Exploring the Deep & Intrinsic Bond Between Humans & Animals

At the risk of assumption, you will have definitely heard dogs being described as ‘man’s best friend’; the intense and genuinely life-enhancing connection between a pet and their owner is still as fascinating as it always has been.

If you want to learn more about the deep and intrinsic bond between humans and animals, particularly in the context of domesticated pets, then continue reading.


The AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) has not only founded the ‘Human to Animal Bond Certification Program’, which enables professional veterinary surgeons to understand the fundamental scientific principles of such a bond, but also recognizes:

  • The importance of the bond to animal, human and community welfare and health
  • The existence of the bond and the difference between it and any other connection
  • The significance of the bond for advances in veterinary medicine

As important as it is for you to be registered with an accredited doctor’s surgery, so too is it essential for a furry companion to be seen regularly by a qualified and esteemed Burien vets surgery nearby to their home.

Building a bond with a domesticated pet, be that a bunny rabbit, a dog, or a horse you regularly ride, takes time, patience, love, dedication, and most of all, peace and quiet for the animal to learn that they can trust you and you are only there to help them.

Animal Therapy

One of the purest and perplexingly, relatively new, examples of how building a mutual bond of trust and love between a person and an animal, specifically with dogs, is the emergence of animal therapy.

Essentially, animal therapy is the umbrella term for a whole host of services that use dogs, rabbits, cats and even parrots and budgies to aid with specific mental or physical health conditions. Animal-assisted therapy is often offered to older adults and older adults who reside in assisted living facilities and memory care centers, as well as children who are learning how to walk, talk, or adapt to a different way of life.

Humans & Wild Animals

You will probably already have seen, either on the internet or within a documentary on television, how a lucky few have a deep and fascinating bond with wild animals who they have reared from birth.

Now, some like to issue warnings of the dangers of forming such a bond with a wild animal, such as a beautiful big cat, for example, stating that it is simply too risky to trust the animal will stay loyal and true to the bond developed and cultivated between them throughout the years.

When it comes down to it, it is up to the individual to judge the situation and should they get into a situation whereby something tragic happens, they are fully prepared for the potential risks. However, if you conduct research into infamous bonds between humans and lions, for example, you will find too many cases to count of loving and deep connections that last for a lifetime.

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