How To Apologize To Your Boyfriend? Meaningful Ways To Say I am Sorry

Women often see themselves as this flawless goddess everyone loves. Yes, for the most part, you probably are. But every now and then, even the most perfect person can make a mistake. And you have to apologize for that. The thing is, sometimes, the words “I am sorry” are not enough. You have to show it. So, with that in mind, how to apologize to your boyfriend in a meaningful way.

For starters, it is time to admit you are wrong. Then, you should make a real and lasting change. It is a difficult thing to do, but you might have to.

Do not just say “I am sorry”. Real and meaningful apologies come from the heart. With that in mind, here are a couple of ways for how to apologize to your boyfriend. And then ask forgiveness.

Try To See Things From His Perspective

No matter if you are in an argument with your spouse, friends, family, or colleagues, the most important thing is to try and see things from their perspective. Always try to see things from someone else’s point of view.

There are situations that your boyfriend might have had a hard time at work, and you were home drinking coffee all day. He wants a bit of silence, and you snap at him for not paying attention to you.

Count To 10 And Then Apologize

Another important part of an effective apology is to cool down before you do it. Do not apologize during a heated argument. You do not want to say something that doesn’t sound real, right? So, even if you instantly understand you are wrong, wait for a couple of minutes. Cool down, count to 10, and then say you are sorry.

Check Your Tone

How you can differ a sincere apology from an insincere apology? Easy, by the tone of the voice. If you are not ready to apologize in a calm and peaceful tone, do not do it. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

It is completely fine to wait a bit before you apologize. But you do have to mean it.


Acknowledge His Feelings

Most of the time during an argument, we think only about our feelings and our emotion. We talked about how you should view things from his perspective. But you also should consider and acknowledge your partner’s feelings. Why was he angry? Was there something you might did?

Explain Where You Are Coming From

When we have disagreements, sometimes, we mean well. But the problem is, we still say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing. We often do something thoughtlessly. We do not even realize what we are doing.

So, just as you are trying to view things from his perspective, ask your partner to empathize with you. You want a healthy relationship where people can talk and discuss problems. Express regret, and then ask your husband for forgiveness.

Get To The Root Of The Problem

The most important part when you apologize or when you argue with someone is to get to the heart of the matter. Hurt feelings are always deeper than an angry and careless reaction. It is not about careless words. It is not about a thoughtless mistake.

Your partner might be mad at you for something deeper. For example, you might have been late to a restaurant. Or you forgot to do something. Or you haven’t called him in a couple of days. You might have said some hurtful things. There is always something deeper hidden in the background. Try to get to the root of it.

Make A Plan For Change

Apologizing for your mistake is just Step 1 of the whole process. The next step is making a plan for change and trying to stick to it. You can resolve things only by making a meaningful plan for change.

Only when you give a genuine apology, and accept the regret and remorse, you can move on. Vow to be a better person.

For example, make sure you consult your partner before making a large purchase. Or trying to get ready on time so you are not late for a meeting again. In any case, make sure you tell your partner how you will try to change and avoid the same problem over and over again.

There is plenty of room for compromise. So try to make small changes on both sides.

Show You Mean What You Say

As we said before, no good apology should sound and feel insincere. You have to show you want to change and you mean what you talk about. Do not backslide into previous behaviors that make your love partner upset.

When you go back to previous behaviors, you show that you weren’t serious about your apology message.


Remind Your Partner You Love Him

One of the important aspects of a proper apology is reminding your partner you love them. No, you are not buying off your husband. Do not try to sugarcoat things with a gift. It doesn’t make up for bad behavior. Ask yourself, it is the same thing when your partner buys you flowers for his mistakes. Do you like it?

What we mean by reminding them you love them is trying to make a heartfelt gesture. For example, something romantic, or even taking a chore they hate for a few days. Let’s say you wash the dishes for the next few days.

Try to find real solutions and then mend hurt feelings.

Try To Work On The Relationship

After you finish with your apology, vow to work on the relationship. If you like this guy, you have to work to get to a healthy romantic relationship. Relationships are hard. It takes a lot of hard work to succeed and keep it going.

If you notice you fight a lot, you might want to consider something like couples counseling or couples therapy to work on it.

Romantic “I am sorry” Quotes

Let’s take a look at a couple of messages you can send to your boyfriend if you had an argument over the phone. If you acknowledge your mistake, and you want to apologize before you even get home, here are a couple of ideas for a sorry message.

  • I am sorry that I took you for granted
  • I am sorry for being such a fool
  • Sorry for everything I did, the last thing I want to do is drive you away
  • I know I hurt you, but I will try to be better
  • I believe we are meant to be despite our arguments
  • Sorry for what I did
  • I know that I ruined your trust in me
  • Sorry for starting your day with an argument
  • I know I messed up, I am really sorry for that, but it might be your fault I am crazy about you
  • I am sorry for doing this to you, but you have to know you are the only one I really care about
  • For everything that happened, I am truly sorry. My heart beats for you
  • Hopefully, you can find it in your heart to forgive me, I love you in a crazy way

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