a mix of domestic box office performance and subsequent broader availability across various distribution platforms. The film’s journey from theaters to digital and home entertainment formats reflects a typical lifecycle for Hollywood productions.

Domestic and International Release

The romantic comedy “How Do You Know” premiered in theaters across the United States. Prospective viewers had the opportunity to purchase tickets through various outlets, including Fandango. After its domestic release, the movie expanded to international markets, allowing a global audience to experience the film in cinema settings across different countries.

Streaming Platforms

Following its theatrical run, “How Do You Know” was made available on numerous streaming platforms. The film found a degree of success on Netflix, where subscribers could watch it as part of their streaming service. For those interested in owning a digital copy, Vudu offered the movie for purchase or rental. In addition to streaming options, the film was released on DVD, providing a physical format for collectors and fans of home video.

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