Family Ties on Screen: Exploring the Cast of ‘It Runs in the Family

“It Runs in the Family” is a comedy-drama film released in 2003, directed by Fred Schepisi and written by Jesse Wigutow. The movie explores the complexities of family relationships and generational gaps within the Gromberg family in New York City. The film is unique due to its incredible ensemble cast, which includes members of the famous Douglas family in key roles.

The main cast of It Runs In the Family features screen legend Kirk Douglas as Mitchell Gromberg, alongside his real-life son, Michael Douglas, who portrays Alex Gromberg, and his grandson, Cameron Douglas, who plays Asher Gromberg. Kirk’s former wife, Diana Dill (also known as Diana Douglas), also stars in the film as Evelyn Gromberg. Rounding out the cast are accomplished actors such as Bernadette Peters and Rory Culkin, who play Rebecca Gromberg and Eli Gromberg, respectively.

As a family-centric drama, “It Runs in the Family” showcases the talents of its stellar cast, weaving together relatable stories of love, tension, and forgiveness. The film nicely combines elements of both comedy and drama, highlighting the trials and tribulations faced by the Gromberg clan within the backdrop of New York City, capturing the essence of how relationships evolve between generations. Overall, “It Runs in the Family” offers a unique and entertaining perspective on family dynamics.

The Gromberg Family

Michael Douglas as Alex Gromberg

Michael Douglas plays Alex Gromberg, an attorney in the 2003 American comedy-drama film, “It Runs in the Family.” The movie features the real-life family of Michael Douglas, including his father Kirk Douglas and son Cameron Douglas. Alex Gromberg, the central character of the story, struggles with the dysfunction in his family while also dealing with his career and marriage issues.

Kirk Douglas as Mitchell Gromberg

Kirk Douglas portrays Mitchell Gromberg, the patriarch of the Gromberg Family. Mitchell suffers a stroke early in the film, and his family members try to reconcile their relationships with him as he recovers. The movie was a family affair for Kirk Douglas, who played both real-life father and grandfather to Michael and Cameron Douglas on screen.

Rory Culkin as Eli Gromberg

Rory Culkin plays Eli Gromberg, the youngest member of the Gromberg Family. Despite being surrounded by dysfunction, Eli’s character shows innocence and hope throughout the film. As the third generation of the family, his experiences and perspective provide contrast to those of his father, Alex (Michael Douglas), and grandfather, Mitchell (Kirk Douglas).

Cameron Douglas as Asher Gromberg

Cameron Douglas portrays Asher Gromberg, the older brother of Eli (Rory Culkin) and the son of Alex Gromberg (Michael Douglas). Asher is a young adult battling his own issues, which play a key role in the family’s dynamic. Asher’s involvement in the story further accentuated the blending of fiction and reality for the three generations of the Douglas Family featured in “It Runs in the Family.”

Diana Douglas as Evelyn Gromberg

Diana Douglas plays Evelyn Gromberg, the wife of Mitchell Gromberg (Kirk Douglas) in “It Runs in the Family.” This casting choice was particularly noteworthy as Diana was the real-life mother of Michael Douglas and ex-wife of Kirk. Her role in the movie added another layer of authenticity to the film, further emphasizing the dysfunctional but relatable dynamics of the Gromberg Family.

Supporting Cast of It Runs In the Family

Michelle Monaghan as Peg Maloney

In “It Runs in the Family,” Michelle Monaghan plays the role of Peg Maloney, a New York City resident who adds depth to the family dynamic. Monaghan’s portrayal of Peg is both confident and knowledgeable, helping to ground the film’s story in a realistic family setting.

Bernadette Peters as Rebecca Gromberg

Rebecca Gromberg is brought to life by the talented Bernadette Peters. As the family matriarch, her character holds a pivotal role in the movie. Peters delivers a neutral yet clear portrayal of the struggles and challenges faced by a mother in New York City.

Sarita Choudhury as Suzie

Sarita Choudhury showcases her acting prowess by playing Suzie, a key character in the film. Choudhury provides a convincing performance, seamlessly fitting into the family dynamics while bringing a unique perspective on life in New York City. Her portrayal of Suzie is both engaging and relatable, making her an essential part of the supporting cast.

Louie Torrellas as Stephen Gromberg

Stephen Gromberg, the younger family member, is played by Louie Torrellas. As a young actor, Torrellas delivers an authentic performance of a character navigating the complexities of his family’s relationships. His ability to maintain a clear and neutral tone throughout the film adds depth to the role of Stephen Gromberg.

Geoffrey Arend as Malik

Geoffrey Arend takes on the role of Malik, a close friend of the family, in “It Runs in the Family.” Arend plays a valuable supporting role that contributes to the overall story and character development. His portrayal of Malik adds a layer of authenticity to the film, as he captures the essence of a loyal friend and confidant.

Audra McDonald as Sarah Langley

Finally, the talented Audra McDonald offers her skills to the role of Sarah Langley. As a friend and ally of the family, McDonald’s performance adds a level of stability that complements the chaos of the family unit. McDonald embodies the confident and knowledgeable tone that fans of the movie have come to appreciate.

In summary, the supporting cast of “It Runs in the Family” consists of talented actors who bring depth and authenticity to the film’s portrayal of a New York City family. Their individual contributions to their roles shape the overall story and create a relatable and engaging experience for viewers.

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