Signs He Doesn’t Want Anyone Else To Have You – Why is That?

So, this is the situation. He doesn’t want a relationship with you, but he doesn’t want you to date other people. Why is that? How can you notice it? What are the signs he doesn’t want anyone else to have you? What to do when a guy says he doesn’t want a relationship?

You and your guy have done almost everything that couples do. You have traveled together. And you have gone out with each other’s friends, you have met relatives, and everything else in between. But despite all of that, you are stuck in that middle ground between committed relationships and courtship.

Why doesn’t your partner commit to a healthy relationship? Well, usually it is one of two things, either it is about his mind and psychology, or you are doing something.

Today, we will try to decode all of that.

What Does It Mean When He Says He Doesn’t Want A Relationship?

Usually, when a guy says he doesn’t want to be in a committed relationship, he is honest with you. He simply doesn’t want a relationship at the time. And that doesn’t apply only to you, but to other women as well.

It is one of the most obvious signs he will show. But it is also the most honest sign.

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What To Do When A Guy Says He Doesn’t Want A Relationship?

You should believe him. That is the first thing. Guys are usually honest about these things. But the next step is to assess your current situation. Evaluate the arrangement and decide whether you want to continue. Does it work for you?

You have to think about the situation from your point of view. Ask yourself whether you are holding onto a fantasy.

How To Test Whether He Doesn’t Really Want A Relationship?

It is an awkward question to ask someone. Yes, some women are ready to ask the question. But what if you want to find out if your potential partner doesn’t want a healthy relationship without asking him? Is that possible? Of course, it is.

You just have to test him. There are many tests you can try, but we will go over some of the most obvious ones.

Talk About The Future Plans

This is one of the easiest and simplest tests to see if the toxic relationship is going in the right direction. No, you do not want to plan out the next 20 years. But you can see if your boyfriend plans to continue seeing you in a few months.

We Are Not Talking About Marriage Here

For example, talk about a vacation, a trip, or a concert in the next few months. If he doesn’t want you, he might talk about let’s wait and see what happens in the summer. Yes, some men do not like planning. But most of them will cherish the idea to go on a trip or a concert with you. That is when they want a long-term relationship.

Get Him To Open Up

Guys have emotions too, no matter how introverted and reserved they looked. But deep down, they have to take care of their emotions as well.

Try to get your guy to open up. And you can do that by opening up yourself. Show him parts of your personality. See if he will follow it. If he doesn’t like you, he probably won’t reveal the inner parts of himself.

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See How Long You Can Keep His Full Attention

If you want to see whether the unhealthy relationship you have has any future, get his full attention. And then see how long you can keep it. For a guy that wants you, it is easy to get his full attention.

But it is a bit more challenging for someone who doesn’t see future plans with you.

Introduce Your Friends And Family

Let’s be honest, no great relationship can exist in a vacuum. That is because no individual exists in a vacuum. We all have friends and family. We are made up by the people in our life.

To see if the loving relationship has any future, introduce your guy to your friends and family. See if it feels out of place. If he doesn’t want you, he might try and pull out lame excuses to skip the meet-up.

Why He Keeps You Around?

So, he doesn’t want an exclusive relationship but doesn’t want anyone else to have you. Why does he keep you around? What is the deal? Here are a couple of reasons.

You Sleep With Him

This might sound like a shallow and awful reason, but it is a valid one from his point of view. If you start dating someone, he won’t get to have sex with you anymore.

There is no shame in being intimate with someone without having an exclusive relationship. If he gets sex, he doesn’t want you to leave. And while his feelings do not run that deep, his lust and needs do.

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He Doesn’t Want To Be Alone

This is human nature. Nobody wants to be alone. We all want to be in the company of people who care about us. And while his feelings might not have reached love level, he does want you to be by his side.

He Will Be Bored Without You

This goes along with the previous one. You are the one making things fun, and he doesn’t want to feel bored.

He wants something that keeps him busy. And at the moment, you are that someone, for better or worse.

He Doesn’t Want To Deal With The Drama

Let’s be honest, you cannot have a new relationship without the drama part of it. Arguments and things happen. You have to deal with it.

But when you are not in a loving relationship, you do not have to deal with it. He probably likes this type of emotional intimacy. It is drama-free and full of attention.

You Are Paying For Things

Back to the shallow reasons for why he doesn’t want you to find a boyfriend. You are the one paying for things. And if you date someone else, he might feel left out.

It is a terrible thought. But if your man is lost in life, and you provide the financial support, he will want you to stick around.

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You Are Good Friends

Sometimes, flirting grows into friendship. And he doesn’t want to lose you as a friend. It is a valid reason. Friendships are more lasting than relationships. He might be afraid that if you two start a relationship, someone will mess it up eventually and you cannot go back to friends.

He Wants To Keep His Options Open

This is another terrible thought why someone might want to have sex with you, but no long-term relationship. He might like you but feels he can get much better. And he wants to keep the options open. With you two in an official romantic relationship, he cannot flirt or date other women.

How to Tell He Doesn’t Want You To Date Anyone Else?

So, let’s talk more about the signs he doesn’t want anyone else to have you. You two are friends, or you have a weird relationship. And while he doesn’t make it official with you, he doesn’t want you to date someone else. We covered the why topic, now let’s talk about how to notice it.

He Texts You From Time To Time

People are busy and you cannot expect someone to text back immediately. But you do not want to wait for several days for a response.

If that other person doesn’t have interest in you, he will postpone the reply. If he does have interest, he will find time to communicate.

This guy communicates but doesn’t give an impression he wants you near.

He Doesn’t Make Solid Plans With You

This guy will talk with you about making plans. But it is all about “let’s go somewhere”, “let’s see something”, but nothing concrete.

He doesn’t give you a date or something. He just wants to have you as a backup option for something.

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He Holds Back

This guy wants to keep you at an arm’s length. He is not eager to open up and let you closer. When he talks about something, he chooses topics that do not include him or the two of you.

He Texts You At The Last Minute

Speaking of texting, this guy will text Friday night at 11 pm. That is a sign you are not his first option for going out. But he keeps you on the hook. You cannot make plans because he told you we might go out.

Makes Sudden Changes

He will also make sudden changes to the plan, according to his preference and options. Do not expect him to go where you want.

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