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How Does A Pisces Man Test You? Learn How To Pass The Test

It can be challenging to date and maintain a romantic relationship with Pisces man. He constantly needs assurance of your love and affection. And you can be sure he will put you on a test in the early stages of your love relationship. Now, the question is to know how does a Pisces man test you.

If you know his tests, you can easily pass them. Men born under this Zodiac sign are very emotional. And that makes them vulnerable.

And if he has had his heartbroken at least once, he will need a guarantee and assurance of you that will not happen. This guy might look like a needy girl in the early stages of the relationship.

Piscean is the most sensitive water sign. You have to be careful how you treat him.

Pisces Man Personality Traits

Let’s take a look at Pisces’ personality trait. This will help you understand your man. He has the heart of a poet and the soul of a mystic. As a water sign, ruled by the planet Neptune, Pisces loves to dive deep and he is never happy in shallow water. That applies to emotionally, intellectually, or spiritually being in shallow water.

You cannot get far with Pisces person with small talk. That doesn’t interest him. He wants to know more and will often ask penetrating questions to learn more about others. Deep conversations are more his thing.

Male Pisces holds his cards close to his heart. And he will reveal his true personality only to someone he feels safe with. This can take even years. Finding out more and knowing Pisces guy completely can take years as well.

As a water sign, he has no boundaries. This guy is the final sign in the Zodiac, giving him powerful wisdom and sometimes psychic ability.

Pisces Man In Love

When Pisces male falls in love, he gives his entire self to his partner. That creates a dance of two souls merging as one. He wants to achieve complete harmony and unity with his lady.

If you are a romantic spirit as well, your relationship with Pisces man will be amazing. But for those not much into romance, the relationship is overwhelming. And it usually ends up with a broken heart for male Pisces.

When his feelings are not matched he feels like the victim. In a loving relationship, Pisces guy wants you to forget about the outside world and give yourself to the love you have.

In a relationship, he is passionate, chivalrous, and thoroughly enchanting. Pisces person wants to establish an emotional connection with his partner.


Why Pisces Man Test You?

We will talk more about how does a Pisces man test you. But for starters, let’s talk about the why. This guy is a true artist. He is generous and empathetic.

But he wants a woman who is compassionate and appreciates honesty and emotional reciprocity in the relationship. He is always there for others, and he wants to have people doing the same for him.

As one of the more emotional and sensitive signs in the Zodiac, this guy rides on an emotional rollercoaster all the time. Even though he is a guy, it looks and feels like he is on his period every single day.

This guy also wants to dig deeper. He is not satisfied with knowing your surface. He wants to know your deepest desires.

How Does He Test You?

As a water Zodiac sign, Pisces is never fully invested in you unless he is sure of your commitment first. So, be ready for a variety of tests if you want to date Pisces man.

The Honesty Test

This is one of the most important things for him in a relationship. He is invested in you. But he wants to know how much you are invested. That is why he will test your honesty and openness whenever possible.

You can always impress the Pisces guy with honesty and truth. Those are his core values. Do not play mind games with him.


Test Your Availability

This guy doesn’t like doing anything alone. He wants to have someone with him. That puts a lot of pressure on his lady to be there for him. Expect Pisces man to invite you to accompany him everywhere he goes.

He might even constantly call you and ask you to drop what you do at the moment and do something else with him. Nope, you cannot say yes always. But try to say YES more than NO. If you decline often, the relationship will not last.

Character Test

Some call it the character test, others the attitude test. Pisces man is observer, investigator, and tester all in one. He wants to know your character.

And to do that, he will observe your attitude and how you stand up for yourself. He usually does this from a distance. Do not expect him to get into your wars and arguments.

Reactions Test

It is one of the common things you have to do with Pisces man. He sends a bunch of mixed signals. He might treat you like a princess one day and ignore you the next day.

It is something Pisces do to people close to them. They keep testing and waiting to see how a person reacts. Basically, how long and what you can put up with.

Withdraw From You

Nope, he has not lost interest in you. But he withdraws for a moment to see what you will do. The best thing you can do here is to send him a text and ask how he is doing. Do not ask him lots of questions. That will not end up well.

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Ignore Your Phone Calls And Texts

We said before that sometimes Pisces man can act like a woman on her period 24×7. Well, this is it. He can suddenly start ignoring your phone calls and SMS messages. This guy tests your patience, understanding, and whether you are sympathetic or not.

If you are stubborn and insistent on talking about something, he will pull back even more. Simply assure him you will be there to talk when he is ready to do it.

The Silent Treatment

If there is a title for worst test in the dating world, this is it. You simply cannot pass it. You can never do something right. Pisces boyfriend looks for a sympathetic spouse. He is compassionate and constantly there for others.

But in a romantic relationship, he also values his personal space. If he starts giving you a silent treatment, do not ever question his actions. Do not look for a flaw in you. It is not your fault.

This guy wants to know if you will give him some alone time.

Put His Friends First

Friends are very important to use. But generally speaking, your girlfriend and future wife should be more important, right? Well, wrong. Pisces man can start spending more time with his buddies than with you. This is another test to see how you will react.


Play With Your Emotions

Pisces man might try to put you in an awkward situation and circumstance to get a reaction out of you. If you like the relationship to last, do not offer him that enjoyment. Try to maintain your coolness and show him he cannot irritate you easily.

Playing Hot And Cold

Even though you are in a healthy relationship, this guy might switch between hot and cold on a daily basis. You can never figure out where you stand with him. And that is even more obvious and prominent in the early stages of the relationship.

This guy might act as the ideal partner one day. But he will stop giving you attention the next one and completely ignore you. Do not let your Piscean guy and his mood swings discourage you from having a great loving relationship.

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