Cast of Time is Up: Meet the Stars of the Amazing Film

“Time Is Up” is a movie released in 2021 that delves into the themes of love, change, and living in the present. It is centered around an accident that forces the main characters, Vivien and Roy, to reassess their lives and discover the importance of cherishing each moment.

Let’s talk about the cast of Time is Up. The film stars Bella Thorne, known for her roles in “The DUFF” and “Blended,” as Vivien, while Benjamin Mascolo, an Italian singer making his acting debut, plays Roy. The movie is directed by Elisa Amoruso and marks a partnership both on-screen and off, as Thorne and Mascolo are a real-life couple. Other notable cast members include Nikolay Moss as Dylan, the swim coach, and Sebastiano Pigazzi appears as Steve, while the roles of Vivien’s and Roy’s parents are portrayed by actors Emma Lo Bianco and Roberto Davide, respectively.

The narrative of “Time Is Up” explores the unexpected and often chaotic elements of fate and personal growth. With a romantic and dramatic lens, it captures the essence of how unforeseen events can lead to a profound transformation in the way individuals perceive and engage with the world around them. The movie appeals to those who appreciate stories of self-discovery and the complexity of human connections.

Cast Overview

The film “Time Is Up” features a dynamic cast with several actors in key roles. The cast of Time is Up is led by Bella Thorne and includes notable performances from Benjamin Mascolo, Sebastiano Pigazzi, Bonnie Baddoo, and Nikolay Moss.

Lead Actors

  • Bella Thorne portrays the protagonist, Vivien, a driven and accomplished student aspiring to attend a prestigious American university
  • Benjamin Mascolo takes on the role of Roy, sharing the screen with Thorne as a central character

Supporting Roles

  • Sebastiano Pigazzi appears as Steve, another significant character whose interactions are pivotal to the storyline
  • Bonnie Baddoo is credited with the role of Vivien’s friend, providing support to the lead character
  • Nikolay Moss plays the character of Dylan, the swim coach, adding depth to the ensemble cast

Creative Team

The crew behind Time Is Up brought together a blend of creative storytelling and visual artistry to craft the film’s romantic drama narrative. The direction and screenplay team worked in unison to shape the movie’s intricate emotional arcs while the cinematography and music contributed significantly to the film’s atmospheric storytelling.

Direction and Screenplay

Elisa Amoruso led the film as the director, bringing her unique vision to the screen. She co-wrote the screenplay, demonstrating her multifaceted talent in storytelling. Amoruso’s direction aimed to capture the nuances of a transformative love story. Working alongside her, Patrizia Fiorellini also played a pivotal role in penning the script, contributing to the intricately weaved narrative that audiences witnessed.

Cinematography and Music

The visual narrative of Time Is Up was painted by the skilled hands of the cinematography team, although specific individuals are not mentioned in the provided information. The cinematography aimed to reflect the movie’s romantic and dramatic tones through carefully composed shots and lighting. In the realm of music, Alberto Bof contributed his musical expertise to the film. His compositions likely offered an aural backdrop that supported the film’s emotive storytelling, underscoring crucial scenes with appropriate scores to enhance viewer engagement.

Plot and Themes

“Time Is Up” weaves the story of Vivien and Roy, two individuals who confront the reality of their existences through pivotal events that challenge their perceptions of time and love.


The film follows Vivien, a high school senior excelling in math and physics, who is preparing for her future. An accident acts as the catalyst for change, causing her to reevaluate her life’s trajectory. It is intertwined with the life of Roy, her counterpart, who is equally affected by the incident. Together, they embark on a journey to reclaim their lives, which propels them towards self-discovery and an emotional state of change.

Central Themes

The central themes of “Time Is Up” center on the present and how pivotal moments can redefine one’s future. The movie addresses the idea of time being a precious resource that can instigate a significant state of change in personal growth and relationships. It explores the process of falling in love and forming connections as a cornerstone for transformation. Emphasizing themes of resilience and rebirth, Vivien and Roy illustrate the quest to recover and redefine themselves after life’s unforeseen events.

Production and Release

The film “Time Is Up” saw a collaborative effort between multiple production entities, leading to its release across various platforms.

Production Studios

The movie “Time Is Up” was a joint production effort primarily involving Lotus Production and Rai Cinema. Lotus Production, with a reputation for delivering numerous Italian films, handled the major production duties. Rai Cinema, another prominent Italian film production and distribution company, also played a key role in the production phase.

Release Information

“Time Is Up” made its way to audiences through a phased release. In the United States, the film initially hit the In Theaters circuit on September 9, 2021, while in Italy, the theatrical release occurred on October 25, 2021. Additionally, the film was made available for Streaming and Subscription services, expanding its reach to a broader audience. Distribution and accessibility were facilitated by Voltage Pictures in the United States and 01 Distribution in Italy.

Release Type Date Distributor
Theatrical (US) Sep 9, 2021 Voltage Pictures
Theatrical (Italy) Oct 25, 2021 01 Distribution
Streaming Availability Not Specified Various Platforms


The reception for the film “Time Is Up” can be categorized into critical acclaim and audience perception. Both critics and general viewers have expressed their opinions on various platforms, shaping the movie’s overall reception.

Critic Reviews

Critics have been largely unfavorable in their assessment of “Time Is Up,” often citing issues with the acting and screenplay. Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, among other industry publications, highlighted shortcomings in the film’s execution. Key points from professional critics include:

  • Acting: Generally described as underwhelming, failing to connect with the narrative
  • Screenplay: The writing received criticism for not engaging the audience adequately

Audience Feedback

Audience opinions, as gauged from user scores and comments on platforms like IMDb, were similarly critical, though some viewers appreciated certain elements such as the music. Let’s break down this viewer feedback:

  • IMDb User Rating: The film holds a 4.2/10 score, indicating general viewer dissatisfaction
  • Standout Positive: The musical score stood out as the main redeeming feature for a subset of the audience


The film “Time Is Up” is accessible to viewers through various online platforms, allowing for easy streaming or purchase options. This ensures that fans have the opportunity to enjoy the film at their convenience.

Streaming Platforms

The movie may not be available on all mainstream streaming services. Viewers should check their preferred platforms for availability. As of the knowledge cutoff date in early 2023, “Time Is Up” was not listed on major streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV, but availability can change, so users should verify this information periodically.

Rent or Buy Options

For those interested in renting or purchasing “Time Is Up”, the film can be found on digital storefronts. As of the last update, these options typically include:

  • Vudu: Offers the option to rent or buy the movie
  • Apple TV: While not available for streaming, users can rent or buy the film here
  • Amazon Prime Video: Provides rental or purchase options

To confirm current availability and pricing, users should visit the respective digital storefronts. Digital rental or purchase offers immediate access to the film, with the option to watch it multiple times within the rental period or to own it outright.

Film Analysis

The cast of “Time Is Up” contributes significantly to the elements of character development and visual style, vital for the drama and romance of the narrative. Set partly in Rome, the film showcases the journey of its characters amidst the backdrop of Italian culture.

Character Development

Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo portray the leading roles in “Time Is Up,” where they navigate the complexities of love and personal growth. Thorne’s character, Vivien, is a high-achieving high school student whose life takes an unexpected turn, thrusting her into a reflective journey alongside Mascolo’s character, Roy. Their performances are designed to illustrate the evolution of Vivien and Roy from teenagers wrapped up in their own worlds to young adults who begin to understand the depth of genuine connection. The intricacies of their relationship are central to the drama and the emotional arc of the story.

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