Cast of Two Days Back: Unveiling the Stars Behind the Film

The 2011 film “Two Days Back” is a mystery drama that captures the attention of its audience with a story that interweaves themes of loss, memory, and nature. Directed by Kevin Alexander Boon, the plot revolves around a young girl, Emma, who disappears into the woods, only to reemerge without recollection of her experience. Years later, Emma’s past resurfaces when she joins a group of environmental students on a mission, only to confront the very setting of her childhood ordeal.

The cast of Two Days Back plays a significant role in bringing the intricate narrative to life. Katherine Howard leads the ensemble as the adult Emma, portraying the character’s complexity with finesse. She is supported by a group of talented actors including Johnno Wilson and Matt Baldoni, who contribute to the unfolding mystery. Together, they engage in a dynamic portrayal of their characters’ descent into the forest’s secretive expanse. The performances are pivotal in maintaining the suspense and depth of the storyline, with each actor leaving a memorable imprint on their audience.

Movie Overview

In examining the 2011 movie “Two Days Back,” it’s crucial to delve into both the film’s narrative structure and its creative origins.

Two Days Back Synopsis

“Two Days Back” is a horror and mystery film that follows a five-year-old girl named Emma who gets lost in the woods after following a feral boy. The movie explores the intense search over the two-day period she’s missing.

Original Story and Inspiration

The originality of “Two Days Back” is in its infusion of childhood innocence with the terror of being lost in an unforgiving environment. The film was directed and produced by Kevin Alexander Boon, who also contributed to the music. The story taps into deep-seated fears of abandonment and the unknown.

Cast and Characters

The 2011 film “Two Days Back” features a diverse ensemble of performers who bring to life a suspenseful narrative. The cast of Two Days Back includes both lead and supporting actors who portray characters entangled in a mysterious backwoods incident.

Lead Roles

  • Emma is central to the storyline; portrayed initially as a five-year-old who follows a feral boy into the woods and reemerges with no memory of her frightening experience. Her character returns as a 22-year-old environmental student, diving back into the forest setting of her childhood trauma
  • The role of the feral boy that young Emma encounters and who plays a crucial part in the unfolding drama is depicted with an air of mystery

Supporting Cast Members

The film employs a number of supporting actors to provide depth to the narrative:

  • Tressa Bellows, an actress involved with the project, adds to the supporting ensemble who interact with the main leads
  • Adam Eisentrout and Jessica Koerth are part of the crew of environmental students that Emma joins on her return to the woods
  • Jasmine Salters and James Sterner augment the cast, likely depicting additional characters involved in the treacherous woods’ exploration and the overarching mystery

Directed by Kevin Alexander Boon, the movie’s cast successfully delivers the tale of suspense and enigma that surrounds Emma’s ordeal.

Creative Team

The 2011 film “Two Days Back” features a distinct creative team that shaped the direction, production, and music composition of the movie. This team brought their expertise to create a compelling and atmospheric narrative.

Direction and Writing

Kevin Alexander Boon is the driving force behind “Two Days Back,” serving as the director and contributing to the writing. His vision is integral to the storytelling of the film, which weaves elements of horror and mystery. Additionally, Adam Eisentrout is credited with the original story, helping to lay the foundation for the film’s provocative plot.


Boon not only directed but also took on responsibilities as a producer. His role in production was crucial to bringing the film from script to screen, overseeing various aspects of the filmmaking process, from securing funding to managing the set.

Music and Composition

The soundscape of “Two Days Back” was also curated by Kevin Alexander Boon, who contributed as the original music composer. The score complements the film’s tone, enhancing the suspense and providing an aural backdrop to the unfolding mystery. Boon’s dual role as music composer suggests his versatility and dedication to the film’s cohesive artistic expression.

Setting and Themes

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The film “Two Days Back” uses its setting and themes to create a narrative that explores memory, nature, and confrontation with the past. The woods and mountainous environments serve as the backdrop to a mystery unfolded by a group of environmental students.

Environments and Locations

The woods and forest areas are central to the story of “Two Days Back”. These natural settings are not just backgrounds but active elements of the narrative, reflecting the movie’s focal points on nature and the unknown. A significant portion of the plot unfolds in these wooded areas, highlighting a dichotomy between the serenity of nature and its more ominous, mysterious aspects.

  • Mountain: A mountain plays a crucial role as a location where the group of environmental students venture to intercept illegal activities by forestry students
  • Woods and Forest: The forest serves as a pivotal setting, harboring secrets about the characters’ pasts and the dark events that transpire

Central Themes

“Two Days Back” intertwines several central themes that drive the storyline:

  1. Memory and Trauma: The protagonist’s repressed memories from her childhood ordeal in the woods form the emotional core of the film
  2. Nature vs. Human Activity: The conflict between the environmental students and the forestry students suspected of illegal foresting is a direct commentary on the impact of human activities on natural spaces
  3. Past Meets Present: The encounter with the past within the forest symbolizes the characters’ struggle to come to terms with their actions and memories

Reception and Impact

Two Days Back has received mixed reactions from critics and audiences alike, with particular attention to its English language plot outline and the content’s delivery through video.

Critics and Audience Reviews

Critics’ reviews for Two Days Back vary, but they tend to focus on the film’s narrative and thematic elements. User reviews highlight the movie’s suspenseful story, where a young girl lost in the woods faces unforeseen dangers. Audiences often discuss the effectiveness of the film’s environmental message and its impact on viewers’ perception of nature conservation. The reviews reflect a blend of opinions, with some finding the plot compelling and others considering it lacking in depth.

  • Pros: Engaging plot, environmental theme
  • Cons: Some find lack of depth in storyline

The majority of user reviews suggest that the film has gained a niche audience appreciative of its indie nature and the content’s impact on its viewers.

Cultural Significance

The movie holds a place as an independent film that tackles environmental issues. It touches on the conflict between conservation and exploitation, a subject of increasing relevance in today’s cultural discourse. Despite not having widespread recognition, the film’s message resonates with environmentally conscious viewers, and it contributes to ongoing conversations about illegal foresting and its consequences.

  • Themes:
    • Conservation vs. Exploitation
    • Impact of human activity on nature

Two Days Back does not boast widespread cultural impact but has left its mark within a specific community that values content with an environmental conscience.

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