Pisces Facts – The Least Dangerous Water Sign

Pisces is the last or the 12th astrological sign in the Zodiac. Pisces meaning is all about emotional capacity and empathy. The sign belongs to the water elements, along with Cancer and Scorpio. Unlike the other signs, Pisces is the least dangerous water sign. So, what are some Pisces facts?

Let’s start with the Pisces horoscope dates, ranging between February 20 and March 20. Pisces are friendly, and they can be in a company with different people.

Pisces in a nutshell

Pisces are lovely and mystical, but also compassionate. They can be your best lover or partner. Their positive personalities will push you to be your best version. Same as fishes, they like to keep swimming downstream. This might make them seem lazy since they do not try to face the current upstream. But when they need to, they show their determination.

The negative qualities of Pisces are pessimism, lack of initiative, and laziness. They are prone to melancholy as well.

On the other side, their positive qualities are emotional, compassionate, love and care for the world, and sensitive.

Their compatible signs are Cancer, Taurus, and Capricorn. Two Pisces might work wonderfully, or awfully in a relationship.

Myths and Facts

Myth No.1 – They stay away from spiritual things

The opposite is true. Pisces feel connected to the spiritual world. Their spiritual connectivity can come in different forms and themes. While they do not follow a formal religion, they are in tune with spirituality.

Myth No.2 – Pisces are very social

Pisces will be friendly and they love to help others. This might give you the impression they are very social. Now, while they are friendly, they appreciate their alone time more.

Pisces love to spend time listening to music, swimming, sleeping, or meditating. They love to use any opportunity to spend time alone. Usually, they want to be alone with their thoughts.

Fact No.1 – They form the best emotional relationships

If you want emotional support, you cannot find a better partner than Pisces. Whether it is a Pisces man or Pisces woman, they have a deep sense of intuition and compassion. They can easily feel your emotions and provide support. This is one of the most prominent Pisces facts.

Pisces will know what you feel even without saying a word. When you are feeling upset, they will help you calm down.

Fact No.2 – They have a strong connection to music

Pisces love music and have a strong connection to it. They appreciate lyrics and melodies. Music can invoke emotions, and make Pisces feel a connection with the music. Sometimes, music can make them sad, and other times, happy.

And because of their admiration for spiritual themes, they love calming music.

Fact No.3 – They love to swim

Well, Pisces is a water sign, and fish in astrology. Both the name and symbol are obvious creatures of the water. Spending time in the water is their sanctuary. That is where they feel at peace.

Personality traits

We all Pisces are compassionate and gentle. But there is much more to this sign than those personality traits. Let’s find out more about Pisces traits.


You will love having a Pisces friend. It is like having your personal therapist. Pisces get you, they know how you feel, they do not judge you, and will always listen to you. Sounds perfect? Well, they are. Most importantly, Pisces act like they’ve seen everything before. Nothing comes as a shock to them.


Pisces have an interest in the spiritual, and sometimes even the occult side of life. This is why they can often come as mystical. We often describe our Pisces friends as the “quirky one”.


Do not expect to woo a Pisces with social media tricks. Or find Pisces on Tinder. They prefer the traditional way. They want you to court them and woo them. You will definitely have to put more effort if you want to seduce Pisces.


They can conjure distractions and illusions around their opinions. They hide their identity behind illusions. Pisces go with the flow and can easily morph into the crowd. You might start asking “who is that person”. Pisces are the best shapeshifters in the zodiac, mostly thanks to their watery nature.


With a natural-born empathy and creativity, Pisces are very imaginative. Arts always draw them. They love creative things. Pisces can easily create new realms. As we said before, they often have trouble living in the real world. That is why they hide in the illusion and imagination.

What are they into?

Pisces love anything water-related. Just being in the water makes them happy. Think swimming, but also sailing and surfing. Sometimes walking on the beach is the most pleasant experience for Pisces.

They also love dancing. They have slinky bodies that glide and slip along. Just made for dancing. And this might surprise you, but Pisces love writing. That is where they pour their imagination and create special worlds.

Quick Pisces Facts

  • Their sexuality is fantasy-driven
  • Pisces are very creative in the bedroom
  • They look sweet and shy, but Pisces have a wild side
  • Pisces women will not hesitate to deceive you when they feel disappointed
  • Pisces love to make you happy
  • Their empathy is infectious
  • Among the weird Facts Pisces: they get destructive when unhappy
  • Another weird fact: they get turned on when you rub and suck their feet
  • Pisces care about their friends
  • When you win a Pisces woman, you have her heart forever
  • Pisces can be very secretive
  • They read through your thoughts
  • Pisces are daydreamers
  • Falling in love is hard for Pisces, and staying in love is even more challenging
  • They want more intimacy and affection
  • They are the most loyal friends
  • Pisces are great listeners
  • They do not get angry, they get cold
  • Do not take Pisces kindness for weakness
  • Pisces are great artists and storytellers
  • They do not put their emotions in words, instead, they use music
  • You need to show Pisces you love them
  • They do not let people in their circle easily
  • They think about the future at all times
  • Pisces love everyone, but not in a sexual way
  • Pisces are the peacemaker in most difficult situations
  • They go from caring deeply to detached
  • Pisces constantly evolve
  • They do not fear change
  • Their love can turn the worst enemies to best friends
  • Pisces love to party

Pisces Eminent Personalities

We talked about facts about Pisces, so now let’s mention some famous Pisces men and women. Looking at Pisces facts, it is easy to understand the character of these celebrities.

  • Rihanna
  • Justin Bieber
  • Eva Mendes
  • Floyd Mayweather
  • Daniel Craig
  • Rupert Murdoch
  • Albert Einstein
  • Steve Jobs
  • Timbaland

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