Game of Lions Reviewed: Worth Your Time?

We recently spent some time with “Game Of Lions,” an extraordinary documentary capturing the epic journey of young male lions in the African wild. Told through the lens of award-winning filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert, it’s not just another wildlife film; it resonates deeply, echoing the raw and untamed essence of nature.

While watching, it hit us just how relentless the circle of life can be. From the very first moments of a lion cub’s life to the heart-wrenching exile from the pride, this film gives a profound insight into what it truly takes to potentially be king of the jungle.

Witnessing these lions roam the vast landscapes in their quest to continue their legacy is gripping. The cinematography is breathtaking and yet, there’s an intimacy in the way it’s all portrayed—making you feel a part of their world, close enough that you nearly hear their heartbeats in sync with yours.

Bottom Line

“Game Of Lions” offers an intimate and stirring look into the lives of lions that’s both beautiful and brutal. With a heartwarming rating from viewers, it’s clear we’re not the only ones moved by this spectacle.

Considering the journey you embark upon with these majestic creatures, we can’t help but recommend tuning into this profound story.

‘Game Of Lions’ Documentary Overview

When we settled in to watch ‘Game Of Lions,’ we were eager to witness the captivating journey showcased by the renowned filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert. This documentary takes us deep into the African bush, where the drama of nature unfolds through the lives of young male lions. This isn’t just another animal film; it’s a story of survival, legacy, and the raw struggle for power that defines the lives of these majestic creatures.

As viewers, we were pulled into an emotional voyage following these lions from birth to their ultimate test of exile from the pride. We’re used to stories about kings, but the kings of the jungle? That’s a different tale. We marveled at how the Jouberts managed to stay so close to the action, making us feel every challenge these lions face as they vie to become ruler of their kingdom.

We’ve read several reviews praising the authenticity and the gripping narrative that this film presents. There’s a mix of heart-tugging moments as well as insightful, educational commentary that broadens our understanding of these formidable animals. While there are those who think it’s just OK, we find that whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast or just someone looking for a story about leadership and legacy, ‘Game Of Lions’ draws you into a world that’s both brutal and beautiful.

Narrative and Visual Adventure

When we settled in to watch “Game Of Lions,” we expected to be taken on a journey, and we certainly weren’t disappointed. The filmmakers, Dereck and Beverly Joubert, truly did justice to these majestic creatures, capturing the essence of the male lions’ lives with a depth that tugged at our heartstrings. As we followed the young males from birth to their tumultuous quest for reign, it was like being guests in the African bush, intimately observing nature’s raw kingdom.

Through the documentary, we found ourselves rooting for the lions, almost feeling a part of their struggles and triumphs. The personal touch of Jeremy Irons’ familiar voice added a layer of storytelling that made the narrative even more compelling. Sure, it’s not every day that a lion documentary grips you like a top-rated TV series, but this one does just that.

However, one can’t help but wish for more moments of levity to break the tension of the lion’s severe reality. And while the parody on a popular TV series title might seem a bit tongue-in-cheek, it never overshadows the authenticity of the lions’ tale. For those of us who look for something genuine and heartfelt, “Game Of Lions” stands out—not just as a purchase but as an experience that resonates well after the screen goes dark. We must say, it’s a mix of remarkable wildlife footage and a narrative so riveting, you’d yearn for more.

Insight into the Lion’s Hierarchy

Ever been engrossed in the raw, dramatic world of lions? Just finished watching National Geographic documentary ‘Game Of Lions’ and it’s like peeking into an untamed royal drama, but with actual paws and roars. Derek and Beverly Joubert have outdone themselves by capturing the life cycle of a male lion, from his innocent cub days to the inevitable moment when he must leave his pride and fend for himself.

The film romanticizes neither the violence nor the struggle for survival. Instead, it presents a balanced look into the competitive environment young males face. We find ourselves rooting for the underdogs, the future kings vying for dominance in the unforgiving wilderness.

Though boasting a small number of reviews, the documentary has an impressive 4.8-star average. Comments suggest it tugs at the heartstrings and is praised for its depth and dedication to the subject. However, it’s not just lion lovers who get something out of it; those intrigued by animal behavior and African ecosystems will have plenty to chew on too.

But it’s not flawless. One might say it’s a niche appeal; not everyone gets hooked on wildlife narratives. And then there’s one ‘ok’ review hinting at it not landing well with every viewer. Yet, if you’re the type who would have Jeremy Irons narrate your life if you could, this film might just be your mane event.

