Chills and Thrills: Exploring the Haunting Performances of the Cast

Spine-chilling and engrossing, “The Haunting in Connecticut” is a supernatural horror movie that has captured the attention of audiences worldwide. Its success can be attributed to its talented ensemble, which breathed life into an otherwise sinister narrative. In this article, we delve into the cast of “The Haunting in Connecticut”, shedding light on the actors who brought this eerie tale to life.

The Haunting in Connecticut: A Synopsis

Before we delve into the actors, it’s worth refreshing our memory of the storyline. “The Haunting in Connecticut” is a spine-tingling tale based on the real-life experiences of the Snedeker family. After moving into a converted funeral home in Connecticut, the family starts experiencing paranormal activities, forcing them to confront a malevolent supernatural entity.

Main Cast Members

Virginia Madsen as Sara Campbell

Virginia Madsen, an Academy Award nominee, portrayed Sara Campbell, the concerned and courageous mother. Madsen is known for her versatility and has starred in a wide range of genres, from drama to horror.

Kyle Gallner as Matt Campbell

Kyle Gallner played Matt Campbell, the son afflicted by a health condition whose family moves to Connecticut for his treatment. Gallner’s performance was highly appreciated and showcased his talent in portraying complex characters.

Elias Koteas as Reverend Popescu

Elias Koteas, with his extensive acting experience, was cast as Reverend Popescu. Koteas’ portrayal of the enigmatic priest added much-needed depth and intrigue to the narrative.

Martin Donovan as Peter Campbell

Peter Campbell, the father of the family, was portrayed by Martin Donovan. Donovan’s portrayal of the concerned yet skeptical father was both authentic and compelling.

Supporting Cast Members

The supporting cast of “The Haunting in Connecticut” was as integral to the narrative as the main cast. They added depth and diversity to the story, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Amanda Crew as Wendy

Amanda Crew played the role of Wendy, Matt Campbell’s cousin. Crew’s performance added a touch of mystery and intrigue to the story.

Sophi Knight as Mary Campbell and Ty Wood as Billy Campbell

Sophi Knight and Ty Wood portrayed the younger siblings, Mary and Billy Campbell, respectively. They added a layer of innocence and naivety that contrasted well with the movie’s dark themes.

Erik Berg as Jonah

Erik Berg portrayed Jonah, a malevolent spirit that haunts the family. His compelling performance added an extra layer of horror to the movie.

John Bluethner as Ramsey Aickman and D.W. Brown as Dr. Brooks

John Bluethner and D.W. Brown played Ramsey Aickman and Dr. Brooks, respectively. Their performances added depth to the narrative and contributed to the movie’s eerie atmosphere.

The Making of The Haunting in Connecticut

The movie was directed by Peter Cornwell and written by Adam Simon and Tim Metcalfe. It was produced by Paul Brooks, Andrew Trapani, Daniel Farrands, and Wendy Rhoads. The haunting score was composed by Robert J. Kral, adding to the movie’s chilling atmosphere.

Reception and Box Office Success

Despite relying on familiar horror clichés, “The Haunting in Connecticut” was a box office success, earning over $77 million worldwide. Critics praised the performances of the cast, especially Virginia Madsen and Kyle Gallner. The movie has since gained a cult following among horror movie enthusiasts.


The cast of “The Haunting in Connecticut” played a significant role in the movie’s success. Their performances breathed life into the characters, making the narrative more engaging and the horror more palpable. Despite the chilling storyline, it’s the performances that stay with the viewers long after the movie ends.

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