Stunning Cinematography

Recently, we had the chance to immerse ourselves in the visual feast that is Game Of Lions. It’s not every day that you stumble upon a nature documentary that captures the essence of the wild with such crisp imagery. Each frame is meticulously constructed, giving us a front-row seat to the majesty of these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

What strikes us the most is the incredible detail with which the filmmakers have managed to depict the lions’ lives. From the subtle twitch of a tail to the intensity of a hunt, the high-definition visuals leave us marveling at the textures and patterns in the lions’ coats and the sun-drenched plains they roam. It’s a balance of raw beauty and the harsh reality of nature that’s seldom achieved this elegantly.

However, it would be remiss to overlook that certain night scenes fell a bit short in clarity, perhaps a limitation of filming in the wild. But, these moments are fleeting and do little to detract from the overall splendor. When we think back on our viewing experience, it’s the breathtaking cinematography that lingers in our minds, painting a portrait of the animal kingdom that’s as real as it gets.

Pros and Cons

When we stumbled upon “Game Of Lions,” we were quite intrigued. After spending some time with it, we’re ready to share our thoughts on what shines and what could be better.


  • Engaging Content: First off, the documentary hits you right in the feels. There’s this heartwarming quality as we watch the journey of Derrick and Beverly Jorbert, two individuals whose devotion to the African wilderness is both evident and inspiring
  • Infectious Passion: Their dedication to lions is palpable, and it’s impossible not to be moved by their work. It’s refreshing to see such passion translate so beautifully on-screen
  • Narrative Voice: Jeremy Irons lending his voice as the narrator is a stroke of genius. His iconic tones bring a sense of gravitas and familiarity, adding an extra layer of enjoyment
  • Educational Value: If you’re looking to understand the king of the jungle better, this is your gateway. The educational aspect is robust without feeling like a lecture—it’s fun learning!
  • Entertainment Factor: Despite it hinging on education, the entertainment value isn’t sacrificed. It grips you from start to finish, making it a great pick for a family movie night


  • Niche Appeal: The documentary has a specific target audience. If you’re not into nature or wildlife, it might not hold your interest
  • Emotional Weight: Some parts can get quite heavy. We found ourselves getting more emotionally invested than anticipated, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea
  • Expectation Vs. Reality: The title might lead some to expect a drama similar to a certain popular TV series, which this is not. Be ready for a documentary, not a fictional tale
  • Limited Reviews: With just a handful of reviews, it’s tougher to get a broad consensus on the quality and appeal of the documentary

Looking at the big picture, National Geographic documentary “Game Of Lions” offers a beautifully crafted glimpse into the life of lions, brought to us by people who genuinely care about these magnificent creatures. It’s clear that a lot of love went into creating this documentary. Keep these pros and cons in mind to decide if it’s the right fit for your next documentary experience.

Authentic Customer Reviews

We’ve been diving into the reviews for “Game Of Lions” and noticed the emotions it stirs are as wild as the savannahs. People are genuinely moved by the heartwarming narrative and the passion of Dereck and Beverly Jorbert, the couple behind the lens. It seems like they’ve really managed to encapsulate their love for Africa and its majestic lions into this documentary.

From what we’ve gathered, if you’re looking to get a deeper understanding of lions, this documentary comes highly recommended. Viewers not only get a slice of the wild but also an educational perspective that’s engaging—a rarity in documentaries that some of us often find dry. Plus, who could resist the allure of Jeremy Irons’ narration? It adds a familiar voice to the grandeur of the African plains.

There are a few “ok” remarks, suggesting that not everyone was completely blown away, but those are few and far between. And for anyone amused by the clever nod to a certain famous fantasy series within the title, you’ll find that humor subtly weaved throughout the presentation.

All in all, “Game Of Lions” seems like a solid pick for anyone eager to learn more about these fierce felines through a well-crafted story that’s as touching as it is instructive. A great buy for any nature doc enthusiast among us!


After spending some time with “Game Of Lions,” we’re really struck by the emotional depth and the stunning visuals the documentary offers. It’s not just about the majestic lions; it’s the heartwarming journey of Derick and Beverly Jorbert and their undeniable passion for African wildlife that leaves a lasting impression on us. Hearing Jeremy Irons narrate adds an unexpected, yet fitting, layer to the experience, considering his iconic voice work as Scar.

While one of the reviews was just ‘ok,’ the consensus seems to strongly skew towards the documentary being an excellent watch. We’ve laughed, learned a ton, and felt more connected to the wild than ever watching it. It’s not often you find a documentary that’s both educational and genuinely entertaining. “Game Of Lions” achieves that balance, making it a great addition to our documentary collection. This is a film that we’re sure to talk about for a while and would easily recommend to anyone who’s eager to understand the king of the jungle on a deeper level.

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